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Limericks on Eugenie Danglars
Eugénie Danglars ran away
With the woman who taught her to play–
The piano, that's true,
But the lovers' game too,
Which did not go down well in their day.
Where are you, Eugénie, today?
Well, both dead and fictitious, okay,
But I mean, if you please,
I hope you and Louise
Ran off-page to a nice place to stay.
Eugénie is known to be gay,
But I think I'm the first one to say:
Her fave clothes were a man's
So she may have been trans...
Now, my lit crit award, if I may.
:iconthornyenglishrose:ThornyEnglishRose 3 2
Ancient Wisdom
They may have missed the moment if they blinked,
Perhaps just time to think the air felt odd,
They never knew that they would be extinct.
Catastrophe and victims not yet linked
In any mind, from worm to theropod,
They may have missed the moment if they blinked.
Their world was wide, their bound'ries indistinct,
When all Pangaea's children walked her sod.
They never knew that they would be extinct.
Disasters were not shouted, signed or inked,
But smaller struggles braved each day, slipshod.
They may have missed the moment if they blinked.
We've armour, and we weep to see it chinked,
Hold up our fears just like a lightning rod.
They never knew that they would be extinct.
Accepting life as fragile and succinct,
No fear of ghostly torment or of God,
They may have missed the moment if they blinked,
They never knew that they would be extinct.
:iconthornyenglishrose:ThornyEnglishRose 7 9
The dog was having a wonderful time.  The game was fun for everyone, and so inventive.  She would never have thought of it herself.  Cats were clever, clever animals indeed.  She just didn't know when he was going to jump out!
She snuffled her nose closer to the box.  Where was he?  Could he have stopped playing?  But no.  There he was.  Brilliant!  Though that one could have hurt...
The cat cowered in the box and wondered what it would take to get the dog to leave him the hell alone.  This was even worse than being sneaked up on by a cucumber.  His heart was hammering and his hackles were up.  Couldn't she see he wanted to be left alone?  But no.  Her nose came snuffling into his box again.  He was going to have to swipe.
The humans were still laughing their inane laughter as they uploaded their video to Youtube.  What should they call it?  Hilarious cat and dog playing?  Hila
:iconthornyenglishrose:ThornyEnglishRose 9 6
The Tartan Mouse
The mice were getting ready for Christmas.  It had been small trouble to chew a little Christmas tree for themselves from the bottom of the big one by the staircase in the big hallway, and the merest stick from the garden did for a Yule log, and Wendy frequently sewed, which meant snippets of things with which Dusk and Dawn had made decorations.
'What clever little crafters your children are,' they heard someone remark to their mother, and they felt proud and puffed up for the rest of the day.
All the network of skirting and stairwells looked magnificent.  The problem, of course, was food.  The mice lived on this and that throughout the year, particularly when this or that was waiting on the tea trolley between drawing room and basement kitchen.  The kitchen itself was unsafe, because Wendy kept a cat down there, and the mice knew that he was good at his job.  How they knew this, they preferred to forget.
'Can't we still have this and that tomorrow?' asked Dawn
:iconthornyenglishrose:ThornyEnglishRose 6 11
Very Rustic Nesting Dolls by ThornyEnglishRose Very Rustic Nesting Dolls :iconthornyenglishrose:ThornyEnglishRose 2 0
Alex came home from university full of the wonderfulness of somebody called Ethan.  Carole listened with a maternal smile, half kindly and half smug.
'There, you see,' she said.  'I told you someone would come along, didn't I?'
Alex stared at her.  'No... Mum... I don't feel that way about him!'
'Well,' said Carole, bustling off to the kitchen with the air of a mother who knows everything.  'We'll see.'
'No we won't!' said Alex, hurrying after her.  'We're not even that close.  It's just a squish!'
'You mean a crush, darling,' said Carole.  'And it's a start, isn't it?'
:iconthornyenglishrose:ThornyEnglishRose 7 9
NaNoWriMo 2018 Excerpt
Considering where they were, Jack could only live somewhere beautiful and expensive.  Sure enough, Cameron was led through a path of crackling leaves to a beautiful, flat-fronted Georgian terrace looking out on the river.  It turned out to be flats, not an whole house anymore, but big and luxurious enough.  Olivia took Cameron up the stairs all the way to the top, and into just the kind of sleek open-plan kitchen, diner and living room with the bare and tidy look that Cameron would have expected from an expensive London flat.
'Jack's not short of a bob or two, then,' he said, before he could stop himself.  Then he felt bad.  He knew it was rude, but not as rude as what he was thinking, which was that Jack may have done what Elizabeth had done and used his ability to get whatever he wanted in order to acquire his home.
