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September 2020

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U!Object Abnormal scoring update
• portraying the original form of an object abnormal now receives the fullbody bonus

February  2020

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Wanderer Relationships Hub posted
• Posted on weebly [link]
Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U!Points update
• other esk bonus clarified as not applying to npcs

January 29 2020

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Wanderer Prompts Updated
Wanderer Prompts feature has been restructured to allow multiple Transformation tiers, including Abnormals and re-transformations!
Wanderer Transformation Hub created
• Added Majanthi's prompts
• Updated air plant morph

June 1 2019

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! New Rules added + Points Calculator Update
• Added new rules on commenting in official areas, mini-modding, removing esk from play and multiple account use.
• Calculator now greys out bonuses when selecting sketches / short literature + single line output added

April 4 2019

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! New Morph released
• Rock morph released, information about it can be found on the weebly under morphs.

February 27 2019

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Energy Exchange updated: New familiar options + alter enchantment
• All familiar sections have received a Modify option used to modify color or species. Community familiars have an option to downgrade into a small/large familiar. Option for dismissing a familiar added.
• Alter enchantment option allows for moving of the enchantment or alter its effect

January 20 2019

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! New game feature: Blessings and Curses
•  Journal found here.

January 13 2019

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Points system updated: Roleplaying section added
• RP participants can only score what they wrote. Prologue/chapter summaries/epilogues are the exception.
• Storyteller bonus only applies to the players writing, not the entire RP.
• RP participants must keep a separate log of what they contributed to make it easier for staff to check over score.
• Additional notes can be found on the points system journal.

December 3 2018

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Additional mutations and extra information added about all mutations added to Mutations weebly page

December 1 2018

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! "Other stories..." added to weebly
• Tab is under Worldbuilding > Stories. For GH stories that don't deal with a specific Wanderer

November 27 2018

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Teeny pixel scoring added
• Added under icons in point system guide.
• For works 40x40 or less in size players should consider taking 50% of the fully totaled score. Works that are 20x20 or smaller must take the 50% scoring.

October 24 2018

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Biomes and Boundaries updated
• Both weebly and group pages have been updated to include information on using geographical locations as boundaries.

October 22 2018

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Familiars page updated
• Mutations, deformities, or malformations that would cause an animal to suffer or die are not permitted

October 18 2018

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! EE updated to include expanded mutation options
• Added Modify mutation, swap mutation, remove mutation
Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Wanderer Prompts moved
• Wanderer prompts moved from The Wanderers Journal to Weebly under Stories

October 1 2018

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Points calculator updated
• Conservatory bonus changes applied (+20AP/+5GP)
• Wanderer Prompt bonus +10 AP
• Crafts AP flexibility (15-25AP)

September 23 2018

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Guest Artist Application updated
• Split payment option has been switched to a monetary donation via ko-fi.

September 11 2018

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Transformations updated
• Elemental integration now allowed by adding the GP cost to your TF tier.
Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Wanderer Prompts added
• You can now complete Wanderer Prompts to unlock the ability to use NPCs as the creators in your Transformations.
• Wanderer Prompts earn a +10AP bonus
Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! NPC page created for the Abnormal Wanderers
• Luminaries now have a NPC page:…
Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Greenhouse process modified
• Greenhouse lists will now be posted at unannounced dates and times, similar to the Nursery.
Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Conservatory expansion posted
• Conservatory bonus upped to +20AP and +5GP
• Lore expanded, Luminaries and their temples introduced.
Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Collaborative lore feature added
• Feature posts calls for players to showcase their original ideas for the species and world.
Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Monthly features expanded
• Group will now feature 2 esk characters per month and selections from the Conservatory gallery folder.

September 10 2018

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Energy Exchange updated
• New modify options added - modify enchantment, modify elemental, modify mutation.
Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Weebly updated
• Familiars can now appear with a single nature feature or transformation reward that is reflected from the parent esk.
• Unique traits from the Firestorm event, Quills and Ox-tail, are added to the Unique traits page.
• Transformation rewards removed from Unique traits section and moved to their own page.

