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Burning to Cinders

The most awsome and kickass comission i1'ver ever got in my whole life! xD

What can i say, it's me burning a nordic village to cinders, I'm a baaaaad dwaggie O_O

Right now, it's my new Desktop background and soon my new portrait to put on my room wall XD

art is (c) to the amazing :icondrak:

Thorphax is (c) to :icondragonlove359:
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I saw this piece somewhere but it didn't have any information attributed to it. Thanks for posting it to one of the groups I'm in so I could find out who the real artist is. :)
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No problem! It's still one of my favorite pieces :)
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What a view to a kill :) I see rage lighting up the night.
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Why thank you! :)
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For everyones information the deviation is a copy of Raze Search in devient art
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man your stealing work reported
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Dude I commissioned this piece. The character is my creation. Read the description on this submission and on Drak's submission of the piece…

Pay attention before you go accusing people without proof.
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nice work PERFECT 10
BAD ASS PIC! The dragon looks like it will blow fire any second!
BAD ASS picture, LUV IT! It really looks as if the dragon is going to blow fire any second! Nice.
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haha thanks! :D
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Ok, all I need to ask is I HOPE you got a print of this, and I mean a big one!! AWESOME!!
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hehehe I am planning to do that! XD
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tehehehehehhe XDDDDD
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You look a little bit enraged, little dwaggie D:

I got rather surprised when i saw that you had commission Drak... Wanna do that aswell!
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teehehe thanks :3 and rawr! >:3
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wait did you or Drak draw this?
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0f course it was Drak! O,=,O
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teehe, wow indeed x3
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