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Thanks for participating in our second Biome event!

Fresh Waters Event Archive Page

This page has all of the information you need for obtaining treasures and badges from this event. It also serves as a reference for the event's bonuses (no longer active) and prize winners.

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Gem Sapphire Feedback is welcome!

Feel free to reply here with any ideas for future events or comments on what you enjoyed or feel could be improved. The Waterways quest was a bit of an experiment to see how a more flexible quest format could work and some things worked better than others.

Here are some of my own wrap-up notes:

Blue Gem Introduction element was confusing. The idea that you weren't required to make an introduction for each pathway seemed awkward for some, and there was confusion about whether introductions received their own raffle tickets or if they could be entered into multiple raffles. The original idea was that an introduction unlocks all the pathways (since it has no specific stone in it) and therefore can be connected to every story, which is why it could be used in any raffle. It may have been less confusing to have the introduction not earn any raffle tickets or be allowed to be submitted multiple times, but I wanted to make sure everyone felt rewarded for their efforts and had as much freedom as possible with their storytelling so it was a bit of an experiment. I am sure there is a more elegant solution for future quests.

Blue Gem Lack of a shared, community-wide story. This has been another quest that takes esk out on their own individual journeys (even if with a party) instead of a world-driven quest that all esk participate in. The premise of Waterways works on an individual level, but if treated as part of a continuous world canon it suggests, in a way, that 100 different frost stones and onerous stones showed up all over the world somehow and created isolated stories for individuals or small groups instead of bringing the whole community together in collaboration. This is also something I would like to keep in mind for future quests, I would love to see a "bigger picture" storyline come into play next time around.

Blue Gem Form alterations will be kept in rotation. The aquatic morph shift and the whiskers trait will be available again in the future. I would like to have these options rotate back into availability at a later date so anyone who missed out during the event gets a second chance at purchasing them. 

Blue Gem Treasures can be revealed/announced ahead of time in the next quest, if preferred. The Treasures feature was not fully completed when the Fresh Waters Event was launched so it was not possible this time around, but if people would prefer to see the treasures up front it can be done next time.

Thank you!

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Gem Sapphire 
Did you participate in the Fresh Waters Biome event?
Even if you only submitted one entry or only completed a biome bonus submission, you can receive this badge and place it in your profile and/or trackers! Thanks for contributing~

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