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This page will be kept up to date with information about upcoming adoptables sales from witherlings and guest artists. I will update this page at the start of every month with some news about the month's upcoming sales and then keep it updated throughout the month with any important changes or messages. 
Please refrain from commenting here to ask me when the next sale is, what the next collection is, how much it will cost, etc. If I haven't posted that information yet that means I haven't gotten it set up yet, so I would appreciate your patience in between sales while I get everything set up. Please do not ask me about customs or MYO slots — I am only selling premades at this time.

 Are you interested in becoming a guest artist?

Click here to view the guest artist information and signup form.
New Growth Button by dualscepters Guest artist applications are currently closed! Please stay tuned for an announcement when applications are open again.


Guest Artist Sales

December 3-9th

December 10-16th

December 17-23rd

Staff Sales

December 24-29th

Wither sales

stay tuned!

Thanks for participating in adoptable sales! Your support helps keep the game running,

NOVEMBER Free Raffle

Come back here at the end of the month!

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I'm new to this group! I'm kinda confused on how it works I read the new comer thing I'm still kinda confused