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EGB Fan Spin-Off The Riveras: An Island Adventure :iconthornyenglishrose:ThornyEnglishRose 0 1
EGB Fan Season: Christmas Tree, Oh, Christmas Tree
In a snow-covered pine forest, a quartet of tree fellers was hard at work.
'TIMBER!' one shouted, as a large pine fell heavily to the ground and landed in a puff of snow.  At the sound of impact, the young man's three companions turned to face him.
'Jeez, Todd,' said a large guy with a moustache.  'Could it be a little bigger?  How we gonna get that on the back of the truck?'
'Hey, no problem,' said Todd.  'This is how New Yorkers like their Christmas trees.  Trust me – I got a cousin who lives in Brooklyn.'
'The boss wants quantity, not quality,' said the guy with the moustache.
'Who says size equals quality?' said the only woman among them, grinning at Todd.  'Good things come in small packages.  So lay off the macho stuff, Todd, okay?'
So saying, the young woman laid a hand on the foliage of a pine tree that was at least three times her own height, and looked cheekily at Todd through her eye protection.  Then, suddenly, her face twisted
:iconthornyenglishrose:ThornyEnglishRose 0 1
Blazing Dragons Virtual Season: Piston and Solder
King Allfire was sitting alone at his Square Table, staring at one of the empty seats, when Princess Flame found him.
'Daddy?' she said.  'What are you doing in here by yourself?'
'Good question,' said Allfire.  'My knights should be here with me.  We hardly ever seem to use the Square Table anymore, and we certainly don't use it for important knightly business.  We haven't had a proper meeting since Sir Galahot and Sir Hotbreath left.  The Table does look empty without them, you know.  Do you think they'll ever come back, Puff?'
'Well,' said Flame, 'they have been gone rather a long time now, but I believe they'll come back to us.  In the meantime, Daddy, do you remember I told you to have a look at some of Flicker's inventions?  If you want to keep using the Square Table without it seeming empty, you could always -'
She was cut off by a blast of music and a rush of fire as Cinder and Clinker appeared
:iconthornyenglishrose:ThornyEnglishRose 4 8
In Memory
To look on a gift
that looks back with life-filled eyes
reminds them of him
whose heart held all creatures close,
lives spared as dear as lives saved.
:iconthornyenglishrose:ThornyEnglishRose 3 4
Enid Blyton's 'R' Mysteries by ThornyEnglishRose Enid Blyton's 'R' Mysteries :iconthornyenglishrose:ThornyEnglishRose 1 0 Enid Blyton's Circus Series by ThornyEnglishRose Enid Blyton's Circus Series :iconthornyenglishrose:ThornyEnglishRose 1 0
It turns out kindness can be measured in boxes.
Knives and forks and spoons for families with no kitchen
and Tiny Tears for a child who isn't ready for another doll.
They are put by.
Food, clothes, toiletries
are sent to the local places of worship:
church, mosque, temple, football club,
in each parents weeping over a saved child
who is weeping over a lost doll or bear.
An outgrown Primark sweater with a multi-pack of unbranded soap;
a full children's outfit, new from M&S, with Toni&Guy shampoo;
and more and more and yet more.
More toys, more clothes, more toiletries
(but never more kindness) than they can ever use, so
