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sun pixel || F2U by dood-L
summer solstice
all around the world the days are getting longer as we head toward the summer solstice. many cultures have different beliefs regarding the solstice; how does your esk feel about it? is it just another day, or is it something magical? do they do anything to celebrate, or have any memories regarding the solstice? or do they hide away from the extended daylight, waiting for night to fall once more?

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Hi, I'm a member and I'd like to advertise that I'm doing esk commissions. Which folder do I put that in?
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hi! on art/journals relating to this group, theres the group icon. How do i add it to these?
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Can I join please? Someone said I should join and this looks promising!
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I'm a little curious what are the rules about adding gemstones like amethyst or quartz to an esk?
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