September 8 2018

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Weebly updated
• Due to issues some users were having with weebly, all the main menus now contain links to their submenus.
Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Fungi morph update
• Lichen is listed as an acceptable NF for the fungi morph.

September 2 2018

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Points system updated to include esk inspired artwork guidelines
• Artwork that is inspired by esk but does not visually show an esk are subjected to case-by-case scoring by staff. Please send the group a note for scoring.
• Artwork in this style will be eligible for AP. GP will not be rewarded due to an esk not being present in the image, even if the artwork is about a specific esk.
• Only the personal bonus can be applied to these submissions. Elements of the artwork, such as backgrounds, will be factored into the individual scoring.

September 1 2018

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Wellsprings update
• New feature - Wellsprings pool. Grant more wishes through donating GP.
• Wellspring treasures added

July 16 2018

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U!Point system update: photo/photo manipulated backgrounds
• Added under abstract or minimal scoring.

June 24 2018

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U!Point system update: comic scoring for writing
• You may score writing in comics by tallying the word count and adding it to the overall submission. This change applies retroactively to past submissions.

June 22 2018

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U!Point system changes + clarifications
• Word count bonus section relabeled to Writing Bonuses
• New writing bonus: +4 GP for poetry works. Poetry must be at least 100 words minimun (bundles are a-ok). No stacking.
• Storyteller bonus changes: word count reduced to 800 (previously 1000). AP and GP boosted to 8AP and 6GP (previously 5AP and 4GP)
• Added 20 esk cap on to the "other esk" bonus

June 21 2018

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Added additional abnormal (second transformation) prompts
• Changed the prompt "The Invitation" to "The Other"
• "The Invitation" prompt is re-added with different parameters
• Added the prompts "Abnormal Transformation" and "Their purpose"

June 6 2018

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Interaction score is now a flat +10AP
There is no longer a difference between personal and other esk interactions.

March 19 2018

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! TWWM v2
Major updates from v1 are complete.

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Greenhouse Relaunched
Details here: Greenhouse

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Group Rules updated
• Wording improved for greater clarity.
• MYO resale/trade rules have been updated to allow MYOs and MYO slots to be resold at the original price.
• Some rules on personal use of adoptables outside of the TWWM game and design changes have been adjusted to allow more flexibility for personal use.
• Refunds and buybacks will now be considered on a case-by-case basis (previously not allowed).
• "Gift for gift" and 3-way trade info clarified, these types of exchanges are not permitted for free MYOs. 

March 6 2018

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Points Calculator Launched
Details here: Points Calculator [New Release!]

February 22 2018

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Achievements have been updated and Treasures have been added
There is now a designated area for achievement badges and a new treasure-collecting game feature.
Read more here: Treasures and Achievements

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Energy Exchange values have been adjusted
Revised values are here: Energy Exchange
Archived values are here: Energy Exchange Archive
Changes take effect March 1st 2018

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Origin Prompts now allow for collaborations and commissions, plus some unique requirements have been provided
Collaborations and commissions will now be accepted for Origin Prompts, but bonus AP will continue to only go to the owner of the esk who is having their origin story told. There are also some prompts with new requirements such as allowing poetry or non-scenic artwork.
Read more here: Prompts 

February 20 2018

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! New Transformation Rewards added
This includes special rewards that are only available to players who gift their TFs to others
Read more here: Transformations [new reward options]