'He inherited quite a bit,' said Olivia.  'This whole house, in fact.'
Cameron couldn't process this at all.  'But it's flats.'
'Jack h
:iconthornyenglishrose:ThornyEnglishRose 1 4
I see bright spirits in the night,
And sometimes one with flame so white
I stare at it for days and days,
And let it swallow all my gaze,
'Til I forget their wily ways
And think that I might catch the light.
So I reach out and grab that sprite,
And though I hold it not too tight,
The light burns out, while distantly
Another cries, 'Catch me!  Catch me!'
And lights up like a Christmas tree,
So there I turn, and oh! it's bright.
I run to it, and it takes flight,
While other spirits creep in sight
But, if I hold them, cease to burn
While others call and make me turn,
And so I chase them, and I yearn
To capture all, and do it right.
Yet all the while I know I might
Coax up one flame to reignite,
And nurture it and make it glow,
Not all it was, perhaps, although
It must be said, you never know
Until you are committed, quite.
:iconthornyenglishrose:ThornyEnglishRose 3 6
Lucy Farr
I knew she would kill me in the end, he thought when, from the darkness of his front lawn, Lucy appeared with her face illuminated by an eerie green light.  As he watched, the light grew into a distinct shape: an unimaginable demon, rising behind her and stretching to the full height of his garage wall.  She took a step towards him, grinning maniacally, and he was gripped with terror before he even saw her fangs.
'Devil's child!' he screamed, extending a shaking finger towards her.
'You were right all along, Uncle David,' she said through that hideous grin, her voice thick and distorted.  'But they wouldn't listen, would they?  And now...'
'What?' said David, his voice getting shriller by the moment.  'For God's sake, tell me!  What are you going to do?'
'What am I going to do...?' said Lucy, her speech slow and deliberate as the air was suddenly filled with the voices of a thousand devils.
'Mercy!' cried David.  'I beg you!'
Lucy threw back he
:iconthornyenglishrose:ThornyEnglishRose 23 28
Dumas's Louise and Eugenie by ThornyEnglishRose Dumas's Louise and Eugenie :iconthornyenglishrose:ThornyEnglishRose 3 1
Mature content
EGB Fan Spin-Off The Riveras: An Island Adventure :iconthornyenglishrose:ThornyEnglishRose 0 1
EGB Fan Season: Christmas Tree, Oh, Christmas Tree
In a snow-covered pine forest, a quartet of tree fellers was hard at work.
'TIMBER!' one shouted, as a large pine fell heavily to the ground and landed in a puff of snow.  At the sound of impact, the young man's three companions turned to face him.
'Jeez, Todd,' said a large guy with a moustache.  'Could it be a little bigger?  How we gonna get that on the back of the truck?'
'Hey, no problem,' said Todd.  'This is how New Yorkers like their Christmas trees.  Trust me – I got a cousin who lives in Brooklyn.'
'The boss wants quantity, not quality,' said the guy with the moustache.
'Who says size equals quality?' said the only woman among them, grinning at Todd.  'Good things come in small packages.  So lay off the macho stuff, Todd, okay?'
So saying, the young woman laid a hand on the foliage of a pine tree that was at least three times her own height, and looked cheekily at Todd through her eye protection.  Then, suddenly, her face twisted
:iconthornyenglishrose:ThornyEnglishRose 0 1
Blazing Dragons Virtual Season: Piston and Solder
King Allfire was sitting alone at his Square Table, staring at one of the empty seats, when Princess Flame found him.
'Daddy?' she said.  'What are you doing in here by yourself?'
'Good question,' said Allfire.  'My knights should be here with me.  We hardly ever seem to use the Square Table anymore, and we certainly don't use it for important knightly business.  We haven't had a proper meeting since Sir Galahot and Sir Hotbreath left.  The Table does look empty without them, you know.  Do you think they'll ever come back, Puff?'
'Well,' said Flame, 'they have been gone rather a long time now, but I believe they'll come back to us.  In the meantime, Daddy, do you remember I told you to have a look at some of Flicker's inventions?  If you want to keep using the Square Table without it seeming empty, you could always -'
She was cut off by a blast of music and a rush of fire as Cinder and Clinker appeared
:iconthornyenglishrose:ThornyEnglishRose 6 8
In Memory
To look on a gift
that looks back with life-filled eyes
reminds them of him
whose heart held all creatures close,
lives spared as dear as lives saved.
:iconthornyenglishrose:ThornyEnglishRose 4 4
Enid Blyton's 'R' Mysteries by ThornyEnglishRose Enid Blyton's 'R' Mysteries :iconthornyenglishrose:ThornyEnglishRose 1 0 Enid Blyton's Circus Series by ThornyEnglishRose Enid Blyton's Circus Series :iconthornyenglishrose:ThornyEnglishRose 1 0


