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Long Sprout About the game Long Sprout 2 

Read the Newcomers Guide first

What is an collaborative worldbuilding game?

A Collaborative Worldbuilding Game (CWBG) is a form of creative roleplay game that is focused on crowdsourcing content and stories. A CWBG is designed to put creative power into the hands of its players by providing an open-ended world for creative exploration and development. Content framework is provided for everyone to build upon, but it's up to the players to decide how this framework is interpreted and expanded upon. A CWBG is essentially an artistic open-world game where players are treated as co-creators of the spaces and ideas to be explored.

You can read more about it here.

Is this a breeding game?

This game has opportunities to create new esk by earning points and collaborating with others, but it is not a breeding game with genotypes or mating. Esk are not animals, they are supernatural and are created from Transformations. 

You can read about Transformations here.

Long Sprout About adoptables Long Sprout 2

What are esk?

Esk are part nature spirit and part ghost. 

You can read all about them here.

Are esk free to make?

Esk are a closed species which means they are not free to make, but they can be earned for free by playing the game.

How do I get my own esk?

  • By purchasing an esk adoptable from witherlings or from permitted guest artists.
  • By purchasing one, trading one, or receiving one as a gift from someone else.
  • By participating in ThoseWhoWentMissing gameplay, events, contests, and raffles. You can earn MYO slots by gaining points in the game, or as rewards for contests and raffles.

What is an adoptable?

Adoptables are characters you can collect and use as playable characters in ThoseWhoWentMissing gameplay. When you buy or earn an adoptable character, you are receiving partial rights to the design and concept. You can name your adoptable and create a story around it if you wish. Adoptables can also be traded, bought, and sold. 

You can read our Adoptable Information and Terms of Service for more information about how you can use your adoptables and rules for buying and selling.

How can I become a guest designer and sell my own esk adoptables?

We are not actively seeking guest artists but if you are interested you can view the application and requirements here.

What's the next adoptable batch? When's the next batch going to be posted? How much will it cost?

We will keep you up to date on sales with our Adoptable News page.

Can I get a custom-made esk?

witherlings offers custom esk commissions from time to time, please follow witherlings for updates on custom availability.

How do I buy or sell my adoptable? Can I trade adoptables? How do I give my adoptable to a friend?

All of this information is available in our Ownership Transfer Rules.

Is there a masterlist for all official esk? 

Yes! You can find it at Esk-Masterlist. Read the Masterlist Rules and Guidelines for more information.

Can I buy a MYO slot?

No. MYO esk are only available by playing the game and will always remain free to obtain in this manner.

Long SproutAbout starting the game Long Sprout 2 

Read the Newcomers Guide first

Where do I get started?

Please read our Newcomers Guide!

We also recommend taking a look around the group — see what other players are posting, read the information guides, and visit our group chat to get a feel for things and get advice from the community.

How do I submit my profile and trackers as journal entries to the group?

You cannot submit journals directly to the group from the journal submission page. First, post the journal to your DeviantArt account, then go to the journal entry and look on the right sidebar for the link that says "add to group." From there you will be able to select ThoseWhoWentMissing and then select the trackers and profiles folder from the drop down menu.

Do I need to have my points checked or have staff approve when I level up?

Players are required to keep track of their own scores and player levels using their player profile and character trackers. The TWWM team trusts our players to keep an accurate, honest record of their points, but we are available to give audits and assist with scoring if needed. 

Please send us a group note if you need help scoring your submissions.

Can I transfer AP/GP to another player or esk?

No. Aura Points and Growth Points are not transferable. If you want to increase another esk's score you can make gift art of the esk to raise their GP. You cannot increase another player's AP. AP and GP cannot be traded or sold.

How do I join the group chat?

Our group chat is on Discord, you will need to create a Discord account to join.

Click here to join the chat

Where can I post journals for requests, offers, trades, commissions, or buying/selling characters?

You can post all journals related to these types of requests and offers to the Advertisements folder and it's subfolders! Only TWWM-related listings can be added to the group.

Long SproutAbout submitting artwork and writingLong Sprout 2

Read the Group Rules first

How do I submit artwork and writing?

