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Centauri Referance



Sold to Dyrena


Name: WRC Centauri
Behind The Name: Named after the Omega Centauri Galaxy, a Galaxy that is the brightest and the largest known globular cluster associated with our galaxy
Barn Name: Gentry; Cent
Age: 2 years
Height: 17,2 hh
Breed: 50% Starquine 50% Fantasy Warmblood
Gender: Stallion
Rider: Emily Sky and Savannah Sky
Maid Disipline: Dressage
Secondary Disipline: Show Jumping
Sire: WRC Intensity
Dam: Nameyza
Siblings: Full Twin Sister; Sadela Yza -referance not submitted atm-

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-Gentry is a energy bomb. He is still very young and in training which leads to another horrible possibility he will end up like his father. Too hyper to train. Gentry is a cuddlebug. He wants and strives for attention, even if it means getting in trouble. He will knock someone down to get to his treats and will neigh endlessly for hours for company. However, he responds well to commands and will stop when someone throws a angry 'Shut up' at him. He can get hurt easily and will behave like a beat dog if he knows your his leader. If your nice and not aggressive he will take advantage of you and will overpower you easily. He has tons of power in him but he has the least amount of knowledge of how to use it correctly. Gentry is definatly a mirror image of his sire's early age, and some hope he will age more maturely like his dam. If their wishes come true he will be a increadibly smart and intelligent stallion in his older years.

Likes: Attention; Activity; Dogs; Open Spaces; Treats; The Sun
Dislikes: Being Alone; Being Bored; Anger; No treats after practice; Cats


:bulletgreen:Good:bulletblack: indiffrent/normal :bulletred:Bad
:bulletred:Patient --- :bulletblack:Adaptive ---:bulletgreen:Competitive --- :bulletgreen:Playful ---:bulletgreen:Talkative
:bulletgreen:Leadership --- :bulletblack:Temper ---:bulletgreen: Towards Mares --- :bulletblack:Towards Stallions
:bulletblack:Towards children[Don't advice him being with children just yet] --- :bulletred:Cooperative --- :bulletgreen:Braveness --- :bulletblack:Appetite --- :bulletgreen:Wisdom [when he ages]

:bulletgreen:Exterior --- :bulletblack:Walk --- :bulletgreen:Trot --- :bulletblack:Canter --- :bulletgreen:Gallop
:bulletred:Jump --- :bulletblack:Lunge --- :bulletgreen:Groundwork --- :bulletgreen:Mount

:bulletred:Handling --- :bulletgreen:Grooming --- :bulletred:Tacking --- :bulletgreen:Saddling --- :bulletblack:Shaving/cutting/braiding
:bulletgreen:Washing/Water ---:bulletred: Transport --- :bulletgreen:Feeding --- :bulletblack:Vet ---:bulletgreen: Ferrier
:bulletred:Fetch in Pasture --- :bulletred:Stable Behavior ---:bulletgreen:Pasture Behavior

:bulletred:Indoor Riding ---:bulletgreen: Outdoor riding --- :bulletred:Traffic Riding[dont advice being by traffic just yet] --- :bulletgreen:Group Riding

Health: :bulletblack:
Health Problem: n/a
Design: Ealista
Art;Template: Thoroughbreds4Me
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Looks good! :D
I love his personality :giggle: