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Collablore by witherlings

We create this world together

The collaborative aspect of TWWM's lore is an important part of the game. The stories and concepts you bring into the community help the species evolve and create new possibilities, the contributions of players are what breathes life into the esk world. This page will be periodically updated with "calls for lore" where we will invite you to share contributions you have made to the esk species and world story. Thank you for helping it grow!

New Growth ButtonCrystal Call for lore: The Conservatory

The Conservatory is an ever-expanding world shared by all esk. It is a surreal environment made of crystalline structures and shifting environments. Most notably, it is the location of the Wellsprings, the Temples of Sound and Silence, and home of 000, grandmother to all esk.

Tell us about your esk's story...

Sky Blue Dot Has your esk ever been to the Conservatory?
Sky Blue Dot How often do they frequent it? Do they keep away? How do they feel about it?
Sky Blue Dot How did they find out about it? Did they always know how to access it, or did they have to learn? Who or what taught them?
Sky Blue Dot Is it difficult for your esk to travel there?
Sky Blue Dot What do they do there? How do they spend their time there? 
Sky Blue Dot Do they meet or reunite with friends, explore the different wings, rest and recharge, wish at the Wellsprings, visit with 000…? 
Sky Blue Dot Where do they frequent? What is their favorite environment to visit? Have they made an area for themselves there?

light blue sparkle reply here to share your lore for The Conservatory! light blue sparkle

Sprout 2 by garden-corvidae If you see something that inspires you, you must contact the author before something similar in your own story.

This is a place to showcase your originality, not a database to select ideas from. Please use this feature honorably and communicate with each other to come up with new ideas.

Sprout 2 by garden-corvidae Please only share ideas revolving around traits or powers that have already been added to your characters.

Refrain from sharing about speculative modifications to your Esk (enchantments, elementals, familiars, etc.). Please only share concepts that you have already added to your character and have been actively developing. Reading and responding to these prompts may inspire you to want to make modifications to your Esk, but please be sure that any concrete modifications mentioned in your response are official.

Sprout 2 by garden-corvidae Your replies do not have to be long or detailed.

Feel free to share as much or as little as you would like; this is a creative exercise and a chance to connect with the stories and lore established by fellow TWWM players!

Sprout 2 by garden-corvidae You can do future Calls for Lore covering other subjects.

You may also respond to any of the past Calls for Lore at any time to receive the treasure. Check out the Call for Lore Archive for previous calls!


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Crystal Call for Lore: The ConservatoryCrystal

reply here!

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Aeolus will be my victim for this call for lore

Has he been there? Yes, he has. He's been there quite often, and a lot of the time it isn't even by choice. He's known to get lost mentally sometimes in his own thoughts or memories, so whenever he wanders too far he often finds himself in the Conservatory usually going towards an area in the Temple of Silence or even 000 most times.

He learned about it on his own when he was feeling lost and wasn't really getting many answers in his first few years as an Esk, so he turned to that weird instinct in his energy that told him "the Conservatory will help you" even if he had absolutely no clue what that meant.

He frequents 000's chambers and the Temples at times, usually going there to clear his head and just listen to others speak. He likes the Developed wing as well and even enjoys wandering the Forest wing of the place, but he doesn't really visit the Temple of Sound. When he does, he's there to listen to others speak and mutter little stories.

All in all, Aeolus is generally very calm when talking about and visiting the Conservatory. He goes there to clear his head and rest when his own boundary and the area around it leaves him restless and uncomfortable, so sitting next to 000 hearing stories or wandering the depths of the halls of the entire Conservatory is calming to him. Reminds him of when he used to see the world. He enjoys it, even if he doesn't interact with many other Esk there.

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None of my esk have been to the Conservatory, but I feel that Malaise is the one who would be most likely to go. Each of them feel a deep sense of disconnect from their identities as esk; none of them understand why they were chosen to become esk, but Malaise is the one who resents her new form as an esk the least. She has been around long enough to come to a grudging acceptance that this is who she is now, though she is a solitary being and is comforted by the quiet of being alone.

That's not to say that she doesn't long for a sense of community. Despite coming to terms with being an esk, it is still something she struggles with and feels a lot of inner turmoil about. Her memories of her past life continue to fade year by year, and this forgetfulness scares her, it makes her feel like she is losing more and more of her former self, what she considers her "true" self, and that fear causes her to isolate herself further. She's spent decades with little to no company other than herself and the small animals that tread in her boundary, so she feels she'd likely feel alienated even if she's come across a community of esk.