Once you join the group you will be able to submit your artwork and writing directly to the gallery folders, there will be a checkbox for ThoseWhoWentMissing and and a drop down menu at the bottom of the page when you are posting your submission. All artwork and writing submissions will earn AP and GP.

Please place your submission in the appropriate folder, we have descriptions of what should go in each folder in our Newcomers Guide.

How do I figure out the scores for my artwork and writing submissions?

Please read the Points System guide for instructions on how to score your artwork. Staff is available to help you score your work if needed, please send us a group note if you need help.

Can I submit commissioned artwork to the group?

Yes. Commissioned artwork can either be submitted by the artist or buyer and both will earn AP for the artwork. If the artist is not a group member you can request that they add the submission to the TWWM gallery or you can get their permission to upload it to your DeviantArt account and submit it directly. 

If the artist is not on DeviantArt and does not allow you to upload the artwork to your DeviantArt account you will still earn points for the artwork, but please log the artwork on your profile or character tracker (in body text or in the comments) so there is a record of its score.

Please read the Points System guide for information on how to score your commissions.

Can I submit multiple pieces of artwork or writing as one batch submission instead of multiple smaller submissions?

Yes. You can submit multiple artworks in a single image as long as each one is clearly a separate artwork. If each artwork cannot be easily cropped from the batch without compromising the image or appearing cut out of a larger illustration then it is not suitable to be scored separately. Writing can also be submitted as a batch with artwork submissions. You may also submit your creative writing in the description of an accompanying artwork as long as you include only one written piece per artwork submission.
We have a maximum batch limit of 12 submissions per upload.

Can I submit artwork featuring other ARPG creatures or characters in our esk artwork? What about memes or other non-canon artwork?

You can create esk-related memes, non-canon artwork, or artwork involving esk with fictional/fantasy/ARPG creatures and submit them to the miscellaneous gallery folder
These types of submissions are just for fun will not earn any points.

New Growth ButtonCan I submit artwork featuring an esk being created via transformation or with energy exchange modifications that are pending approval?

This is against the spirit of the game as it is considered depicting esk/modifications that are not yet earned. We know it's hard to be patient, but we ask that you are, so if any concerns with your new esk/modifications exists, we can get them sorted before you begin submitting artwork of them. Please consider all TF/EE requests not yet approved as non-canonical and as such, should not be submitted.

Long SproutAbout character modificationsLong Sprout 2

Can I change how my esk looks?

Once you have an esk you can modify it as you play the game by earning Growth Points and spending them in the Energy Exchange. This is the only way you can modify your character, making design changes without earning them in the game or having explicit permission is not allowed.

Can someone help me design my MYO?

If you need help designing your MYO you can find an artist to help you by posting an ad in the Advertising folder or by asking for help in the group chat. You can receive help for free or commission others to do the design for you.

Can I remove an existing nature feature?

You are allowed to remove part of a nature feature from the body, if you want to make it official in the masterlist you have to submit a Spirit Renewal. Just keep in mind that you can't remove all nature features and make the esk barren (this is a NPC-only trait).

New Growth ButtonDoes a nature feature always have to show?

An esk's nature features naturally disappear outside of their biome. There should always be at least one nature feature visible at all times within the biome. The esk can only be completely bare outside of the biome. They are subject to disappear also depending on mood or well-being. This is open to your interpretation. If it is important to you that your masterlist image reflects this state, you may update the image by removing that nature feature for free, but the nature feature will remain in their list. It is still there, even if it often does not show. If the nature feature is to be added  back onto the masterlist image it must return to the original placement and not be redesigned or moved elsewhere. 

Long Sprout About designing your MYOs Long Sprout 2

Read the Species Guide first.

Is there a size chart?

In order for players to have more flexibility working with their character, sizes are intentionally left open for player interpretation. However, your esk should stay the same general size within your own art even if your "moderate" esk is sized differently than another player's moderate esk. 

The ability to change size at will (size-shifting) is a Mutation that is only available to Abnormals.