Please ignore the stars: I've taken to just giving everyone four because I don't know what else to do. I keep clicking on pieces I'm dr...

Random Favourites

Go At Once by malicekisho Go At Once :iconmalicekisho:malicekisho 48 2 Pushed Stoned Warren by malicekisho Pushed Stoned Warren :iconmalicekisho:malicekisho 76 5 Short Hair Detail by enigmawing Short Hair Detail :iconenigmawing:enigmawing 617 19 Princess of Corona by enigmawing Princess of Corona :iconenigmawing:enigmawing 1,619 99 Legs are Required by enigmawing Legs are Required :iconenigmawing:enigmawing 505 37 Sam by enigmawing Sam :iconenigmawing:enigmawing 976 56 Under The Moonlight by DarkDP Under The Moonlight :icondarkdp:DarkDP 619 93 An Open Window To Your Heart by DarkDP An Open Window To Your Heart :icondarkdp:DarkDP 660 56 Lady Kluck and Alan a Dale - disney by nuriaabajo Lady Kluck and Alan a Dale - disney :iconnuriaabajo:nuriaabajo 307 55
Historical Fiction Workshop - Week 3, Writing
Alright Historians, time to actually start writing your story.
This time, your assignment first: Start your working draft. I’d like to see people get it half done by the end of the week. I assume that halfway through your stories you will start to find more things you need to research, so here is what I want you to do:
:bulletblue: Make a new scrap deviation, this will be your rough draft. Start writing it and link it back here so I know when to look at it. You can link even if you only have an opening paragraph and continue to add to it, alerting us as many times as you like during the week.
:bulletblack: In your previous scrap that has your outline and your sources, start taking note of the things you come up against while writing your story. What didn’t you research yet that you – oops – just figured out that you needed? Write it down. This list will be integral to week 4’s lesson.
I don’t think you’ll get the
:icondoughboycafe:doughboycafe 24 22
Prima Nocta
It doesn't happen how you think it does.
You're probably strung out, ducked into the wrong alley to hit the pipe. It waited there, watching you, biding time until you were good and fucked before ripping a new hole in your throat. Maybe your thigh if it's in a rush. You spray out all over the wall, all over yourself, all over it. You just see yellow eyes, fucking foot-long tongue lapping you up, and then nothing.
But then, something. Maybe you smell dogshit, old take-out containers, dried-out tampons and whatever else people threw away along with you. You reach up and around, wipe the maggots off your face. You find a door up there, push it open. Daylight. It feels like a blowtorch on your hand, and you smell your skin bubbling away as the  lid falls closed.
No, you didn't smell it. You tasted it. Tasted your skin burning, just like you're tasting this dumpster and the filth you're swimming in.
Maybe you sleep.
Maybe you wake up just in time to hear the truck grab hold of your roac
:iconmemnalar:Memnalar 25 43
The Mermaid by asiapasek The Mermaid :iconasiapasek:asiapasek 150 36
Historical Fiction Workshop - Week 2, Sources
Lesson Two: Source Gathering and Sorting
From doughboycafe :
Alright, here we go. Everyone has their base ideas, now it’s time to dive into research. Everyone is excited. We all open up google, and…
Holy fudge, History is big D:
And so is the Internet D:
What do we do?
Now it’s time to start learning how to gather proper sources and how to sift out what is actually relevant to your story. Remember that this is NOT the only week you’re going to have for research, as researching is a continuous process during all story writing, but especially so in historical fiction.
First thing is to look through your outlines and notes and start pulling out exactly what information you are going to need. Let’s look at LiliWrites ‘s outline
Lili is writing a story set in Auschwitz, about a young officer who has to watch his childhood flame and friend suffer as a polit
:icondoughboycafe:doughboycafe 15 49
True Love's Kiss by Nippy13 True Love's Kiss :iconnippy13:Nippy13 725 39 Ariel and Eric-Sweet Love by Nippy13 Ariel and Eric-Sweet Love :iconnippy13:Nippy13 1,029 127 Disney's Frozen-Anna 01 by Nippy13 Disney's Frozen-Anna 01 :iconnippy13:Nippy13 1,314 93


