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Syrena's Song 57 Referance



Syrena is not WRC anymore! She is now apart of Savannah's new stable, Smokey Mountain Stable. I love how this new sheet turned out! Now to get all of Savannah's horses on the new sheet :faint:


Name: SMS Syrena's Song
Barn Name: Syrena
Age: 19 Years Old (Immortal)
Height: 16.3 hh
Breed: Starquine Micogan Ravequine (20%) Dicogan
Gender: Mare
Rider: Savannah Sky
Main Disipline: Dressage
Other Disipline: Show Jumping
Sire: USV Coldaldo'naj -deceased-
Dam:WRC Intizara
Theme Song:
Icogan Marking Genetics: nAq/GyGy/NN/ngr (gradient)
ID-Number: 57

Undeterminded Shows

SVEC Winter Schooling

The Submerged 2018 Competition [ENDING SOON!!!!!!]


~Nalonyda Icogan Competition- Foal Liberty; 1st Place :trophy:

Nalonyda's Found Your Wings Event - Dressage; 1st Place :trophy:

maiise's Wildflower Hill Stables 1st Autumn Event - Dressage; 1st Place :trophy:

2018 Submerged Competition - Dressage; 2nd Place

Chiwowy's HARPG Valentine Show 2018 - Dressage; 2nd Place

~Rosenhill's EE International Dressage Event 2013; 2nd Place

~sazzy-riza's ArDes Year's End Event- Pas De Duex with USV Najorda'naj; 2nd Place

~totalrandomusername's BCS Christmas Show 2013 - Halter; 2nd Place
~Elantair's First Annual Dressage Show - Pas De Duex with Sikuri; 2nd Place
~IHS - The Vikings Winter Show - 1 MONTH LEFT - Dressage; 3rd Place

~Ikiuni's Routahovi Winter Festival- Dressage; 4th Place
~Rosenhill's Windcrest Acres' Annual Horse Show 2014- Dressage; 4th Place

~Millbrook Farm Spring Event - 6th place

~Auraleyki's Auraleyki Winter Show - Mare Halter; 6th Place

Pashiino's Glitter and Snow Event; Dressage; 7th Place
~TackRack's Hardy Stud Young Horse Competition- Dressage; 14th Place

Other Images

~Syrena's Song Foal Referance
~The Queen's Heir
~The Few, The Proud
~A New Face

~A Mother's Love

~A Beautiful Grace

~I'm Just Having My Fun

~Hold On!


~A New Face

~Queen Syrena


~The Icogan Test

~ Pusher Love Girls

~ The Lady of WRC

~ You're Gone

~ We are One

~ The Queen has Arrived

~Love is all I hear -Training Image-

~ Dicogan Song -Dicogan Image- 

~Not Acting Lady Like-Competition Image- :trophy:

~The Start.-Competition Image-

~Whats Within You-Competition Image-

~Baby It's Cold Outside-Competition Image-

 ~The Oldest and the Youngest-Competition Image-

~She's Back -Competition Image

~Northern Wings -Competition Image- :trophy:

~Little Winter Babes -Competition Image-

~Glitter Girls -Competition Image-

~The Girls -Competition Image-

~The Power of the Northern Light -Competition Image-

~Syrenas Back -Competition Image-

~Ballet of Colors -Competition Image- :trophy:

~Song of Roses -Competition Image-

~.:Make it Burn:. -Competition Image-

~The Glow -Competition Image-


    -Syrena is a very beautiful, intelligent creature who will most likely turn out to be a amazing mover and a exceptionally well mannered horse. She is claimed to be the most flowed moving horse to lay eyes on. She is dedicated to her work while being ridden in competitions, and when she is riding alone she is calm and collected, listening to her rider. Syrena possesses the beautiful confirmation of her breed. She is bulky and more muscle toned for a mare. She has a thick neck, strong legs, hinds and shoulders. That was all in favor of her famous sire Coldaldo'naj. She has a powerful swan like walk that makes her seem to float.

   -Syrena is a very quiet horse. She can get aggravated when people mess with her. She loves to perform and show off flashing her colors for all to see. She isn't talkative and would rather be more happier alone or with Savannah. When she is around other horse's she tends to keep her ears pinned and not listen to them.

    -In the Dressage ring though it is just her and the rider and nothing can bother her. She loves to show off as long as no one is forcing her too. Syrena has great leadership, she can't all ways be a angel and can be very moody. For her rider though she works like a dream, she loves to learn new things and catches on quick to new disciplines presented to her. She has a very strong mind and what says, goes. She stands well on her feet.

    She can be timid and is wise, looking after Savannah and making sure others are making the right choices. Often referred to a 'Queen Syrena' around the stable thanks to her father and the likeness of him within her.


Special Powers


    -Syrena is the only Icogan/Starquine mix to have the northern light power. This is a very rare mutation that is nearly impossible to replicate. Unfortunately, it cannot be passed down to her offspring. Her northern lights power do not give significant advantage in competitions. Usually, it is used in a dominance manner or to give her 'flare' in competitions or showing herself.

    - The lights come from her markings and are a mixture of orange, green, light blue, and dark blue. In some cases, white is shown but only around her feet.




:bulletgreen: Good :bulletblack: indiffrent/normal :bulletred: Bad
:bulletgreen:Patient ---:bulletblack: Adaptive ---:bulletgreen:Competitive --- :bulletblack:Playful ---:bulletred:Talkative
:bulletgreen:Leadership ---:bulletblack: Temper ---:bulletgreen: Towards Mares --- :bulletgreen:Towards Stallions
:bulletgreen:Towards children --- :bulletgreen:Cooperative --- :bulletblack:Braveness --- :bulletgreen:Appetite --- :bulletblack:Wisdom

:bulletgreen:Exterior ---:bulletblack: Walk ---:bulletgreen: Trot ---:bulletgreen: Canter ---:bulletred: Gallop
:bulletblack:Jump ---:bulletblack: Lunge --- :bulletgreen:Groundwork --- :bulletblack:Mount

:bulletgreen:Handling --- :bulletblack:Grooming --- :bulletgreen:Tacking --- :bulletred:Saddling --- :bulletblack:Shaving/cutting/braiding
:bulletred:Washing/Water --- :bulletblack:Transport --- :bulletblack:Feeding ---:bulletred: Vet --- :bulletblack:Ferrier
:bulletgreen:Fetch in Pasture --- :bulletgreen:Stable Behavior --- :bulletgreen:Pasture Behavior

:bulletgreen:Indoor Riding --- :bulletgreen:Outdoor riding ---:bulletred:Traffic Riding --- :bulletred:Group Riding

Health: :bulletblack:
Health Problems: Colic; Sore Mouth


:bulletblack: Must be Champion Icogan or above :bulletblack:

:bulletblack: Must have won at least 2 shows in Dressage :bulletblack:

:bulletblack: Natural and Unnatural breeds allowed :bulletblack:

-7 available breeding spots-


WRC Scalliona Owned by Thoroughbreds4Me

WRC Sangria Owned by Thoroughbreds4Me

LFS Stelmaria Owned by SweetLittleVampire

Cider Owned by Uraneros

Evangeline Unit 13 Owned by SaturnianShadows

SV Secret Melody Owned by Dyrenza

StEE Princesa de la Aurora 149 Owned by DatNachtmaehre

USV Zolrai'naj Owned by Nalonyda

Icogan Stairs of Rank

Dragon Rank Icogan


=166.1 Ipoints

Design: Nalonyda

Art/Template: Thoroughbreds4Me
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