You are allowed to create size charts or measurements for your Esk and post them in your character trackers if you find it helpful.

Can I mix nature features together that are from different Biomes?

Normal Esk can only have nature features that are all from the same Biome.
Abnormal esk that have had their Boundary changed can have a mix of nature features from their previous biome and their new biome.

What are morphs? Are they available for MYOs?

Morphs are body types with unusual traits that are available to be used for common esk designs that meet certain qualifications. Each morph has different rules and special traits, please read the morphs guide for more information.
A morph is an opportunity for your MYO to have uncommon/rare traits without having to purchase them in the Energy Exchange, the trade-off is that only certain types of morphs are available to certain types of esk. 

For example: If you claim a Starter esk that has a fungi nature feature you can make your Starter a Fungi Morph which is small and stubby with sleek fur and a nub for a tail. This allows you to use the sleek (uncommon) and manx (rare) traits even though Starters are normally restricted to common traits. 

Is there a guide to the common markings?

Use the species guide as a reference for common esk forms and markings.

Is there a limit to the extent of my esk's nature features?

Nature features can cover as much of the esk's body as you want as long as the nature features do not completely overtake the limbs or tail (this is called "overgrowth" and is a rare trait). Overgrowth cannot replace the face or eyes, it also may not replace the esk's main body or torso (this is a mutation).

Overall the esk should not be so covered in nature features that it is no longer recognizable as an esk. Additionally, nature features should not be so small that they are not readily visible.

Is it okay if I give my esk a nature feature that has already been used in another esk's design?

Yes. No one can claim ownership of a nature feature and block other players from using it in their designs.

Can I make my esk have flowy fur like the Pond Collection, or be short and squat like the Fall Collection?

Body types and fur styles can vary considerably without being considered a morph. You can make your esk short, tall, fat, skinny, really whatever you want as long as it stays within the species guidelines. 

If you want to make squat, little esk there is no rule against it, it is just a body type. The Fall Collection's appearance does not require any uncommon traits/rare traits/mutations so it does not qualify to be a morph. Similarly, the Pond Collection appearance is not a morph and that style of design is available to any type of esk. The tail is still mostly fur like all other esk, the long fur just swirls in the air as if it were underwater — this is available to all esk.

Do I have to include the entire structure of a nature feature or can I just put part of it in my design?

You can include the entire structure or just use parts of it as long as it is an accurate representation of the nature feature.

For example, if you want to put a tree species on your esk you do not have to put the entire tree in the design. You can use the branches or even just the leaves if that is what you prefer.

Can I add moss or lichen to my design or does that count as an additional nature feature?

Moss and lichens count as additional nature features.

Can we use nature features that are somewhat generic, such as "dead branches", "moss", or "rocks"?

Yes. We encourage our players to do some research and learn about the specific types of nature features they are using, but we will allow some generic features to be used if it does not affect the design.

For example: dead branches that cannot be identified as any specific type of tree can be labeled "dead branches," but branches that can be identified should be labeled with the species. We would also prefer that you use full species names as much as possible — if your esk has an oak feature it is more helpful to know whether it is a white oak, swamp oak, chestnut oak, etc.

Long Sprout About Events, Quests, and Activities Long Sprout 2

Please visit the Events page for specific information on current events, quests, and activities.
Events have their own rules, requirements, and bonuses that are different each time.

Can I stack event bonuses onto Origin Prompts or Monthly Prompts?

No. Event submissions should be created exclusively for the event.

Can I re-submit artwork or writing I made earlier for a current event if it relates to the theme or requirements?

No. Events require that you create new artwork and writing in order to receive bonuses and prizes.

Long Sprout About Boundaries and Biomes Long Sprout 2

Read the boundaries and biomes guide first

How can I change my esk's Boundary?

You can change the boundary for premade or custom adoptables one time within 1 month of any ownership changes, whether bought directly from witherlings or obtained from other players by sale/trade/gift. Boundary changes need to be reported on the character's masterlist entry in a top-level comment.

Starters and MYOs cannot have their Boundaries changed.

What if my esk's Boundary physically changes?

