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Nurserytext by witherlings

The Nursery is your source for free esk MYOs. Players that have never owned an esk before and have reached the Seed level by earning 100AP or more have access to this feature and are able to claim a single starter MYO to use in the game.

There is no set schedule for Nursery updates. Each update will be at a different time of day to accommodate different schedules and time zones. You can expect to see 3-4 Nursery updates per month.

 Rules for claiming Starter MYOs from the Nursery

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Only one MYO claim per comment. You do not get to claim multiple Starters at once or ask for second choices. Comments with multiple Starter claims will be skipped over. If your first choice gets claimed ahead of you then you must make a new top level comment to claim your second choice.
Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! You cannot swap claims. Starter claims that have not yet been designed and approved cannot be transferred to other players or traded back to the Nursery in exchange for a new one, so choose carefully!
Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! You can only claim Starter MYOs for yourself. You are not allowed to place claims for other players.
Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Once your claim is confirmed you have one month to design the MYO. If you fail to meet the deadline your claim will expire. Please touch base with us if you believe you will be unable to meet the deadline, we are here to help! 
Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! This feature is for players that need to obtain their first esk. If you have a pending MYO from the Wellsprings or are currently receiving a Transformation from another player please leave these Starters available for players who have not been lucky enough to receive MYOs from other sources — thank you.

Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! You cannot sell your Starter MYO You can only trade for other esk characters or Transformation MYO slots, or give them away.
Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! Two Weeks must pass between ownership transfers
Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U! 3-way trades involving non-esk characters, bartering, or money are not permitted.

 You cannot change the MYO's ID information

Origin, Nature, Size, and Boundary are all permanent. Starters will allow you to select a Biome; Story MYOs have predetermined Biomes that cannot be changed.

 Your Masterlist image and/or the design concepts you post here now receive points!

Use the Points System to score them just like any other artwork.

You are welcome to reply to us here or send us group notes with mock-ups, WIPs, and questions about the design process. 

Starters: second chance

These MYOs are available to first-time-owners that have reached the Seed level or higher.
Starters only have common traits, common markings, and a single nature feature.

You are required to read the Starter MYO Design Guide before creating your Starter MYO!

 Available Starters:

This journal is outdated, please go HERE for the current Nursery List!

Comment below to claim your MYO from the Nursery

Please include the following information:
Dot Bullet (Lime Green) - F2U!  Link to your player profile
  The letter for the MYO you would like to claim 

A staff member will reply to confirm your claim, then you will be ready to start designing your new esk. Make sure you reply to the comment thread when you have finished your design so staff can approve it and add it to the Esk-Masterlist. If another artist works with you on the design please let us know so we can give them credit in the masterlist entry.
MYOs are in high demand 
— please claim only if you are ready to start with them in the game!

You cannot begin the game with your new MYO until it has been approved and added to the Masterlist.
MYOs are reviewed based on the species guide as well as on whether they are compatible with the TWWM world. Designs that  overly resemble normal-looking animal species or other original species, or designs that do not seem genre-appropriate, may require alterations. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis, and we are happy to work closely with designers to come up with an idea that both parties are pleased with. Please send the team a group note if you have questions.

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Im confused. Do I have to have done something besides starting out to get one? I'm interested in H, but IDK how to get them.

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This is the Archived Nursery, please go here to comment on the current one! Nursery - In the Garden!
The Nursery is your source for free esk MYOs. Players that have never owned an esk before and have reached the Seed level by earning 100AP or more have access to this feature and are able to claim a single starter MYO to use in the game.
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This is the Archived Nursery, please go here to comment on the current one! Nursery - Winter Wonderland!
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Super small thing I just noticed, but it looks like the link to the Nursery under the "Obtain your first esk" header in the Newcomer's Guide directs here, rather than to the current Nursery :'^D thought I'd let you guys know so there's no mixups! Thank you for everything you do <3
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fixed, thank you so much for catching that!! c:
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Any time!! Thank you so much for all you do!
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This is the archived nursery. Please go here if you'd like to claim a starter, and be sure to include a link to your player profile in the comment: Nursery - Into the Forest!
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This journal is Archived due it almost reaching the comment limit where journals break. If you are currently doing a review here, please continue to reply in your review thread as normal. But there will no longer be new lists or claims on this journal. If you have any questions about the Nursery, please comment on the new journal or send the group a note. Thank you!