the Red Cross takes the excess and converts it to money.
The things they need can never be measured
in money, or tears, or silences, or professional people, or survivors' guilt
of those who try to reconcile their gratitude with their anger.
More and yet more boxes wait for their new homes.
Clocks and clothes and cutlery can be replaced;
the same cannot be said of dolls a
:iconthornyenglishrose:ThornyEnglishRose 4 3
Bronte Novel Children by ThornyEnglishRose Bronte Novel Children :iconthornyenglishrose:ThornyEnglishRose 2 0 The Little Women's Children by ThornyEnglishRose The Little Women's Children :iconthornyenglishrose:ThornyEnglishRose 2 4 Little Women by ThornyEnglishRose Little Women :iconthornyenglishrose:ThornyEnglishRose 1 2
Song of the Mapinguari
You talk of me and shake with fear,
For I am monstrous – so you say,
My dread approach you cannot hear,
So I may be there, night or day,
To hunt and find and catch and eat
Your cattle (well, they are a treat),
With second mouth on underside
(Or so some storyteller cried)
And arms so long they reach the sky
And claws as long as you are wide
And just one eye.
You tell how, like a bear, I rear
And, like a wolf, I howl and bay,
My putrid smell when I am near,
My claws that slice, and rip, and flay...
Well yes, they do – I do eat meat,
I am not made to live on wheat,
But you forget, I've never eyed
A human being's silverside,
And would you be surprised that I
As well have thoughts I can't abide?
Recall my eye.
I'd have to say my vision's clear,
I am not hindered on my way,
I get by when I'm hunting deer,
And when I (please believe it) play.
And yet this occupies a seat
Inside my mind: the fear I'll meet
Some accident, or something tried,
Some hunter on a morning ride,
Some stone
:iconthornyenglishrose:ThornyEnglishRose 9 8
Ballet Shoes by ThornyEnglishRose Ballet Shoes :iconthornyenglishrose:ThornyEnglishRose 0 0 The Secret Garden by ThornyEnglishRose The Secret Garden :iconthornyenglishrose:ThornyEnglishRose 1 1 Enid Blyton Famous Five by ThornyEnglishRose Enid Blyton Famous Five :iconthornyenglishrose:ThornyEnglishRose 1 4 Enid Blyton Adventure Series by ThornyEnglishRose Enid Blyton Adventure Series :iconthornyenglishrose:ThornyEnglishRose 1 1
The Death of Sophia
Wilt seek him, wench, and from his ageing brain
Thou'lt extricate the knowledge thou need'st gain
To purge thy world of It– the evil one,
That shrinks i'morn the light of risen sun
To speck of white o'er land of pain and death,
Unless thou wilt this stop with thy last breath,
For thou'lt learn, when thou findest him, thou must,
If once more be thy homeland good and just,
Beneath the larch tree breathe cold, sweet morn air,
And last breath must it be; thou wilt die there,
With incantation shaping rosy lips
From whence will come the words that may eclipse
That zealous heart; for murder it is till'd,
And top to toe of direst cru'lty fill'd,
For eager are Its hands to take thy soul,
And turn it cold and hard and black as coal;
Ay! great will be the pow'r this will set free,
If It can take thy innocence from thee,
For thou art chosen for the task at hand,
And when thou questeth thro' this dying land,
Wilt learn thou hast guess'd true thy worth; thou chit,
Whose hands salt beef and tur
:iconthornyenglishrose:ThornyEnglishRose 0 9