An esk's boundary is fixed at all times, they haunt a specific place. Even if this place undergoes physical changes, (e.g. a stream dries up, a development moves in, etc) it will not cause the esk to relocate. This is still their boundary where they were transformed. The only way this changes is through a secondary abnormal transformation elsewhere.

New Growth ButtonThink of biomes as an 'energy' connection an esk has to the essence of their transformation site, and the biome-connection is the esk's resonance with that same essence carried into other geographical locations. A river shrinks and grows, or even dries completely, but there is still 'energy' of that river there. If a Fresh Waters esk arrives at a dried up riverbed they may still feel the resonance with that river and feel empowered, or maybe they are more sensitive and the lack of water makes them feel less empowered. The concept of the biome-esk-connection is intended to be fluid and have blurred edges because that is how nature is. It can also be helpful to consider the role of time in relation to a supernatural/timeless being... their river dries up but their connection to their transformation travels through time, their connection to the river travels through time, they still "feel" the river there even when it is gone.

The Biomes may be experienced differently for each esk. This is something we are flexible with and really want to encourage player investigation and interpretation.
Ask yourself some of these questions when developing your esk's story: What is it like for an esk crossing from one biome to another? What is it like to be in a biome-overlapping area? What does it feel like to have your biome change and at what point does it feel necessary to be re-transformed to align with a new biome? Do esk of the same biome feel in resonance with each other? Do they give each other extra power?

A Fresh Waters esk inhabiting a dried up riverbed might always feel strong in that location and always remain a Fresh Waters esk. or maybe they lose that strength with the river being gone, maybe eventually it wears them down and they seek out a new transformation. Let your esk create a relationship with their boundary and biome, and treat the Earth itself as a character in your story.

What happens to my esk's overgrowth features when they leave their Biome?

Any areas affected by the overgrowth trait will revert to a normal form, they will not be absent or retain their nature features. When the affected body parts revert to normal you can decide for yourself what their markings look like as long as you are not adding any other uncommon or rare traits/markings to the design.

Can a very small esk live on a really large esk? Can that be their boundary?

An esk of the same biome could live on another esk if they want, but just keep in mind that an esk cannot be a boundary — the boundary has to be a location, not an object or being. So if you have a little forest esk and a big forest esk, little esk can live on big esk and keep their nature features and all, but once little esk rides the big esk away from the location of their boundary they won't have their transformation ability anymore.

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Luneiri's avatar

Hi! A few weeks ago I was told paper nature features were an unacceptable mutation/original form fragment, and the same thing about ice nature features maybe a month or two ago. On the greenhouse list though, there is an esk ID with paper nature features. I'm confused, are nature features made out of different materials okay or not? (as an original form fragment of course)

KaijuRomance's avatar


I'm sorry that might have been a misunderstanding. A nature feature made out of paper is allowed as part of the original form fragmentation.

Ice is not possible as it an elemental, in addition ice can't be an original form as it falls under an elemental and not an object. However, if you had an ice elemental you could apply it to your esk's NFs.

In both cases (either the NF being made of different materials due to the esk's original form or the elemental being applied to the NF) it's important that the NFs still clearly look like plants, and depending on the overall design it can be that not all NFs can be affected or that the paper NFs need to have colors of the actual NF. NG would of course inform you of this adjustments should be needed!

VagrantCandle's avatar

The TWWM home page notes that there is a 7 day grace period for answering game requests. What is a game request?

KaijuRomance's avatar


game requests means basically any gameplay element that requires us to reply or process it. As we do admin work on a volunteer basis in our free time, we have this grace period in place. This way players also know how long it might take for us to get back to their questions, notes, uploading an esk to the masterlist, etc.

Amnael-Z-Jackwell's avatar

Hello! Very sorry if that question was already answered but I can't find it so better safe than sorry.

I was granted two Abnormal MYOs by the Wellspring, and I wanted to know what were the traits I could use for them? Just uncommon? Rare? None? There is no precision on the comment so I figured I would ask.