Malaise's relationship with the esk community is like that of a fierce beast prowling around a fire: she is curious and entranced by the glow and warm, comforting energy of the community, but at the same time, she's wary of it. All of them may be esk, but perhaps they are more "esk-like" than she is. They are better acquainted with how to act like esk and be esk and embrace their nature, something that never came to her intuitively.

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Sol, as lonely as she is on her little stretch of shallow water, does venture into the conservatory. This feeling comes in waves, and she only usually goes when she's in need of a pick me up, but it helps her come to better terms with herself as she is now. It's a place she doesn't want to stay in (she'd miss her coast), but it's definitely a source of comfort and often friendship for her.

She's always kind of felt the pull of it, in the way that newborn blackbirds will know how to migrate the first time ever. It wasn't hard for her to access it, but it was a shock to her as someone who has never even left her little corner of the world like, ever. She typically likes to explore the forest biomes there, the ones that resemble the rainforests of her previous home. She misses them, and wishes she could access them on Earth, but this is as close as she can get. She also loves listening to the stories of other esks, and the conservatory is an escape from loneliness for her. She hasn't explored much of it (having never seen snow in life before, the polar areas tend to wig her out), but maybe someday, if she had a tour guide.

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My Esk.

 Has your esk ever been to the Conservatory?

Everyone else other than Cat's Curse and Xilladenanessfeali has.

How often do they frequent it? Do they keep away? How do they feel about it?

Song of the Abyss is the one who visits most often as they like company and getting to know new Esk a lot. Just Poe visits from time to time, although he gets quite nervous about it. Someone Else and The Weary Eyed One have visited some times, but neither of them do so regularly, as Weary is currently hibernating and Elsie is too afraid of other Esk to enjoy the experience.

How did they find out about it? Did they always know how to access it, or did they have to learn? Who or what taught them?

I think Song taught Poe and Weary taught Elsie, but I don't currently know who taught Song and Weary for sure. Weary could've possibly discovered it on their own and Song likely heard about it from some other Esk.

Is it difficult for your esk to travel there?

Physically no, but it can be mentally taxing for those who are more nervous about socialization. And then there's Nessie, who doesn't travel to the Conservatory at all for reasons they are not telling to anyone, but it seems like they either have forgotten how to do it or have never learned and at some point became too embarrassed to admit it. And Curse just hasn't learned about the existence of the place at all.

What do they do there? How do they spend their time there?

Song plays and interacts with other Esk in any ways they can! Poe (and Elsie) usually only go there if they have something in their mind that they feel like some other Esk could help them with.

  Do they meet or reunite with friends, explore the different wings, rest and recharge, wish at the Wellsprings, visit with 000…?

Song, once again, goes around and meets new and old friends alike. I'm sure they have met 000 at some point, too, but so far I haven't illustrated it happening. In the future Elsie might have to visit 000 to ask for advice, but right now she is still collecting courage to even consider doing so.

   Where do they frequent? What is their favorite environment to visit? Have they made an area for themselves there?

The area where Song most often hangs around in is a small Wellspring of peculiar stones:

TWWM Visiting Wellsprings

Once Poe was there, too:

TWWM Revisiting Wellsprings
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a few of my esks have been to the conservatory, but Babika ( #1758) has visited the most. Since her second transformation, she has seen it as more of a way to observe the many esk that flock there. She is curious to the many different biomes despite being a homebody herself. The conservatory is probably one of the reasons she went through her second transformation, rather than looking at the world with resentment, shes found peace in knowing that there are others out there that have been similarly, lost.

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Heath (#019) has never been to the Conservatory. This is maybe not for lack of trying.

He has always had a fraught relationship with being an esk, and I think the Conservatory represents everything about this strange, false life that he can’t bring himself to reconcile with. It is 000’s home, or something very close to it, and he has trouble forgiving the woman who created this hole through which lost souls like his disappear.

And this is to speak nothing of the other spirits who seek community there. Heath has trouble being around esk who consider their current shape a blessing, or who readily pass on transformations to other beings. He has an enormous heart and craves community, but it is painful for him to find it sometimes. He is much more at home with his wayward kin here on Earth.

At the same time, there is a sense of missed connection. Perhaps he is being too harsh on 000 and her kin-- Her children’s trespasses are not hers, after all, and she has never created something like him.

But Heath is not ready to confront this resentment. He might never be. In the mean time, he finds community where he’s at, and listens to second-hand stories of a place that exists somewhere beyond the grief and hurt of the material world.

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Chewie goes to the conservatory when he feels especially lost in life. He spends time quietly with 000, listening to the stories she weaves. She once guided him in her offhand way and prevented him from making a grave mistake.