Random Favourites

Vamps and Hunters
1. Family is everything. Bill unwrapped another lemon hard candy and popped it in his mouth. It did little to mask the stench of vampire and rot, but it was soothing.
Cavanaugh was the rotted out shell of a town, but Cerani was in there somewhere, hiding behind the newly erected wall of iron, silver, and oak. He'd have been lying if he said he wasn't troubled by this.
“What are you up to, Cerani Tam?” he asked.
2. It was easy to hate a man like Whit Juniper, Cerani decided as she ran. He wasn't just bad luck, he was the father of all catastrophes. The chain connecting their wrists pulled too tight. The bus driver gunned the engine and sped off through the open gate. It slammed shut as the bus passed.
“Guess that means no elimination round,” Whit said. When he stopped running, she had to stop and she didn't want to. She wanted to follow that bus until the driver took pity and stopped to let her on. “Left behind” meant disqualification, failure, and th
:iconnamelessshe:NamelessShe 10 32
Meet Cute by morganobrienart Meet Cute :iconmorganobrienart:morganobrienart 117 6 Halloween Night by RossanaCastellino Halloween Night :iconrossanacastellino:RossanaCastellino 199 61
Dandelion Daughter
She is my dandelion girl,
a graceful, yellow weed
with puffs for hair.
She tells me she isn't
trying to be beautiful.
Only existing.
Her moonstone fingers
are braiding hopes and love
into the strands of her
hair as she idly chatters
of how the sun seems to
shine a little yellower
with you there.
She becomes something
exceptional, a garden
filled with starlight and
teacups. She will remind you
the sun is also a star and
that we often overlook
those closest to us.
:iconhugqueen:HugQueen 40 55
Castle by Lake by arisuonpaa Castle by Lake :iconarisuonpaa:arisuonpaa 1,863 185 Blue Forest by arisuonpaa Blue Forest :iconarisuonpaa:arisuonpaa 1,188 120 This Side of the Fence by arisuonpaa This Side of the Fence :iconarisuonpaa:arisuonpaa 2,605 382 Swamp's End by arisuonpaa Swamp's End :iconarisuonpaa:arisuonpaa 2,934 750 Full Moon by arisuonpaa Full Moon :iconarisuonpaa:arisuonpaa 2,064 171
The Oblivious Stranger to Death
I'm a petite polyp with a newly ticking clock
Pondering on the queerness of how my sturdy rock
Feels like home since forever, transcending centuries
An impossibility for a newcomer of the seven seas
Young and naive, fearless and curious
A story to write and the freedom to choose
Armed with mere intuition and intrinsic reasoning
To prevail over any challenge life might bring
Gingerly I detach from my limiting roots
Delighting in the sensation of my first ever cruise
In due time my trailing tentacles grew in full
This must be what those with sight call beautiful
Alas!  So soon was I not free
When four vitreous walls confined me
My prison swam towards the sunlight
Where I heard the voices of this blight
"Oy, James!  Git yer ass here!  Caught another one of 'em purty stingin' umbrellas.  Bet 'ya we could sell 'em to da new zoo.."
My prison kept traveling, and the voices continued
While I began to weaken from the absence of food
Subsequent incidents ran past my at
:iconreliquus:Reliquus 10 14
They will come again, and when they do, the others will hide.
Mr. Brown will curl up in his hole in the eaves. The Wife in the crawlspace, and I'll be here, clutching my dear ones close. I'm wrapping my legs around them, and I can hear them fidget against the soft sac, their little tremors not unlike the desperate throes of flies, but warm, beautiful. It won't be long now. Now is the tender time. Soon I'll wear them on my back, and we can leave this place. But not yet. Not yet. Now is the time when a swift strike would kill them, and me with them. I will not leave.
I can't leave. I've hidden as well as I can. A small shadow between the braces under the mantel, where their lights don't penetrate. At least not yet.
Too much light. Too many sounds. They come with their sounds, with their fangs at the ends of their legs, shooting explosions into the walls, toppling everything. They are giants. They grumble at each other, tear up the floors, rip down the lights. Destroy everything that has
:iconmemnalar:Memnalar 93 87
Occurrence at the Hedgehog Family Reunion
    Bettina hovered over the stew as it cooked in the fireplace. It was still missing something, but she couldn’t for the life of her figure out what that was. But there wasn’t time to stand and worry over the food. There were still many other preparations to make before the guests arrived. She wiped her paws off on her apron and promised herself that she’d come back to it.
   In the family room, her kits were playing a spirited game of tag. Bettina drew herself up to her full height and snatched the ear of the first unlucky child who ran past her.
    “Chester, what have I told you about running around inside? Look at your quills. They’re a mess. Go and brush this instant! As for the rest of you, you can come and help me set the table.”
    The work went much faster with three extra sets of paws helping. Soon the table was set and many dishes of cold food had been laid out. “Isabelle, leave the pastries alone. You’ll ruin your appetite.
:icontobaeus:Tobaeus 2 4
The Alvin Show Appreciation Post by BoredStupid100 The Alvin Show Appreciation Post :iconboredstupid100:BoredStupid100 124 60 Underwater by RamonaTreffers Underwater :iconramonatreffers:RamonaTreffers 127 16 Fishing boats by LosOjosNegros Fishing boats :iconlosojosnegros:LosOjosNegros 125 10 Grossraming by tempelziege Grossraming :icontempelziege:tempelziege 19 13


My News

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 29, 2018, 3:14 PM

Before I started this journal, I had to check exactly what I'd said about things in the last one. It was this:
I also want to mark the day that I've come out the other side of what has seemed like a very long month. I think marking 361 literature exams made it seem like a particularly long period of time, in which quite a lot has happened - or a lot to me, anyway, after life has been ambling along fairly comfortably for the last four years or so. Now, some things are still up in the air, but perhaps I can tell you all about it after the marking deadline in a few weeks.

Well, the marking deadline is this Tuesday, but I've finished. And okay, so last month I went to the zoo, marked some exam papers (hundreds, actually :faint:), went to a meeting in Cambridge and spent the night in Travelodge... things of absolutely no significance to anybody but me (except for maybe the students whose papers I marked). But here's what really made June seem like an eventful month...