May 20, 2019
6:03 pm
May 18, 2019
10:37 am
May 7, 2019
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May 4, 2019
3:32 pm
May 4, 2019
1:20 pm
It's been a while now since the results of JessaMar's birthday contest were announced, so probably not many people are thinking about it anymore, but here I am reminding you with my own personal top two. It's always fascinating and fun helping to judge literature contests. I loved the fairytale theme of this one, and after several weeks I still remember two entries in particular, one of which placed and the other of which received an honourable mention. For me, both of these were stand-out pieces:
The boy who drew a life in the woods"What are you up to?"
It was the first memory Nik had of his mother.
A toddler on her lap, he reached for her pen with one chubby hand. Heike smiled indulgently as she let him take it, watching him grip it in his tiny fist. She expected him to do what all children his age did, stick it in his mouth. The other mothers in the doctor's waiting room watched as well, many with judgment in their eyes, waiting for the coming disaster of ink everywhere.
"Ms. Branton?" The nurse surprised her, finally calling them. Heike followed, carrying her son into the pastel examination room. "Still not talking?" The woman ran a hand over Nik's blonde hair in sympathy.
"The test results...Is he okay?" Heike couldn't hide her concern.
"The doctor will see you, shortly," the nurse assured. "Until then, you can read the pamphlets." The woman gestured to the stack Heike held in one hand and left, closing the door behind her.
Sitting, Heike saw the booklets were now covered in ink. ADHD, autism, and a whole gam
Amy's VacationClickety-clack went the loom, clickety-clack. Amy passed the shuttle through and stepped on the pedal. Clickety-clack, clickety-clack. The fabric would be a rich yellow like sunlight blazing in the morning. Sleeves of golden pleather hung nearby, along with strips of deep reds and purples for the trim. Clickety-clack, clickety-clack.
A sound almost indistinguishable from thunder broke the air. She stopped and yelled, “Did something break?”
The thunderous slamming continued. Standing, Amy strode across the nursery studio, glancing down at a baby sleeping in a crib and sidestepping a toddler bouncing in a swing. She continued down a hall littered with laundry and toys, passing rooms with children playing video games and hitting each other. In the living room two girls sat in front of a TV quiz show as the sound of pounding continued from the front door.
Amy growled and opened a hallway closet, spun the dial of a safe clickety-clack clickety-clack clickety-clack and pulled out

Moving on to another positive, I am now on the staff of CRLiterature, though I don't suppose anyone has really noticed yet! I want to thank everyone who thought of me and agreed to issue the invitation, which I was very happy to accept. I do tend to lurk for a while when I join anything new until I start to pick things up and gain confidence; I'm doing that now, but eventually, I'm sure you'll start to notice me. I am certainly honoured to have been entrusted with a senior role in such a wonderful and supportive community.

And finally, this brings me to Eclipse, and the raw deal said community appears to be getting. Right now I'm reminding myself very much of the people who were too lazy to read the Harry Potter books, specifically the wide-eyed discussions they were having about Draco Malfoy's role in the Half-Blood Prince movie long after the rest of us had moved on from having the exact same discussions. I was aware that people here, particularly my fellow writers, were objecting to what they were seeing in Eclipse when it became available to Deviants who were subscribed. I haven't had a subscription for a while now, so I was just lurking and reserving judgement until I could see the thing for myself. That time has now come.

Well, it's ugly. I might just about get used to the lighter colour scheme when I am forced to, but I will never forget the individuality that DA will be losing after all these years. I think 'the new DeviantArt' is disorganised and far less navigable than what we will be losing. More importantly, though, it is a great shame that 'Literature' is no longer to be considered a type of 'Deviation'. I read what many of you guys were saying about there being no section for author comments, and I thought gosh, that's terrible - surely it'll get sorted out soon! What I did not realise was that the submission process for literature in Eclipse is exactly the same as it is for journals. 'Share what's on your mind...' it orders, with the option to add pictures and videos and freaking emoticons, for goodness' sake! If that isn't de-valuing literature as an art form then, as the saying goes, I'm the Tooth Fairy. The way things are, writers can't make comments on their deviations, attach tags, declare mature content, sort into sub-folders or do any of the other fancy things I saw when pretending I was going to submit a visual artwork. What the actual hell?

But you guys knew all that already, right? I know I'm behind on this - do tell me if I'm missing anything.
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I am romantic about childhood, and about past times. I love children's books, and my favourites include Watership Down, Little Women, The Secret Garden and many by Roald Dahl. I'm also a great fan of the Brontë sisters, and Jane Eyre is right up there with those children's classics.

I like a lot of things, such as history (especially the Tudor family story and Boudica) and historical fiction, legends and fairytales (witches rule), poetry, art, the history of art, animals and nature.

DA-wise, I have perhaps become best known of a writer of children's fiction, but sometimes I try other things as well. I've also received a certain amount of praise for my ghost stories. We have an awesome community here, so friendly and encouraging, and I try to be a part of that. This being the case, feel free to ask me anything (within reason), and thank you so much for visiting my page.



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