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Out of all my esk, I believe so far Mim is the only one to visit the conservatory, at least in my current range of stories. She frequents it whenever she needs to find peace, now that she knows about it. She first found out about it after her walk in the woods years ago, after finding her yellow ribbon. Something seemed to pull her there, and she met 000, who is now her favorite esk to visit while there. They trade stories and Mim uses it as a chance to rest a while. Someday, if she finds her aspen friend Inglorion again, she hopes to show them there as well. Perhaps it will give them peace.

I think once Toby is shown the conservatory she will be greatly fond of it and wander the different areas to see the plants and meet new esk. It's a bit lonely at her cottage so I think having a nice place to gather would suit her well.

Bao likes his ocean too much to bother with the conservatory, though he knows of its existence. He prefers the company of Makoa and friends to anything he can find in the conservatory, and so he sees no reason to go there.

Neunai has not yet discovered it, too wrapped up in her own anger and shame.

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Has your esk ever been to the Conservatory?

Marin has only ever been to the Conservatory once. She prefers to be by herself, but, on occasion, will go and hang out with other esk in the Conservatory.

How often do they frequent it? Do they keep away? How do they feel about it?

Marin doesn't often go the conservatory as she doesn't always agree with the views of other esk. She prefers to keep away when she can, but sometimes her curiosity gets the better of her.

How did they find out about it? Did they always know how to access it, or did they have to learn? Who or what taught them?

Marin had a hard time really figuring it out. She wasn't really taught, but had a slight sense of how to do it, it just took her a while to get it right.

Is it difficult for your esk to travel there?

Travelling to the conservatory is hard for Marin, mentally, as she feels almost guilty for going to a place that she isn't fond of.

What do they do there? How do they spend their time there?

When Marin does go, she likes to listen to the stories of others.

Do they meet or reunite with friends, explore the different wings, rest and recharge, wish at the Wellsprings, visit with 000…?

Marin will almost always wander the different wings when no new stories are being told. Why bother listening to the same stories be told every single time when you can wander?

Where do they frequent? What is their favorite environment to visit? Have they made an area for themselves there?

Marin's favorite environment is the ocean, where she was born and lived in her old life, and where she lives now in her boundary. She will often hang out on the beaches and will rest, just like she does in her boundary. She will, on occasion, go to the polar biome as the snow intrigues her.

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The first time General visited the Conservatory, it was purely by accident. Though she loves her creator, and the developed biome offers a host of other esks to interact with, she felt the hustle and bustle of the city begin to drain her. The constant go-go-go came to a head and, in a panic to be anywhere but there, General found herself dematerializing. it didn't hurt, it felt strange but was short lived. When her awareness returned, she found herself in a glade ringed by softly humming crystals. The place echoed peace and tranquility, and became her sanctuary. The Conservatory is where General goes to take stock of how her life progresses, to take a breather and sort out how she feels about esks and situations in privacy.

Returning to the Conservatory originally was difficult, only occurring when she was the most anxious, but over time she learned how to pull at the threads between this world and the Conservatory, how to tease them apart and travel freely between the two. through her visits she has met many esks from all sorts of biomes, making several friends along the way. She often explores the more hidden corners of what is likely an endless realm. Her favorite place to rest, apart from the glade, is a location she refers to as the Globe. Nestled deep within a ruinous mountain range (who built the temples, why, or if they are a construction of her imagination, she isn't sure), a golden globe radiates energy. Through the globe she is able to observe esks in the real world, both those she has met and those she's never seen before. She often uses this area as a meeting place, and several other esks have followed her lead, using the Globe to check up on their loved ones.

General has only ever caught a glimpse of 000 at a distance, she has never tried to approach the Original. Though she'll never admit it, she is quite intimidated at the thought of holding a conversation with 000. Perhaps in the future she will build up the courage to approach them.

Kur0Kam1's avatar

Botani first visited the conservatory not too long after becoming an esk. The knowledge of the conservatory came to her as she transformed. She went to visit her creator, Sacred. She visits often, her own room being much like the one she spent her time in before she was lost. She enjoys visiting, unable to visit her home outside the conservatory.

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Has your esk ever been to the Conservatory?

Loe has always been drawn to the conservatory. Being able to be around other Esk and possibly being able to help them is comforting for her.

How often do they frequent it? Do they keep away? How do they feel about it?

The conservatory is Loe's second home. She loves to spend time there and feels very close to it.

How did they find out about it? Did they always know how to access it, or did they have to learn? Who or what taught them?