On the last Saturday of May, I was working in my safe, supportive little tuition centre job as usual, knowing that my boss (whom I love, honestly I do) had called a staff meeting to take place at lunchtime. I take a long time telling this story to members of my family, but cutting it short here, she told us that our rented premises had been sold, she hadn't been able to find anywhere else and though she would keep trying, we might want to look for other work.

Devastating! :cries:

I've loved it there, I really have, and I've done some good work too, even by my own admission. Emotionally, I wanted to stay, but practically I knew I couldn't really stay forever. It paid well in job satisfaction, but not so well in money; student intake seemed to go down every year, and (hopefully this doesn't sound too dodgy) it was the kind of place that Ofsted doesn't trust very much. Besides that, as you may recall, I've just got my full post-14 teaching qualification. What timing!

My last day there was the second Saturday in June, and by then I'm sure I must have applied for at least one job. I applied for three, all the while remembering the last time I was unemployed, going to countless interviews only to be rejected over and over again. Not to sound melodramatic, but it pretty much destroyed all my confidence.

Aside: Ha... I didn't remember writing journals about my unemployment back then, so I just had a look back and - oh dear - I wrote about it all right! I couldn't read very much of it because it seems all I did was complain. I can understand why I felt like that at the time, but it can't have made pleasant reading for you guys, just as it doesn't for me now. :hmm:
Aside ends.

Two of the three places I applied to ignored me completely, but let's focus on the positive, shall we? The other place - in fact the first I applied to - invited me to an interview on the very last weekday of that monumental month of June. I wrote my latest journal entry two days later (you know, the one with emus pecking the toilet windows), having recently had my interview and come away from it with a very good feeling. Again, it's a long story when I tell it to my family... now what's the short version? Oh, I'd love to tell you about all the things that impressed them, particularly my planned-on-the-day micro-teach, and how someone else got sent home before we even reached the interview stage (mean of me)... well, I guess that's the gist of it right there.

Not quite everything happened in June, since I got the bad news at the end of May and the good news on July 1st; in fact June was straddled by the most significant events. Anyway, one of my two interviewers called in the morning to offer me the job, saying 'You obviously have a teacher's brain' and various other things, but that's the one I remember. :P

I'll come to my other feelings in a moment, but overall I feel very, very positive. Whereas up to now I've been doing bits and pieces of teaching and marking where I can, including working part-time at this tuition centre, this is my first (and perhaps will turn out to be my only) full-time job. One place, one income, with people there to take care of the paperwork. Provided I don't mess up completely in the standard probationary period (which is hard to do - employers always do everything they can to help you through to the other side even if there are problems), this is secure permanent position and, my goodness, by my standards it pays an absolute fortune! :hooray:

I have to confess, once or twice I've thought, oh but I wanted to research this and write that and NaNoWriMo the other... :saddummy: ...and then I thought, well why haven't you done at least some of it with all that free time you've had, you silly woman?! Honestly, the more time I have on my hands, the more idle I am. :roll: I intend to put my all into this exciting new opportunity, and we'll just have to wait and see what else I might do.

When I think about it, I feel incredibly nervous, so I try not to think about it. :fear: I also feel sad about my old job, and I feel horrible for my ex-boss, who will either have to do without her English teacher (she likes me a lot, and there's a chance she may not find another), or do without her whole tuition business, which she has loved and nurtured for a number of years.

There, I knew even the short version would be long, but I guess that's it now. Well, let me just add that I've been reading some of the offerings from FFM and intend to continue. If there are any pieces you particularly like, be they your own or others', please link me to them. I'll keep looking for myself as well; I've basically just been clicking on the best titles and hooks as I find them. Well done to you all! :ahoy:

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United Kingdom
I am romantic about childhood, and about past times. I love children's books, and my favourites include Watership Down, Little Women, The Secret Garden and many by Roald Dahl. I'm also a great fan of the Brontë sisters, and Jane Eyre is right up there with those children's classics.

I like a lot of things, such as history (especially the Tudor family story and Boudica) and historical fiction, legends and fairytales (witches rule), poetry, art, the history of art, animals and nature.

DA-wise, I have perhaps become best known of a writer of children's fiction, but sometimes I try other things as well. I've also received a certain amount of praise for my ghost stories. We have an awesome community here, so friendly and encouraging, and I try to be a part of that. This being the case, feel free to ask me anything (within reason), and thank you so much for visiting my page.



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