Fresh Waters Biome Event [event wrap-up, archive]

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Thanks for participating in our second Biome event!

Fresh Waters Event Archive Page

This page has all of the information you need for obtaining treasures and badges from this event. It also serves as a reference for the event's bonuses (no longer active) and prize winners.

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Gem Sapphire Feedback is welcome!

Feel free to reply here with any ideas for future events or comments on what you enjoyed or feel could be improved. The Waterways quest was a bit of an experiment to see how a more flexible quest format could work and some things worked better than others.

Here are some of my own wrap-up notes:

Blue Gem Introduction element was confusing. The idea that you weren't required to make an introduction for each pathway seemed awkward for some, and there was confusion about whether introductions received their own raffle tickets or if they could be entered into multiple raffles. The original idea was that an introduction unlocks all the pathways (since it has no specific stone in it) and therefore can be connected to every story, which is why it could be used in any raffle. It may have been less confusing to have the introduction not earn any raffle tickets or be allowed to be submitted multiple times, but I wanted to make sure everyone felt rewarded for their efforts and had as much freedom as possible with their storytelling so it was a bit of an experiment. I am sure there is a more elegant solution for future quests.

Blue Gem Lack of a shared, community-wide story. This has been another quest that takes esk out on their own individual journeys (even if with a party) instead of a world-driven quest that all esk participate in. The premise of Waterways works on an individual level, but if treated as part of a continuous world canon it suggests, in a way, that 100 different frost stones and onerous stones showed up all over the world somehow and created isolated stories for individuals or small groups instead of bringing the whole community together in collaboration. This is also something I would like to keep in mind for future quests, I would love to see a "bigger picture" storyline come into play next time around.

Blue Gem Form alterations will be kept in rotation. The aquatic morph shift and the whiskers trait will be available again in the future. I would like to have these options rotate back into availability at a later date so anyone who missed out during the event gets a second chance at purchasing them. 

Blue Gem Treasures can be revealed/announced ahead of time in the next quest, if preferred. The Treasures feature was not fully completed when the Fresh Waters Event was launched so it was not possible this time around, but if people would prefer to see the treasures up front it can be done next time.

Thank you!

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Gem Sapphire 
Did you participate in the Fresh Waters Biome event?
Even if you only submitted one entry or only completed a biome bonus submission, you can receive this badge and place it in your profile and/or trackers! Thanks for contributing~

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This is the first quest I’ve done hre and I thought it was great fun.

I really enjoyed the fact that you could take more than one esk on the quests. I find writing interaction a lot easier than just description, so it made it more enjoyable for me to write. It also let me explore more of my esk’s background as they could react to each other.

I felt the rewards were generous even without the raffle tickets, so took the attitude of telling the stories for as long as made sense, chopping them up into chapters where applicable, and felt quite happy going into the raffle assuming I wasn’t going to get anything (and then even happier when I did actually win something) so I think the rewards were good.

It felt like there was more to write about this time - the problem I had was usually getting my characters to shut up and get on with the quest, rather than having any problems hitting wordcount. Too much stuff to write about is a good problem to have.

I also really liked having all the paths known ahead of time - it allowed me to structure the story I was telling and also work ahead a bit, so when I was ill in the last week it didn’t matter.

I was also glad that you could use the same esk multiple times in a quest. This made it easier for people without an esk to borrow ones they actually wanted to draw/write about for the quests rather than just whatever was available. This did lead to Princess doing the Onerous Stone quest three times (over 4 pieces) but I prefer working out an explanation for that than people not being able to use the esk they want to.

I initially assumed the Introduction just unlocked the ability to get tickets and didn’t actually give a ticket for anything. I’d suggest not letting the introduction count for tickets in future, just because it meant the optimal ticket option was as many introductions as possible plus one entry in each quest, which seems counterproductive (I don’t think anyone went for that, people just seemed to be doing intros where it made sense for their characters).

I’m torn about a cap on entries - I think the general TWWM strategy of talking to people who seem to be not sticking to the spirit would work better. I’d be worried that a cap of 10 entries per path would risk being seen as a target rather than absolute maximum.

I’d like to know what gets you a treasure ahead of time, but leaving the actual treasures a surprise would be cool.