The New Nursery Journal is Here: Nursery - Into the Forest!

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Got a question! Is the only way to obtain your first esk by getting it from the nursery or trading/raffles? Is there any way to have your first esk be a ´customize everything' kinda thing? I kinda already planned out the design/backstory/boundary/biome/ etc... I don know why :| 
norree's avatar
The only way for your first esk to be customisable in that way is to get them by wishing for them at the Wellsprings, which is a wishing raffle where we roll for winners at the end of every month. So it's definitely not guaranteed, as it could be months for your wish to be granted, if it is granted at all. So it's an option but you could be waiting a long time for that!

What most people do when they already have an entire esk planned out is they wait to use that idea for their first Transformation slot. It takes a fair amount of art/writing to get to that slot though, so personally I recommend making a nursery esk in the meantime, since you'll have to hit 100 AP on the way to a transformation slot anyway. You can also play the game without an esk by doing gift art if you don't want any esk characters before you reach your first Transformation slot, but most players start with a Nursery esk.
There are new Nursery ID lists several times a month, so I recommend you wait to claim one until you see one that catches your eye!
KoshoInfinity's avatar
thank you so much for the information! I have two quick questions also (I only joined two days ago, so I have no idea what I'm doing... .-.)
1- Is it against the rules to draw an esk that as far as you know, doesn't exist? Just a generic, random design?
2- Is it against the rules to have your nature feature covering the esk's eyes, is it a trait you have to buy, or is it free and allowed?
Thank you for wasting your time on little old me ^-^
norree's avatar
I recommend reading this Newcomer's Guide if you haven't seen it yet: Newcomers Guide

Creating esk characters outside of the game is not permitted. Which is to say, if you do make a random esk design, you just can't post it online–but technically speaking we can't stop you from inventing one that you don't post online. But since this is a closed species, all esk characters are supposed to be official esk earned through the game or by purchase.

Having a nature feature cover the eyes is totally fine! It's not a special trait. Here's a recent example of it: 2022

Our website explains in detail the different kinds of anatomy and traits esk can have:
And under the 'Form' tab of the website's menu, you can find pages on all the uncommon traits, rare traits, unique traits, morphs, nature features, and all of that good stuff!
KoshoInfinity's avatar
Thank you again! You are a kind soul ;U;
Have a beautiful day!
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Thank you, you too! Welcome to the group! Smiley soleil - Sun 
norree's avatar
Hi! I'm not sure if there's a technical glitch with your player profile, but I could not find any list of your esk artwork or points breakdowns for any TWWM artwork in your gallery. Please make sure that all of your esk art/writing is linked clearly in your player profile with scores and points breakdown listed with them. I'll leave a comment on one of your pieces so you can see how we expect the formatting to be for scoring!
Even though I can't find any scores for your art, you do have at least 100 AP, so I will still approve this claim.

Origin: traveler
Nature: truthful
Boundary: islet
Size: compact
Collection: MYO
Nature Feature: woundwort (Anthyllis vulneraria)
8303555221 A8930df919 Z by Star-Squiddle  799px-Fabaceae - Anthyllis vulneraria-3 by Star-Squiddle
Color Palette: 
1 by Star-Squiddle
Optional Morphs: ocean 
Suggested Biomes: marine

When you submit your design for review, please submit it from a stash file, rather than uploading it to your gallery. Thanks!
Here is our Starter MYO Guide.
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This is a really nice design! There are just two small issues: the drawing of the body needs to include an eye, since esk are required to have two eyes unless they have an absence mutation (which is an abnormal trait). Also, the dark purple running along the body needs to have a softer edge/gradient so that it does not look like a stripe marking. So essentially the purple just needs to fade more softly into the other colors (so that it does not have a clear edge).
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Lookin good! : ) Is this your final masterlist artwork?
HorseCrazyDrawer's avatar
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Great, I'll add them to the masterlist queue!
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