February 16 2018

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! YCH scoring now includes the interaction bonus
YCH scoring for artists: If you reuse an existing background it only gets scored for background points the first time you use it. Esk interaction bonuses will apply to any YCHs with multiple characters in them. Reuse of YCH bases should show an effort to make each submission unique and go beyond coloring in line art.
YCH scoring for buyers You will score for the slots you pay for and not for the overall artwork, so your score may differ from what the artist is claiming. If you buy a slot in a single-character artwork it will be scored like a normal commission. Purchased slots from group YCHs will only earn you the bonuses that apply to the characters you have purchased for, not the bonuses for characters you did not purchase slots for. If you purchase a slot for an esk you own you will claim the personal esk interaction bonus for having your character interacting with others; if you purchase slots for esk that you do not own you will claim the other esk and other esk interaction bonuses for each of them. Buyers get to claim background scoring even if the artist has reused the background from an earlier work. Buying multiple slots in a single group YCH counts as one single commission, you will not score each slot separately with separate background or full body AP.

February 15 2018

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Cooldown period also applies to ad listings
You can no longer advertise ownership transfers before the cooldown period has completed. This has become too difficult to monitor and is not in line with the intent of the transfer rules, thank you for respecting this guideline. After the transfer wait periods are up you can advertise your esk for transfer.

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Collaborative writing and RP guidelines have been updated
Collaborators are encouraged to self-evaluate their efforts and score accordingly — sometimes this may mean taking the full submission score, sometimes it means taking a reduced score, we trust players to make fair assessments. Please remember to score "from your perspective," for example: if you collaborate on a piece with multiple esk, only the collaborators who do not own those esk will claim the other esk bonus. Please keep scoring breakdowns visible for these entries, it will help keep things clear and organized. Writers in collaboration or RP have the option of scoring the full submission word count or just scoring their own word count alone. We are relying on collaborators to work together as a team to ensure fair work division and scoring, but the TWWM team is here to help if you need scoring assistance.

February 8 2018

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Story MYOs have been launched
These are special MYOs that come with some pre-established history and traits, more information is at the Story MYOs page.

February 4 2018

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Esk folder will now be organized by biome
The reorganization of the esk folder is in progress.

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Points system has been revised
Please review the new Points System
AP and GP are now more closely related, batch submissions now have a 12 submission maximum. you may keep writing off-site and submit a summary to the group and still collect full points, initial masterlist or MYO design artwork now earns normal scoring, NPC bonus has been added, and the interaction bonuses now apply to writing!
Old system is here for your reference: Points System v1

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! You can now swap Transformations for existing esk characters
This includes premades, customs, and existing MYOs. You are still not allowed to attach non-TWWM adoptables or other assets/money to Transformation swaps.

January 21 2018

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! The Wellsprings is launched
Players can now make a wish for game-related rewards at The Wellsprings.

Earlier updates can be found in the Changelog Archive

Thank you for your patience during our development — we hope these additions and revisions will make the group more enjoyable for you all
— TWWM team

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scaramouche2802's avatar
Quick q: if you submit multiple esks in one images (like this one I just did: Lots of Esks), do you get AP for each esk depicted or for the submission as a whole? (ie. is it worth 45AP or whatever 45 x 7 is lol) 
witherlings's avatar
You can post artwork in "batches" and count each one individually as long as they are clearly distinct pieces, so yes you could claim AP for each small artwork within the submission and receive raffle tickets for each one.
scaramouche2802's avatar
Awesome, thank you!
hitodama89's avatar
Hey, a small guestion! If I take part in the opening event and (by some miracle, hahah) would win but decide against keeping the prize Esk, does it still count as my first Esk and take away my ability to adopt a Starter Esk?
witherlings's avatar
if you win the raffle and give the prize away I will not count it as an ownership (sort of like playing the raffle on someone else's behalf). Flexible on this, I don't want the event to be limiting to anyone~
hitodama89's avatar
Thank you for the info! = )
mewhaku's avatar
Hi there! Could I update my MYO Esk's nature feature?
097-M by Esk-Masterlist
Not sure how to do that, I just wanted to say "Ginkgo (leaves)"
witherlings's avatar
sure thing! can you leave it as a comment on the masterlist entry? just don't want to lose track of it
mewhaku's avatar
kuroya-ken's avatar
Hello there, I've got a few question if I may? :'D