I liked the freedom to make stuff up around the quests - I somewhat worry that a worldwide event would mean that all esk had to have the same explanation for the stones, and go through the same forest (fill in equivalent here) and it wouldn’t feel as flexible.

Xaishi's avatar
Ah, thank you for your feedback. <3  The perspective from a writer's point of view is especially helpful!  You made some really good points and we'll be taking it into account for upcoming events. c:
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Hello hello! Thought I'd post my experience of the event. I started the event late, I didn't have my own Esk yet and I wanted to finish the free page dolls I offered to members before starting. I was able to get an Esk and finish the gifts with plenty of time to participate in the event which I thought was really nice. The time allotted was more than ample for people with jobs, children, and other responsibilities to participate without feeling stressed. The bonuses were generous and felt rewarding and although I wasn't chosen in the raffles my level and Esks GP have increased and my art and confidence have improved, which made me all the more excited for the winners. I was in the pool of people confused by the introduction but I think that all it needs are clearer instructions perhaps even with visual aides for those who have difficulty with words or the language. I adored all the entries and stories and I think what I adored the most was that the event rallied it's members to draw and contribute to an overarching story that could be told in so many different styles. It was incredibly fun and I can't wait for the next event. I can't say that I had any issues with the event besides the intro, I would love to see different kinds of events however and perhaps know about when events will fall during the year. 
Xaishi's avatar
Thank you for letting us know!  I've put together your feedback and responses from other players into a doc so that we can use this info going forward into future events. C:
Star-Squiddle's avatar
Thank you for letting everyone voice their opinions and for going through the extra effort of taking the conversation to the group chat in order to get even more points of view. It makes this group feel even more like a positive and safe place.
Xaishi's avatar
Awww, I was happy to. <3  And I'm so glad I could help with that!  Thank you for such a nice comment. ;A;
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Post-event feedback:

I really enjoyed the event. As much as I enjoyed the storyline elements of the forest event, with this I particularly loved knowing exactly how much art to do and by when -- it really helps when you've only got a limited amount of time to make art around IRL stuff. I hope the general structure of the event will continue in future ones. 

I thought the prompts were really fun and the challenges were interesting, although it lacked a larger "world building" story I think they were really suited and worked well to get people involved without too much pressure. I think it may be difficult to construct a "world building" event in a group of this size without it being something along the lines of "create X entries to unlock Y thing" (which is more grinding than world building) or putting more stringent rules on what people have to depict in their art (which would be less fun). 

My suggestion towards future events would be to introduce a cap on event entries if the prize is going to be raffled off to the playerbase. The cap can be quite generous, like 10 entries per path or something, but it would still be better to have one than not. Reasons for this are as follows:
- although most TWWM members aren't the kind to stretch the rules, I did spot one or two people who turned in what I would describe as "grind" entries in order to get more tickets. By "grind" entries I mean a sheet of multiple scenes, with a lower overall quality compared to their gallery, submitted in the last few days of the event, which weren't contributing to an overall narrative -- i.e. these entries just existed to get the user more tickets for the raffle and that's all. I feel like this attitude is contrary to the storytelling aspect being encouraged in these events and therefore should be gently discouraged.
- it makes people who can't submit lots of entries for whatever reason feel a bit more secure -- if you only have the time to do 1 or 2 entries, then knowing that at least everyone else can only do a maximum of X or Y makes it feel easier than knowing there's a possibility for someone to throw in 20 entries at the last moment and blow everyone else's chances out of the water.

I know a lot of folks won't agree with this idea and I can respect that, but I will say that, for me, it would be a small gesture to show that the point of the event is to tell a community story, not spam out entries for a shiny thing at the end. Without a cap, I'm afraid that future events will suffer once people realise that they can just throw in some low effort stuff right at the end and rig it in their favour, at which point a cap would probably have to be brought in anyway.
Xaishi's avatar
I know we chatted on Disc about this already, but I just wanted to say thanks again for your feedback. <3  You had some great input and I'm excited to talk with the rest of the staff about it!
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Heyo, Tea Mom leaving her input~

This was my first event in TWWM and I loved it! I did quite a few entries, and even though I didn't even come close to winning, I had a lot of fun and felt rewarded for my efforts. I feel like the AP/GP boost for entries was a good compromise because even if you weren't a raffle winner you could treat yourself to goodies from the shop or just appreciate the extra boost in AP/GP. 

