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Esk are forever tied to the place where they were transformed. They are like ghosts who haunt the place where they lost their past lives, it is a part of their being. The place where they were transformed is their Boundary and the energy within this home environment is the source of their power. Boundaries lie within Biomes, which are the greater categories of environments like Forest or Fresh Waters. 

New Growth ButtonSprout 2 Please read the boundaries and biomes lore!


Long Sprout Boundaries

Boundaries are localities within an environment, and can be anything as long as it could exist on Earth. They can be as large like a stretch of woodlands or an expanse of desert, or they can be as small as a single tree or flower pot. An Esk's Boundary is determined by the location where they were originally Transformed into an Esk, they are tied to this location and are unable to leave without losing some of their power. Some Esk are protective of their Boundary and act as guardians, others may be bitter and feel that their Boundary is like a prison — all have their own personality and feelings about their home.

Examples of Boundaries
An Esk transformed in the middle of a forest may lose strength outside of the forest's edge.
An Esk transformed in someone's home may be tied to a backyard vegetable garden.
An Esk transformed at a lake's surface may be pulled down to the deepest areas of the lake.

Boundaries can change over time, such as a forest Boundary being cut down or an ancient city Boundary crumbling to rubble. However, Esk are still tied to the physical location of their Transformation; if a terrarium Boundary is moved, then the Esk is still bound to where the terrarium was placed during its Transformation, and the Boundary does not move with the terrarium. Their masterlist ID records the state of their Boundary at the time of Transformation.

Boundaries can exist within each other and overlap. Transformations can create Esk that have Boundaries that are overlapping, adjacent to, or within the creator-Esk's Boundary, and always share the creator-Esk's Biome.

Esk become weaker as they leave their Boundary. 
Within their Boundary they keep all of their powers: telekinesis, ESP, summoning accessories and familiars, enchantments and elemental powers, and performing Transformations.

Long Sprout Choosing an appropriate boundary

The places you can choose as your esks boundary are almost limitless.
You are even allowed to choose specific geographic locations, like "Vietnamese Bay" or "French Vineyard". 
Keep in mind however, that if you choose a geographic location for your esk, they are bound to that specific location on Earth permanently unless they undergo an Abnormal Transformation. This means that there will be less flexibility if you decide to make edits to their story or give the esk to another player.
However, there are a few geographical locations, that we ask players to avoid using as their boundaries, because they might be a sensitive topic to other players. This includes all places that:
- are attached to historical tragedies or disasters
- have political undertones 
- or are explicitly associated with abuse or inflicting harm to one self or others.
Please be mindful of this when choosing your esks boundary. Taking a more general or vague approach to naming boundaries that are close to such locations can help avoid misunderstandings.

Long Sprout Biomes

Biomes are the larger categories of habitat that Boundaries fall under. Esk are free to roam anywhere within the Biome that matches their Boundary, even if it is not geographically nearby — being part spirit, they are able to manifest themselves in various locations. When roaming their Biome, away from their Boundary, their powers are limited. They are unable to perform Transformations. They can still use telekinesis and ESP, as well as summon accessories and familiars. Elemental powers and enchantments are still active, but their power and appearance gradually decline as they move further away from their boundary.  Any enchanted accessories or familiars will appear normal.

Sprout 2 List of Biomes:

Sprout 2 You are required to assign your Esk a Biome when you create their tracker

You cannot use your Esk in the ARPG until your Esk has a Biome. 
Each Esk can only have one Biome and you are unable to change the Esk's Biome after making your selection.
Certain activities and Quests will be different based on your character's Biome, and other artists need to know your character's Biome in order to illustrate them properly, so you must place a Biome badge in your Character Tracker in order to participate in the game.

Long Sprout Leaving their Biome

Esk are able to manifest outside of their Biome but they will appear in a weakened state. 
They will have weakened abilities other than Telekinesis/Telepathy, extrasensory perception (ESP), and appear without any of their nature features, accessories, or familiars — Esk outside of their Biome are completely barren, except for any crystals they have earned by performing Transformations. They can take their crystals anywhere. 
Esk outside of their Biome will also feel depleted of energy and may appear somewhat transparent or depressed. Traveling outside of their Biome allows them to interact with Esk outside of their environment, but most Esk are uncomfortable in this state and prefer to stay closer to home.
The true edge of a Boundary or Biome can be hard to define and generally includes a transition area between different environments. You can decide how these gray areas affect your character. Nature features could shrivel and decay before vanishing, or be slowly pulled back into the body as an Esk transitions from one Biome to another.

Enchantments and elemental powers increase and decrease based on their resonance with the environment they are in. If they are near the center of their boundary they are at full power, if they are in a biome that feels energetically similar to their home they will feel moderate power, and if they are in a location that is not harmonious with their boundary/biome then they will feel weakened power (or perhaps none at all). This part of the lore is open for player interpretation; how your esk's magic changes in different locations in both appearance and effect are up to you, but overall the esk should show the largest/strongest manifestation of their power close to the boundary and the smallest/weakest manifestation when outside the biome (unless they are Abnormal).

Example: Healing Aura
Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! within boundary: glowing pink swirling aura around the esk with a little halo, fully heals surrounding beings
Orange Bullet within biome outside boundary: aura shrinks only around the halo, can only partially heal things.
Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! outside biome: only the halo remains, unable to heal

Example: Rain Elemental
Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! within boundary: carries a storm cloud in its form and brings heavy rain
Orange Bullet within biome outside boundary: storm cloud shrinks small and can only bring light rain
Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! outside biome: only a few rain drops remain in manifestation, can only bring a tiny drizzle of rain

Long Sprout Abnormals

Abnormals are very powerful and are able to roam anywhere while retaining their full power and appearance. They are able to perform Transformations in any environment (any Boundary, any Biome).

