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Greenhousetext by witherlings

The Greenhouse is your source for Story MYOs.

Story MYOs are a new way to make new esk characters without using Transformations. They come with some established backstory and role in the esk lore which players are encouraged to explore and expand upon using these characters. Story MYOs are available to all players that meet the AP requirements and are not for first-time-owners only. Unlike Starters, Story MYOs can have all kinds of traits and nature features and are not always limited to common traits; each batch is unique and has different guidelines and limitations. These MYOs are for active players who would like to have more context for their characters so they can be more immersed in the esk lore and for those who would enjoy a unique design challenge. If you use a Story MYO in the game, please retain the backstory provided.

How to use the Greenhouse • Updated September 2019

New Growth Button by dualsceptersNow after every list we will be updating our Upcoming Stories located here on the Greenhouse page. The Upcoming Stories list will include the next 5 Story Themes to look forward to including the AP requirement. There will always be 5 lists so you can properly plan with your cooldown status in mind. We will continue to strive to post 1-2 lists per month.

Specific dates or times for the Greenhouse posts will continue to not be announced ahead of time.

After claiming a Story MYO you must wait for 4 new lists to come out before you are eligible to claim again. You can track your cooldown status here.
There will be no "surprise" Greenhouses, we will always follow along with what is announced at the beginning of the month.
NPC have two stories connected to them and these stories will rotate back through the Greenhouse multiple times, so if you miss one you will have another chance. Stories are catalogued in the stories webpage and include inspiration prompts to help you begin working with your character. These prompts do not include bonuses, they only offer suggestions on how you can integrate your esk successfully into the NPC's storyline.
Different stories have different AP requirements depending on what is included in the MYO. AP requirements will always be announced ahead of time.

This is how the Greenhouse posts work:
New Growth Button by dualscepters NPC/story themes and AP requirements are organized here showing the upcoming 5 stories.
A story preview will be posted at any time before the MYO list is posted. It will be at minimum 48 hours before the MYOs are revealed. This preview does not include a time or date announcement about the upcoming MYO list, it only provides general information so you know what type of theme the list will follow.
The MYO list will be posted sometime after the story preview without prior notice.
There will then be a 30 minute preview window before claims open.

New Growth Button by dualsceptersUpcoming Greenhouse Stories:

Raaga's Scrupulous Sentinels : Order of Ingress • 500 AP (normal esk)
Coming into contact with Raaga is a daunting task, these esk however have become companions of the Mountain Biome Wanderer.
Seventh's Tortured Souls : Lost in a Violent Storm • 800 AP (normal esk)
Though they may never have contact with Seventh, their creator, again, these Fresh Waters Biome esk live on as symbols of its will throughout the biome.
X's Unfinished Tales Ars Longa • 1700 AP (abnormal esk)
These esk were created from X's desperate love for the Developed Biome, and all the new things it might bring.
Vetru's Scorched Plains : Fieldwork • 1200 AP (elemental esk)
These esk were created by Vetru, to aid the Plains Biome Wanderer in reducing the consequences of their uncontrollable wildfires.
Aevre' s Inner Circles : South Circle • 500 AP (normal esk)
These teams of helpers roam the Polar Biome as instructed by Aevre to be of service to the inhabitants and visitors to her realm.

The wind blows, a ringing sound racing over the earth, and carried with it is a memory, half-forgotten but alive nonetheless. Someone is lost, aching, ailing - but there’s a figure shuffling quietly forward to meet them. And what was lost will soon be found.

From the silent form drifting unsettlingly overtop the ice, to the incense smoke wandering the desert sands; from the figure gazing at the world from atop the highest mountains to the spirit dancing in the deepest trenches of the ocean. The wanderers are always present, always moving, always searching. But at times they come across something that makes them pause - a lost object, a wayward soul, an energy that resonates with their own, or simply the chance to renew the life of someone lost. A myriad of reasons that transform innumerable esk in every biome, each one of them another thread in their wanderer’s story. Some of them have been created with a purpose: to bring balance or healing to their biome. Others find their journey to be less defined, and perhaps feel even more lost in their new existence. Whatever their story, these esk represent the transformations the Wanderers perform in their own time.

Will you be their second chance at finding a home?

Bandaid by Forgandal Current Story :

Second Chances

All of the following Story MYOs are esk that were originally created by one of the Wanderers. Please retain this backstory as you use the character in the game to help the TWWM story grow! 

You can use the prompts below for inspiration; these prompts do not earn any extra bonuses.

