December FTO Activity: Winners Announced!

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December FTO Activity

Ghost of the Polar Biome

Congratulations to our winners!

runeowl is the winner of the uncommon Polar MYO slot + 1 Elemental power!
Michatah, Saloiq, Seenyurr, and wrath-kakerou are the winners of the regular uncommon Polar MYO slots!

Great job everyone, these were amazing submissions!

This event is now closed, here is the archived information for reference purposes:
Since first-time-owners are unable to participate in the Holiday Gift Eskchange, we are holding a seasonal activity that is just for FTOs! All participants will receive an AP bonus and some lucky raffle winners will receive free MYOs. 
All you have to do to enter the raffle is create artwork or write about the Polar Biome Wanderer and submit it to the December FTO Activity folder.
This raffle activity is for First-Time-Owners ONLY!
In order to participate you must have never owned an Esk before. 

Submit artwork or writing about the Polar Biome Wanderer in order to receive a raffle ticket.
You will receive one raffle ticket per submission!
Artwork and writing must meet these requirements:
The Polar Biome Wanderer, Aevre, must be the focus of the submission. In artwork she should be shown as a full body; in writing she should have a prominent role in the poem or story.
Artwork must be in color and include a partial to full background. Can be flat color or shaded.
Story writing must be over 500 words.
Poetry writing must be over 100 words.

:bademoticon: This raffle activity is open to first-time-owners only! If you have ever owned an Esk before you cannot enter :bademoticon:

:snowflake: revamp The deadline for submissions is December 30th @ 8PM EST! :snowflake: revamp 

The raffle will be held the next day, December 31st at 3:30PM EST
[this event is now closed]


First name drawn will receive permission to create a Polar Esk MYO and will have the option of adding an elemental power to their character! The Esk may have any uncommon traits you like and as many nature features from the Polar Biome as you want!

Four runners up will receive permission to create a Polar Esk MYO! The Esk may have any uncommon traits you like and as many nature features from the Polar Biome as you want!


 — each submission to this activity gets a +10AP bonus
This bonus cannot stack on to Monthly or Origin Prompts.

You can enter as many times as you like! 


If you grab a Starter from the Nursery any time during this event you will not be able to continue claiming the bonus AP or be eligible for the raffle, but you will keep any bonus AP you earned from prior submissions!

Esk Interaction Bonus

You can use this bonus for these submissions!
If you draw an esk that belongs to another player interacting with the NPC then you can double your "Other Esk" bonus. The NPC itself does not count as an "other esk" because she does not belong to any one player and the bonus is intended to encourage gift-giving members of the community.
Send us a note if you need help with scoring!

Good luck!

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Woohoo! :D I'm v excited about designing my first esk!