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Modstext by witherlings

This guide will help you design the character mods you can obtain through the Energy Exchange. 
These modifications can only be obtained by earning Growth Points and exchanging them in the Energy Exchange or by winning contests/achievements. You cannot freely add these modifications to your characters.

New Growth Button The information in this page has been moved to the esk species guide!

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The TWWM team is here to help!
If you are unsure if your modifications are appropriate you can discuss with us in the group chat or comment here for advice.

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Question! Can the number of "individuals" in a swarm familiar vary? For example if the esk is feeling particularly confident/trying to appear threatening/etc. the swarm is bigger (as in more animals) and when they are feeling "small"/unwell/whatever it's smaller? I figured that might be the case since the swarm is one entity and also part of the esk, and familiars can fade in and out of a solid form, so a small swarm (with fewer animals than the esk can summon at maximum) would just be "half faded."

I hope that made sense ^^;