How to make a basic wolf quad

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to make the whole body look realistic and accurate you will need the use of padding

look at the back legs... they have a back bend in them this is easily achieved by adding knee and thigh padding on the front of your leg and a triangle on the back to create the back bend,
with the head you need an extended neck, wolves have long necks so to achieve this effect you can use the bike helmet method were you stick foam on a bike helmet, view out mouth.

for the stilts use pvc pieing (guttering) with wooden handles, make them long enough so your back is strait and your legs are strait, or bent to a comfortable position.
with foam paws.
if there going to be floppy joint all you have to do is ad a door hinge at the ankle of the stilt

the rest of the body shapes can be padded too but dont always need it,

I do recommend you make a duct tape dummy from old clothes just tape all the way around your body in the position you want and then cut your way out stuff it with rags and vola you have a stand to help you make padding and furring.

that's the basics. more info just ask >>> more info links.

if you can read more info
sorry i cant put writing anywhere else so it had to be in the literature

How to make a basic wolf quad suit,
pepole keep askin so I did this.

if your in this (links ill credit you)

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would it be a good idea to start with one color than later after you got the idea  of how to make  a quadsuit go yo the mix colors an stuff 
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I've been working on my first quadsuit using this and I made my stitls from old toiletpaper rolls and A LOT of tinfoil :P
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How would I do this for say a pony or a dragon, specifically a Nightshade?
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How do you make the head so that you can see out? Do you use a mesh material?
I want to make a wolf link quad suit. Where can you get fake fur? About how much on average does it cost to make a quad suit? Any tips for me? Thanks
KuzunohaxX's avatar
Joan's fabric is where I get my fur. NEVER EVER get your fur from a place that doesn't....
1) specialize in furs (this means that the store sells only furs!)
2) sell furs by the yard/meter price (e.a. $7 a yard)
3) give a variation of prices (e.a. Solid black fur is $8 a yard, and mixed browns is $12 a yard)


The furs are the most expensive part. I prefer to get my fur from Joan's because they specialize in furs and have reasonable pricing. All together, you will most likely spend around $150-$300 on furs depending on the project and how efficiently you use your fur. Hope it helped :)

-a quadsuit specialist
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I'm making a nine tailed fox quadsuit with my friend. Were going to try getting it done in the middle or end of March. Think we can do it if we work on it alot? Also trying to save money. Whats the least amount we culd spend but also do a good job? We may need help tips and pointers on how to do the mouth x.x
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im new to fursuit making and my first fursuit was a huge fail but how much would it coast to have a head paws and tail done :D it would be my character shes pretty <3 i love my character so if you know let me know and how i would be able to pay you who ever can do it good for cheep may when and by the way to see what my charater looks like look at my profile pic her name is syber....... let me know if you will

~Later Hater~ :P
KuzunohaxX's avatar
I would charge you $200. I am a reliable person who does this for a living. The pricing would be....
$85 for the head
$53 for the paws
$56 for the tail
Rest is for shipping(it's estimated out to about $200 total) also, I would need to know how big your hands are compared to the size of a quarter or euro. As for the head: I would need to know the measurement around your head. Thanks! You can email me at
SyberDingoTech's avatar
Thank you, I may look into that I will email you if I decide on it
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How do i get the fur on the head though?
KuzunohaxX's avatar
Fabric glue and/or hot glue (not on the right side though!!!!!)
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same as the rest, sew it on/ sew a mask of fur and put that on, or glue it on with hot glue
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Bookmarked :aww:

I'm going to make a horse quad(though probably sounds insane for a first project) and the basic tutorials are a big help :)
ThoronWild's avatar
thanks, im glad it helps.
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for the front legs, can you use walking canes, then attach the door hinge??

i just saw them at the store and i was like ...hmmmmm.....
laughterbuddies's avatar
Walking canes would be kinda hard to balance on, though...
laughterbuddies's avatar
The best way to make a joined one can be found on youtube [link]
ThoronWild's avatar
maybe that would probably work,
what they made from?
ArcticWolfSpirit's avatar
i think metal, didnt really look at the desciption
ThoronWild's avatar
lolz thay like hospital crutches?
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