I'm not Dead O__O

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Really people i am NOT dead XD

Juuuust not being doing art ina  while and still dont think i can offer commissions here since you guys have tons of better people around >_>

buuut style is evolving, finishing FUllSail university in the end of next year and learning a ton of stuff as more Photoshop, Nuke, Maya, Final Cut Studio, Flash, etc etc etc. also 2D animation and classic art classes. soooooooo yeah mega brain sponge in action XD

I will look into finishing more nice epic stuff to post here, as always you guys can always message me or anythign! Love to talk and chat here and constructive critics are ALWAYS very apreciated :D

also! if you can plzzzzzzzzzz read this journal: www.furaffinity.net/journal/17…

things are serious v_v

thankies and see you all around! =D
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