I've recently purchased my first Esk and would like some changes made (boundary, some small edits to the adoptable), and was wondering how I should go about it? Do I note witherlings, or note the group, or note Esk-Masterlist, or do I simply comment on Master List Ownership transfer Rules (updated)? I'm so sorry if this is a rather newbie question >< I'm not familiar yet with CS-based ARPGs, as I hail from breeding-based ARPG backgrounds (it works a little differently there) ;w;

And another question regarding Character Modifications: once you've earned and purchased a modification, how do you go about changing the look of your Esk on the Masterlist picture? Do you draw your own reference and have it replace the original picture? Or  does the maker of the original adopt do this upon special request? Or perhaps have the original picture now include your newer modified version as well? (sort of like a stage 1, stage 2 evolution thing so the picture now showcases the various changes)?

Also one last question regarding the new Aura/Growth point system: It says "1GP per panel for sequential art/comics." Does this mean this bonus is not added on top of other bonuses such as sketch/flat/shaded, so you only get 1GP per panel, regardless of it being fully rendered?

So sorry for the slew of questions ;w; and thank you in advance for taking the time to read them!
witherlings's avatar
Please leave a comment on your Esk's masterlist entry if you wish to change their boundary.
For minor edits after purchase I do not require notification (to me or the masterlist).

For mods---
The masterlist image does not change, it will reflect how the Esk was at the point of purchase or creation. But you should use the comment threads in your Esk's masterlist entry in order to log changes — report your character modifications in the "rewards" thread and link to your character tracker in the "tracker" thread. Your tracker should have the most up to date reference on it, and yes it can also include older forms.

When modifying your character you are welcome to either draw a new reference or edit my original artwork. I do not have time to do mods for people.

yes that's a typo in the points list, it should be +1 in addition to sketch/color/etc scoring. thanks!
kuroya-ken's avatar
Ahh thank you for answering my questions!!^^

So to confirm, to change the boundary, I should just leave a normal comment on my esk's image itself, not under 'rewards thread'?
And only modifications purchased by GP will go under 'rewards' thread, correct?
witherlings's avatar
yea you can just do a normal comment for a boundary request, we will see it.
And yes that's right for the rewards
yue-gui's avatar
Ahhh I'm really happy to see the new updates!  Everything is super exciting > A <  I notice that under the new system, though, some of the event entries would receive more GP from the traditional GP system than they would from the event (3 for shaded art + 1 for fullbody + 2-3 for background) - would the art recipients be able to receive the higher point value in that case? <3  I understand if not though LOL - I do already think it's super generous of you to give so much GP for everything else and I understand that it might complicate things. o7

Also, I wanted to double check for event entries, since I think the opening event gives 30 AP per entry.  I think using the AP system for events in general, it'd be 10 AP for submitting any art + 20 for entering an event + 5 for doing personal art rather than commissions, which totals to 35.  Is the 30 AP value just a special thing for this event?  Again, it's no big deal if it is, but I wanted to know just so that everything was clarified!

Thank you so much!  You've been doing SO much work and it's so exciting to see how hard you're working even in this first week Q_Q
witherlings's avatar
I had to revise the wording on the DTE event info because it was confusing, so I hope it is better now!

You get a 5GP bonus in this event in addition to the regular art score.
So if your event entry is as you said shaded/fullbody/background at lets say 7GP, the event entry would be 7GP + 5GP bonus = 12GP !

And for the AP —
10AP default score for submitting to the group + 20AP event bonus = 30AP
+5AP non-commissioned bonus
+10AP for drawing someone else's Esk
= 45AP yay!

I am going to try to go around and make sure everyone gets their full points... once the group gets into a flow it will be a bit easier to know whats what. hope this helped!
yue-gui's avatar
Ahhhh wow - thank you so much!  I didn't notice the drawing someone else's esk bonus afsjk;asd;jkl  You're working super hard and I really appreciate it!
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