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Khorath, the Vermine

THis is the sculpture of a concept art i did a while ago, the race, dragon and EVERTYHING related to them is (c) to me. I have a bible i=on them already >_> still have to paint this guy here, i will see if i can manage to post the concept art of this guy here.

enjoy! more info when i have this finished
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Tá mandando muito heim?
invejinha ;.;
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manoo!! ajente tem que se falah mais maluco O.O
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OMG wuvie!! *hugs tightly and instafavs the awesome sculpture!*
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eeeeeeee!! *squeezes <3<3*
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How do you get so much detail on it, especially considering the size? I like how you can see all the curves like around the ribs of his chest and paws.
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oh well he is not small, he is BIG O___O and the trick is just to add the muscle layers, literally. use some slices of clay and add them where the muscles would be, anatomy books helps a ton, and then just blend the borders and voila!
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Still looks complicated to get just right, including the tree bark texture. Well done!
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it is not really complicated, jsut very time consuming to blend everything nicely xD and thanks! ^__^
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