Long Sprout Conservatory

All Esk are able to visit the Conservatory without losing any power or having depleted energy. The Conservatory is a special location in the spirit world where Esk from different Biomes are free to mingle without compromising their form.
You can read more about the Conservatory here.

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M3ron's avatar

This is more of a question about boundaries, but if an esk has a house as a boundry, does the garden/driveway/backyard also count or is it just the inside of the house? And if they house becomes destroyed and things are built over it, is that allowed? <3

Also, how do boundary changes work?

KaijuRomance's avatar

The boundary of an esk is more like a radius in a sense!

They are anchored to that spot in earth where they have been transformed and not to that particular object. If they have a house boundary it could include the garden and backyard for example.

As the esk isn't tied to the house, but that place on earth, even if the house would be destroyed, their boundary would not change. They were transformed on that place on earth where that house once stood.

Boundaries can be changed by having your esk become an abnormal!

Abnormals can free themselves from these anchor points and change where their new anchor point should be c:

M3ron's avatar

Another question, can (for example) an esk live in an mountain biome that a town, or would that be developed? :0 Similarly, would snowy hills/mountains be polar or mountain?

KaijuRomance's avatar

If the esk lives specifically in the town that would count as developed. Snowy mountains could either be polar or mountain. If polar, the mountain needs to be located in the Arctic or Antarctic circles!

M3ron's avatar

Oh, thank you! <3

Katsu-tea's avatar
so i put a boundary on my esk here 2691,
but i believe that i may have put the starting one instead of an actual boundary (eg. pond), so may i be able to change it or is it fine if it stays the way it is? thank you!
placek-the-almighty's avatar
what a cave be considered a mountain biome?
Caliki's avatar
Well you can just call it "mountain cave" if you're asking for boundaries!

Or if you asked in general if a cave can be considered mountain biome, then yes! But it also depends on the cave!
If it's an underwater cave then it can be considered marine biome instead. c:
Emayax's avatar
How do I know which biomes are adjacent to each other? Is there a special list? Or is it in the order listed above? And if it’s the order listed above, are the adjacent biomes next and as well as above/below?

or is it based on where your Esk lives?
nybird's avatar
Hi Emayax!
The order of the biomes is not set. They can often overlap and do not generally have well defined edges, so it comes down to where your esk's boundary is and the biome that feels the most fitting. For example, an esk with a "hidden forest temple" as their boundary could be classified as either a "forest" biome or "developed" biome esk. The biome only effects the nature features/familiars that are availble to your esk, as well as meaning that any new esk that you create via TFs using this one as the creator will need to have the same biome.
I hope this is helpful! I understand that biomes and boundaries can be a bit confusing at times, so please let me know if you have any more questions, I am happy to help. :>
Emayax's avatar
Thank you for responding so quickly (unlike me XP)

That helps so much, thank you nybird!
FlutterpieandOcs's avatar
hello am kinda new still  and don't know where to go first i read a lot of things on this page and i don't know where to start ( slow learner) sorry if its not well a good answer ^^: but i know what biome i want but as i say before slow learner so i dont know what to do uh alittle help oh! i read everying i think
vlpn's avatar
Hi FlutterpieandOcs!

Welcome to TWWM :)

A great first step for reading and getting familiar with the group is the Newcomers guide:…

The Newcomers guide works you through the background information and the world surrounding esks. It also shows you how to get started with participating in the group.

Another great area is the information hub:…

This is a quick link guide to other important information about submitting art, designing characters and rules. It’s a lot of info, take your time and don’t feel pressured to go through it fast. It took me a little while to remember and get used to everything. If you have a discord, feel free to join the TWWM server:

A lot of the admins, including myself (vlpn#1553), are active there and can help, or note us if something is confusing. We’re more than happy to help :D
FlutterpieandOcs's avatar
ok thank u very much ^^
ratjay's avatar
Hello! I was wondering about size of boundaries when it comes to transformations. Like if esk A had a boundary that was just one building in an abandoned area, would the esk transformed by them be unable to have a boundary that was larger, but adjacent or surrounding the first esk's boundary?
nybird's avatar
Boundaries are very much open to interpretation. Esk A could have a boundary of a single abandoned building, they create esk B, who has a boundary that encompasses the entire "abandoned city", including esk A's building. They are very fluid and can overlap a lot. The only thing that is that esk A and esk B are both required to have the same biome (unless esk A is an abnormal :p ).
Hopefully this didn't confuse you, haha, let me know if you need me to clarify more, or if you have any other questions!
ratjay's avatar
No that answered my question perfectly! Thank you so much!
Ponkochi's avatar
I have a pansy esk that's boundary is flowerbed, could i pick between forest, plains, or developed? :0
or is the term "flowerbed" more specific?
toyful's avatar
First off, you're allowed to change the boundary once, up to one month after ownership transfer if you feel like flowerbed isnt working with the boundary/biome u have in mind!

Second you can pretty much have the biome be anywhere as long as it makes sense with the biome/nature feature, so yeah, I think any of the biomes would work :>
Ponkochi's avatar
ohh is there anything i need to do specifically to change the boundary? because i think i'd defs want them to have a forest biome (or where ever wild pansies grow, once i figure that out xD )
toyful's avatar
u can comment when u do the biome sign up or on the masterlist entry!
Ponkochi's avatar
okay great! thanks for all the info :>
Myrtales's avatar
I have a small question regarding a drawing I am planning at the moment. I want to add two Esk who have the same boundary (box canyon) but different Biomes (Arid and Mountain), would that mean one of the Esk would not have it's nature features cause they would be outside of their biome? 
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