KaijuRomance's avatar


Please read through the species guide for information about abnormals and traits:


Usually we do not add this info to the granted wish comment as we believe players know what they are wishing for haha. But the above link has all the info you need c:

Should anything still be unclear after that, just let me know!

Amnael-Z-Jackwell's avatar

I already read it actually, I just forgot to add any rarity to my wish so I was wondering what I am allowed to do without this precision.

KaijuRomance's avatar

Abnormals don't have a rarity tier.

They can use any uncommon or rare trait, there is no limit!

Amnael-Z-Jackwell's avatar
BinglesP's avatar

Words can not describe how relieved I was when I read about the Miscellaneous folder...

tayleaf's avatar

:D Yeah! Having a folder for memes and such is really fun!

Luneiri's avatar

Hey! My esk 3853 (Iri)


has her origin listed as trespasser in her masterlist entry, while her actual origin is Abnormal(as stated on the GA auction page for her). Where should I report this, or is here okay?

tayleaf's avatar

I see this already got fixed! But I just wanted to let you know, errors like this can be reported quickly by sending a group note! :D

Cyliph's avatar

Hello! This has probably been asked before but I have a question regarding fossils as a nature feature. Since a fossil is just an impression of a living organism and not actually remnants of that organism would it be allowed?

I can understand cleaned fossils like (https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e7/Deinonychus_skull_ROM.jpg) but how would more naturally exposed fossils fair? (Somewhat like https://archosaurmusings.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/p1300112.jpg)

I can draft a concept real quick if need be, thank you!

tayleaf's avatar

Fossils can only be added as Transformation Rewards, Sorry!

I'm not staff, but this question was answered in the discord askstaff channel here.

:heart: Sorry!

fayeskies's avatar
Hi! I have a few questions! My esk was granted an abnormal re-transformation from the Wellsprings (thank you T___T) but I'm unsure how to go about redeeming it. www.deviantart.com/comments/1/… In the transformation journal, it says esk cannot retransform themselves, so would I have to swap abnormal transformations with someone else, or could one of my own esks do it? And either their origin, boundary, or biome have to change, correct? And if so, can we pick what's changed? Sorry for the barrage of questions haha, I've been away from the group for a bit so I'm unsure about a few things. Thank you so much!! 
KaijuRomance's avatar

To start of, once you have designed your esk's re-transformation, you post it on this journal for review: www.deviantart.com/thosewhowen…

Granted wellsprings wishes are gifts, so nothing needs to be traded or used for them (no tf slots or GP).
You can decide who the esk is that performed the second transformation of your esk. It can be one of your own, another players esk, or even one of the NPCs.
The only requirement is that you need to change either the origin or biome of your esk (boundary can be changed but this isn't required) . You can of course change both, but as long as you change either that is fine.
If you'd want one of your esk to be the creator of your retransformated esk, then your esk needs to fit their biome and boundary, as normal esk can only perform transformations close to their boundary. The same of course goes for the NPCs and esk that belong to other players (unless that players esk is abnormal, they can then perform a transformation wherever they want).

Hope this helped clarify some things. Let me know if you still have any further questions!
Among-Galaxies's avatar
Can X transform a stray dog into an esk?  Or is it only humans?  I’m thinking of choosing X for a wanderer transformation.  But the esk I’m thinking of creating used to be a stray dog before transformation.  
Howlcrawl's avatar

Hello! I'm new to this so I may have missed it somewhere, do I have to participate in the ARPG??

Emayax's avatar
Can I use Exp from one esk to make a transformation and in the origin prompts, say that the creator was someone else?
KaijuRomance's avatar

The creator is always the esk that performs the transformation, this can not be changed.
So if your own esk performs the transformation they will have to be the creator.

Let me know if you have any further questions!
GwennieThePooh's avatar
Hello! Quick question - For esks with the Ocean morph (sleek w a sleek wedge tail) can shaggy be added to the tail/can the tail be changed at a later date with GP, or must the tail always be the unique Ocean morph tail w/ no fur? 
KaijuRomance's avatar
The wedge shaped tail is the unique trait of the ocean morph and it always needs to be wedge shaped and sleek.
That feature can't be changed without losing the morph.
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