That being said I saw some talk in the discord about a future cap limit on entries for fairness. However, I disagree. I had the time this month to do entries (so many entries) but I put time and effort into each of mine that anyone else could have as well. Everyone had the same opportunity and timeline to do entries, and there was even a grace period. Next event I know I won't have the time to do that many entries but I'm sure someone else will and I don't want to punish them for having free time when I don't. 
My stats for this were-
Intro: one
Warming: three
Onerous: two
Frost: two
Lustrous: two
plus an extra frost stone as a commission. 

That is a ridiculous amount of entries but I used them to tell stories and depict ideas that I had! I didn't see anyone spam-entering with hastily made entries. Sure there were a lot of entries last minute, but each one still looked thought out to me. Heck, I even used the pathways as a way to depict Parchment gaining his new EE features through his journey and plan to follow up with his journey back home when I have the time for it. 

On the negative a little I will say I was kinda confused by the introduction. I understood the concept but didn't realize it would count for each entry! While I liked the idea of an "entry zero" sort of piece, I think it might be better to have it tied to the character versus the player. I only drew one intro piece that was shared by my three characters because the pieces for Thisbe and Mother Kettle were less story telling and more that I was inspired by the description of the stone and wanted to try an idea that I didn't get to with Parchment's line. If it was linked to the character I would have been more encouraged to start a storyline with Thisbe or MK as well instead of just using the prompts as art inspo. 
Xaishi's avatar
Hi!  First off, thanks for commenting. <3  I just wanted to let you know that we made note of your feedback and will be taking it into account for the future. ^^
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Is it too late to enter my entries for the raffle? They've been done and uploaded! I just didn't get to enter because I've been so busy teaching. :cries:
witherlings's avatar
Sorry I didn't see this message until now, your comment was posted after the raffles had already been completed — sorry about that :c
Megabites-Art's avatar
Could always give poor Bane a poison dart frog companion *poke poke* *hint hint*

Nah, you don't have to apologize its okay, life gets in the way, obviously it wasn't mean to be. :) 
yue-gui's avatar
Blue Gem Link to your character tracker: esk 109 . tracker
Blue Gem Buying Whiskers: top/eyebrow whiskers like so:… (ignore the cheek whiskers)

sneaking in before the raffle draw...< A <
witherlings's avatar
-50GP from esk 109
please report to the masterlist tyty
witherlings's avatar
-50GP from esk 693
please report to the masterlist - ty!
CharakyARPG's avatar
Blue Gem Link to your character tracker: TWWM: Character Tracker - 644
Blue Gem Buying Whiskers: - just two whiskers over the eyes on each side like this: 

644-whiskers-concept by CharakyARPG

witherlings's avatar
-50GP from esk 644
please report to the masterlist - ty!
EhwazAzi's avatar
Blue Gem Link to your character tracker: Morgan [002] Tracker
Blue Gem Buying:  Whiskers
- 2 short whiskers on each side of the nose, will often be simplified
- Concept: 
Morganwhiskers by EhwazAzi
witherlings's avatar
-50GP from esk 002
please report to the masterlist - ty!
W001F's avatar
Blue Gem Character Tracker

Blue Gem Whiskers
Blue Gem Few white whiskers that resemble a fox c:
*her ears are a past exchange that I have not yet added to my ML image
witherlings's avatar

-50GP from esk 148
please report to the masterlist - ty!
darkmoondancer's avatar
Blue Gem Link to your character tracker: TWWM - Lark 098
Blue Gem Buying:  Morph shift, please!
- Whiskers will be.. cat/dog like? Thin single strands on the brow, snout and cheeks
- Aquatic plant will be Water-celery (Vallisneria Americana)
- Reference sheet:  [Esk] Reference Sheet - Lark 098 by darkmoondancer
( Also took the opportunity to remove the head and rump placements of her Turkey tail, now it will only grow along the back of her neck and shoulders. )
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