Feature: The Night Sky

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The Night Sky

“In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present."

~Francis Bacon

Black Water by Trashins   Lights and Ice by SindreAHN   Northern lights - Shower by TonyLeBastard Lone Night by paulmp

Iridium by Questavia  

Blood Moon Rising by Questavia     The Colour of Iceland by Michaelthien   Connect to the stars by porbital

Parallelaurora by erezmarom   Celestial Flower by erezmarom   Eastern Oregon Barn and Milky Way 8-11-13 by adamsimsphotography   Aurora Square by torivarn
Bryce Canyon, Milky Way by alierturk Spacey Night Sky by QAuZ   Tomorrowland by KrisVlad  
Finally II by MarshallLipp


You can view more photographs like the ones above in our group galleries, "Aurorae"  and "The Night Sky: Stars, Moon, and Nebulae."
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