Bandaid by Forgandal Story Prompts

These esk come from all walks of life, through various past Greenhouse lists. Story prompts will vary from esk to esk; please check the links with each ID to be shown the appropriate list of prompts.

Design requirements for Second Chance MYOs:

Bullet; White Each ID has their own requirement. Follow your ID closely and when in doubt, as staff.

Required Biome:

The required biome for your esk will be listed in its ID information. Each esk will have a listed biome. Although their boundary may be suited for multiple biomes, please use the biome listed in their ID!

AP Requirement:

500-1700 AP

Bandaid by Forgandal Second Chance  Bandaid by Forgandal

all gone!

Rules for Greenhouse Claims

Good luck! Please read these rules carefully in order to ensure your claim is valid.
New Growth Button by dualscepters Remember that all trackers must now follow our tracking guidelines from August for claims to be considered valid! New Growth Button by dualscepters

You must have 500-1700 AP in order to claim an esk from the Second Chances Greenhouse. In addition, you must not have claimed an esk from the previous four Greenhouse releases. You can check the Greenhouse Archive here in order to see whether you might qualify.

No editing comments. Edited comments will be skipped over. If you need to revise your claim you need to make a new reply in the active claim thread! Do not hide your earlier comments.

Only one MYO claim per comment. You do not get to claim multiple Story MYOs at once or ask for second choices. Comments with multiple Starter claims will be skipped over. If your first choice gets claimed ahead of you then you must make a new reply in the active claim thread in order to claim your second choice.

You can post no more than three MYO claim comments within the first hour of claims being open. This will reduce confusion and help make claim approvals more efficient. After the hour passes players will be allowed to post as many separate claim comments as they like.

You cannot swap claims. Greenhouse esk that have not yet been designed and approved cannot be transferred to other players or traded back to the Greenhouse in exchange for a new one, so choose carefully!

If you decide that you do not want the MYO ID staff granted you, please allow it to expire so we can make it available to a new player in the next Greenhouse for that story. You are allowed to spend the one month expiration window to deliberate just in case you change your mind later.
If you make a claim and let it expire it will still count toward your cooldown.

You can only claim Greenhouse/Story MYOs for yourself. You are not allowed to place claims for other players.

Once your claim is confirmed you have one month to design the MYO. If you fail to meet the deadline your claim will expire. Please touch base with us if you believe you will be unable to meet the deadline, we are here to help!

You cannot change the MYO's ID information without an abnormal transformation

Origin, Nature, Size, and Boundary are all permanent. Story MYOs have predetermined Biomes that cannot be changed.

Reply to the claim thread to get your Story MYO

Top level comments don't count! You must reply to the active claim thread and include this information:
• Link to your player profile
• The letter for the Story MYO you would like to claim
A staff member will reply to confirm your claim, then you will be ready to start designing your new esk. Make sure you reply to the staff's confirmation when you have finished your design so staff can approve it and add it to the Esk-Masterlist. MYOs are in high demand — please claim only if you are ready to start with them in the game!

Story MYO Design Guide
Please refer to the Story MYO design guide for important tips and info.
You are welcome to reply to us here or send us group notes with mock-ups, WIPs, and questions about the design process. We're here to help! Remember if you are commissioning another artist to create your design to provide WIPs before they complete the final image in case changes need to be made!

You cannot begin the game with your new MYO until it has been approved and added to the Masterlist.

MYOs are reviewed based on the species guide as well as on whether they are compatible with the TWWM world. Designs that overly resemble normal-looking animal species or other original species, or designs that do not seem genre-appropriate, may require alterations. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis, and we are happy to work closely with designers to come up with an idea that both parties are pleased with. Please send the team a group note if you have questions.

The serene tranquility breaks with a snapping twig, a foreign scent carried in the breeze, yet he sits ever deeper. His tired figure melds seamlessly into the old mountain, indistinguishable, while the air markedly sharpens down its ragged ledges. Far below a small spirit continues to climb in search of wisdom, in search of answers, or maybe power. But they are not alone…
The next greenhouse list will feature esk that were transformed by the mountain biome wanderer!
Will you stand tall with Raaga?

Required Biome:

AP Requirement:


The banners for the Second Chances Greenhouse were created by the amazing blindrabbits and KaijuRomance  ! Thank you so much!
The banner for the Second Chances Preview was created by the awesome JeiDoll ! Thank you!
Upcoming Greenhouse Banner was created by the incredible SandScales ! Thank you!

Check your cooldown status here

Looking for other ways to obtain an esk created by the Wanderers?
Check out the new Wanderer Prompts feature which can grant you the ability to use Wanderers as the creators in your Transformations.

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