There was always a subconcious feeling of the conservatory for Loe, it took her a couple tries the first time she decided to try get to that feeling but she managed.

Is it difficult for your esk to travel there?

Travelling to the conservatory is second nature to Loe.

What do they do there? How do they spend their time there? 

She likes to spend her time meeting with new Esks, both young and old. Hearing stories is just a bonus to her, as she is there to help out.

Do they meet or reunite with friends, explore the different wings, rest and recharge, wish at the Wellsprings, visit with 000…?   

She doesn't spend a lot of time wandering, as there are always Esks to see wherever she ends up. Sometimes she might stumble upon 000 and sit back, and listen to her stories.

Where do they frequent? What is their favorite environment to visit? Have they made an area for themselves there?

Loe doesn't have a favourite place, as she's there for the people, not the places. She doesn't find it necessary to make her own impact on the conservatory, unless it can help her meet new Esks.

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Do we have a deadline for this? I still don't have an esk but want to reply when I get them!
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no deadline! you can reply whenever you ready, and the previous calls for lore are also still open for answers - you can check out the details about them in the archive! <3
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Crystal Call for lore: Featured in Folklore Crystal 
       reply here!
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There is a tale that if you are lost in the dense forest and you are truly kind in heart and soul - fire will guide you home. The townsfolk believe it to be will-o-wisps. Souls of witches. Perhaps. Mini would like to know, is the flame on the tip of her tail, really her soul?

There is another tale, one about the lake in the middle of the forest. Tread its waters if you are innocent - the water here drowns evil. This is were the townsfolk were wrong. No, the water here does not drown anyone. If you are a child or a baby deer, this water will not let you drown. It will push you out and keep you above it. You can run on its surface - the thin layer of ice will hold you up.

But if you are bleak in your heart - the thin layer of ice will form above your head. And the esk that formed that ice will watch you take your last breath.

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Meda, while not exactly overly protective of her boundary, is fearful and distrustful of humans. The ruins within which she lives are commonly believed by those in nearby towns to be haunted, a fact which both scares off some and lures in others. Within the ruins, strange symbols and scattered bones seemingly appearing out of nowhere are common, and freak accidents nearly resulting in death are not uncommon either. Originally more and more people were sent as the rumours were disbelieved, but with every terrified person and freak accident, the fear surrounding the area increased to the point that, much to Meda's delight, it is mostly avoided save for the odd person who is overly curious. She has a vague awareness of the myths and rumours, but truly has no opinion on it as long as she can remain alone with little in the way of human sightings.
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Aku lives in a shelter that a lot of people go to when they want to find a pet (as a shelter is often used for.) Most of the people that walk in are genuine in trying to find a new friend to bring home, but sometimes shady people come in to "adopt" a pet. This is when Aku does their best to turn these people away, usually by making whatever animal they are trying to look at growl or hiss to ward them away from that particular one. Even the sweetest animals suddenly get defense and prickly. The people working at the shelter think the animals somehow know when the person is bad and don't want to leave with them and those people always leave empty handed. Aku is happy that they have helped build the idea that people with bad intentions almost never get what they want, and continue to try and ward off those kinds of people.

Maldwyn's forest has a few theories surrounding the disappearance of people. Usually scientist who go there to study the plant or animal life are fine, and often see extraordinary things that wouldn't normally happen, like seeing rare wildlife or getting exactly what they need in a short amount of time. Sometimes people go in there with bad intentions, and those people often don't make it out; if they do, there's only ever one person and they are too shaken up to ever talk about what happened. Sometimes couples that go for walks in the forest don't make it out either, no matter if they were good or bad; it's not as common as the other things, but it still happens enough to get attention. Locals say that some kind of spirit lives there, protecting the forest from the bad and rewarding those who are good. However, they can't figure out why they will still target couples. Maldwyn has only picked up bits and pieces of the theories around his presence, but he doesn't care much about it; as long as it helps ward of those wanting to do harm, he doesn't care.
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Skookum — the word itself is one of Chinook origin. while synonymous with strength and power, the definition stretches further.




all words encompass the esk of the same name. over the many, many years since the small country town fell still, its name lost to time, local legends have sprouted and spread like weeds. whether a curious explorer who was brave enough to sift through the rubble, or hikers who merely rested in the red brome at a safe distance, all will say the same.

something’s still there.

by day, the existence of the sole groundskeeper many speak of is nigh impossible to prove. many have come and gone and seen nothing, brushing off the fear and paranoia as nothing more than a placebo effect. but by night...

