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This page will be kept up to date with information about upcoming adoptables sales from Nobody and guest artists. I will update this page at the start of every month with some news about the month's upcoming sales and then keep it updated throughout the month with any important changes or messages. 
Please refrain from commenting here to ask me when the next sale is, what the next collection is, how much it will cost, etc. If I haven't posted that information yet that means I haven't gotten it set up yet, so I would appreciate your patience in between sales while I get everything set up. Please do not ask me about customs or MYO slots — I am only selling premades at this time.

 Are you interested in becoming a guest artist?

Click here to view the guest artist information and signup form.
Guest artist applications are currently closed! Please stay tuned for an announcement when applications are open again.


Guest Artist Sales

December 3-9th

December 10-16th

December 17-23rd

Staff Sales

December 24-29th

Wither sales

stay tuned!

Thanks for participating in adoptable sales! Your support helps keep the game running,

NOVEMBER Free Raffle

Come back here at the end of the month!

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ToastedBeansss's avatar

Where do I get one here? Are there no adoptables anymore? I'm completely new to this species but I really want to get one, but I don't see where I could possibly get one?

Amelyanna's avatar

I am a bit confused?

On the groups front page I can see dates for adoptables for april, but here it says december and a whole bunch of TBA?

KaijuRomance's avatar


The info on the frontpage is correct. This journal currently isn't updated anymore due to complications with dA switching over to eclipse, some journals can't be edited correctly anymore.

Hope that helps to clear it up c:

Bury-alive's avatar

can we still subscribe somewhere to make esk for sale? (so the question is, is the other journal not updated for the same reason?)

KaijuRomance's avatar


Guest artist applications are currently closed. Once they'll open we will make an announcement c:

Bury-alive's avatar

is it normal that i can't see the august sales

callmeFlo's avatar
hello! sorry for the confusion - there was just a little mix-up with the dates~ there's a 24hour preview window, and then the sale will open at 1pm EST tomorrow (19th may). so check back then and the comments will be open for you to claim! <3
n-the-giraffe's avatar
If I'm understanding correctly, would I be able to get three? Or if they're taken, two? Or should I note you?
KaijuRomance's avatar
The above guest artist sale is already over.

Each guest sale has different rules, which are listed on the submission itself.

So in the future, you have to view the submission and read through the rules on how to enter and the options you have to claim an esk.

Let me know if you have any further questions!
n-the-giraffe's avatar
Oh okay! I apologize. I was just confused by the first-come, first-serve part ^^;
MountWhitney's avatar
where can I join the raffle
nybird's avatar
The rules and a link to the entry form are located in the description of the submission, here: Nursery Free Raffle :>
GoFigureComics's avatar
I wanna enter that! :D
Knask's avatar
Oh my god I can't wait for Chittr! :heart:
Cosmic-Flares's avatar
I appreciate how easy and clear this Raffle was. You mods are pretty darn great❤️
Red-Draws's avatar
I just saw how the guest artist info was updated; neat! It feels like it flows much more smoothly now <3
Penpause47's avatar
I thought this was the greenhouse info and almost had a heart attack lol
1ore's avatar
The best rocks in town...
LadyTeaTime's avatar
Good luck to everyone who joined the December Raffle!! :heart:
galacticpink's avatar
Ohhh those are nice designs! Good luck everyone! :heart:
poppylemon's avatar
JWatkinsArt's avatar
Just curious, does "C" have nostrils? 
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