Collaborative Worldbuilding: Calls for Lore [new!]

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Collablore by witherlings

We create this world together

The collaborative aspect of TWWM's lore is an important part of the game. The stories and concepts you bring into the community help the species evolve and create new possibilities, the contributions of players are what breathes life into the esk world. This page will be periodically updated with "calls for lore" where we will invite you to share contributions you have made to the esk species and world story. Thank you for helping it grow!

New Growth ButtonCrystal Call for lore: The Conservatory

The Conservatory is an ever-expanding world shared by all esk. It is a surreal environment made of crystalline structures and shifting environments. Most notably, it is the location of the Wellsprings, the Temples of Sound and Silence, and home of 000, grandmother to all esk.

Tell us about your esk's story...

Sky Blue Dot Has your esk ever been to the Conservatory?
Sky Blue Dot How often do they frequent it? Do they keep away? How do they feel about it?
Sky Blue Dot How did they find out about it? Did they always know how to access it, or did they have to learn? Who or what taught them?
Sky Blue Dot Is it difficult for your esk to travel there?
Sky Blue Dot What do they do there? How do they spend their time there? 
Sky Blue Dot Do they meet or reunite with friends, explore the different wings, rest and recharge, wish at the Wellsprings, visit with 000…? 
Sky Blue Dot Where do they frequent? What is their favorite environment to visit? Have they made an area for themselves there?

light blue sparkle reply here to share your lore for The Conservatory! light blue sparkle

Sprout 2 by garden-corvidae If you see something that inspires you, you must contact the author before something similar in your own story.

This is a place to showcase your originality, not a database to select ideas from. Please use this feature honorably and communicate with each other to come up with new ideas.

Sprout 2 by garden-corvidae Please only share ideas revolving around traits or powers that have already been added to your characters.

Refrain from sharing about speculative modifications to your Esk (enchantments, elementals, familiars, etc.). Please only share concepts that you have already added to your character and have been actively developing. Reading and responding to these prompts may inspire you to want to make modifications to your Esk, but please be sure that any concrete modifications mentioned in your response are official.

Sprout 2 by garden-corvidae Your replies do not have to be long or detailed.

Feel free to share as much or as little as you would like; this is a creative exercise and a chance to connect with the stories and lore established by fellow TWWM players!

Sprout 2 by garden-corvidae You can do future Calls for Lore covering other subjects.

You may also respond to any of the past Calls for Lore at any time to receive the treasure. Check out the Call for Lore Archive for previous calls!


The geometric opal inlay shimmers brightly with every stroke of the pen.
You may claim this treasure after sharing your lore!

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Crystal Call for Lore: The ConservatoryCrystal

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