by night is where the aptly named Skookum received its ill-fated title.

lost caravans looking to stop for the night. desperate gold miners hoping to strike rich. vandals and petty thieves. and, more recently, urban explorers and self-proclaimed ‘ghost hunters’. all different folk, with different intentions. all unwelcome.

just beyond the periphery of their lanterns, flashlights, campfires, and cameras, looms a shadow. the first fears are always of bears, but they quickly dissipate into horror of the unknown as the apparent intruder begins to move. the sheer size of it dwarfs even the largest bear — hell, it dwarfs all the houses that sit here rotting.

some will try to shine more light on the being, others brandish hunting rifles and shout and shoot — both attempts, to scare or discover, are futile.

in the darkness, mere feet from them, something snorts and rustles. it sounds like millions of blades of grass whispering against each other. there’s a heavy thump, then another — whatever this is, its footsteps are heavy and loud. it draws nearer, calculated enough to never be seen. those stupid or cocky or suicidal enough to approach, to try close the distance on their own terms, find themselves overwhelmed. by nausea. by melancholy. by dread.

when they sense the size of a monstrously large head inclined beside them, when their light source bounces back red from the tapetum of the shadowy beast, easily doubly large as their own head — only then do they realize the mistake they made in coming here.

this land belongs to something. and they are trespassing.

all turn tail and retreat by this point, if they haven’t already. those who can brave a glance over their shoulder find nothing. no looming, haunting shadow. no large eye. no heavy footsteps. it was like there was nothing there in the first place. but they don’t stop running. even if they can’t see the monstrous figure watching from the nearby clifftops, they can feel the weight of its gaze.

when daybreak comes, the land is still and silent. there are no footprints or similar evidence of a beast so large. but the trespassers do not return. they attempt to spread their story — nearby locals will heed this tale, they’ve heard many like it. the further away from the epicenter, the more people scoff, and the more the trespassers begin to wonder if there was anything there at all. film or photography reveals nothing: just empty space in the darkness. more evidence that they were just jumping at shadows.

few return. and fewer forget their experience. anyone who passes through the nearby towns years later will still hear the same story. nothing has changed.

something’s still there.
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local town legends are always something you'll encounter especially when the town itself is a backwater farming community where everyone knows everyone, the corn maze hadn't always been a scary camp story you told your buddies around a fire it had at one point been home to a kindly farmer who hosted October maze runs but as time went something happened someone was lost in their self and the maze grew eerie those who went in came out feeling watched and judged the maze had been home to many creatures but none so cruel as the esk who had lost its way long ago in that maze. The maze had been abandoned for years after the old farmer who had owned it up and vanished, and with no other family to call upon to save the old maze it was left to rot.
As time went on more and more sightings began to pop up a growl on the wind, a pale face in the dark large shadows running just out of sight, rumors and tall-tales spread like wildfire as years passed the maze became a story parent's told their children to keep them from going in but that didn't stop all who seek the thrill of a fright teens dared their peers drunkards got brave and those who went in came out distressed and scared the demon of the corn maze would watch as these fools left and tried to convey the things they saw only to fall short and try to forget The demon or rather just a creature angry at its misfortune would look back and wonder "where it all went wrong" a cold anger gripping their heart as they stalk back into the shadows awaiting the next fool brave enough to traipse they're corn maze

as life was cruel to stain in turn stain shall be cruel to those they meet
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xiyu loves living up to her rumors. sometimes she brags about the rumors she's started herself! many poets like to travel to the lake where she resides to get drunk and attempt to write poetry. when they awaken from their drunken stupors the next morning, they marvel at the beautiful poetry they were able to produce, despite not remembering a thing. some boast that they were blessed by a mysterious spirit, an elegant dragon, or the visage of guanyin herself.  word has traveled that the lake is blessed with divine inspiration, and though the source is never correct, xiyu adores the flattery.
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3132 - Apono

3132, or Apono, loves to be in his biome, the Liore River. Humans who live around the river are constantly speculating about the creature in the river, one popular theory is that Apono is actually a monster who caused many of deaths associated with the river, and is considered a sign of death if seen while visiting Liore. Many other rumors branch off  from this, maybe there is multiple killers, perhaps this poor soul isn't what we think. These rumors have relayed back to Apono while observing campers in the surrounding forest, who typically tell them as simple campfire stories. Though, on multiple occasions, humans who have caught the sight of him have tried to harm him, yelling about freeing Liore of its "curse".

Apono has learned to live with these stories, knowing how far the rumors have gone, its almost impossible to get the real story out there.
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