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Your lungs and you

By thornwolf
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I had to do a medical book illustration (I chose the human lung) for my Adobe Illustrator class. It was our final project and only 3 people in the class had it done....slackers.

Anyhoo, my teacher said that mine was the best in the class so I was all thrilled =) I had a couple of typo's in the text, so i fixed those before uploading.

Amazing that i only completed 2 projects in the whole class and I still get an A. *shrugs* I aint gonna argue =)
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I cannot help but add this to my favs. Amazing job!
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this is very good. it looks like you scanned it out of a text book
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Good for you :-) It totally looks like something that would go in a medical book...have you given any thought to getting into biology illustration?

I get grossed out too...I sat out on the heart, lungs and eyeball well as the fetal pig. Just couldn't do it!
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Oh I did that, amazingly enough, I enjoyed the fetal pig one..I just don't like it when the thing is still alive and people are operating.
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O.o ugh, just too squeamish :\ To be honest, I can't even handle raw meat. I buy the boneless, skinless chicken breasts, I just can't hack and slice and debone (which is weird since my family hunts, you'd think it would be in me)
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I bet you slept with your teacher.

juuuuust kidding!
It's far as lungs go :P
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Um, she's a German woman with hairy legs.... 0_o
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I thought you meant the lungs! Haha, nope nope, the teacher!
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Very good work, Thorn. If I wasn't trying to ease my spending, I'd bet $10 Alveoli was one of the typos. ;-)
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Believe it or not, no...the typos were actually words that were combined like instead of "the lungs" i wrote "thelungs"
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*bounces* But no ion transport to maintain transepithelial charges? Surfactants? Alveoli are finicky things! *strokes them lovingly*
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Well, hee hee considering this is an "Illustrator" class and not a biology class, I didn't bother going that far ;) Not to mention I did it last minute.
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That looks very proffesional! GREAT JOB!
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Great illustration. :) How much does that program cost for your computer?

Well, looks like I failed my science exam aswell as English and Math. I said that the lungs, heart, ect. were all in the Cardiovascular system. --; *sigh* I never done this horrible in school my whole life, and I actually studied harder than I ever had for these exams! My teachers told me I have Testing Anxiety. This isn't going to help...
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I'm not sure how much it costs but i think its like 100 + bucks. I could check for you though just remind me.

D'oh! Respiratory, respiratory! Although technically since your lungs help you get oxygen to your blood it could be part of the cardiovascular.....*ponders* gah now you're making ME question!
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Interesting assignment! I wanna take an Illustrator class...
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Ive compleated all my projects and i still got an F. I dont know how cuss I had C's on everything... how can you get an F from a bunch of C's I wounder? oh well i can see why this is the best! your so good at drawling! :D
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Cool. Not the most fun to do, but cool nonetheless. But gosh, only three other people had it done? Oy...
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Nice job. Looks like something right outta my old biology book. :)
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Wow, Thorn you did an awesome job on this. It looks extremely professional. I could definitely see this while turning pages in a science book.
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I wish I had fun finals like that. :p
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Nice Illusttrator work. =)

heh... I took a medical illustration class in college... we had to draw everything in carbon dust... which might be the most tedious thing I've ever done before, but the results were amazing... unfortunately carbon dust isn't the most stable medium in the world and after 3 moves all the work is smudged beyond recognition.
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carbon dust, I've never heard of it, but it sounds time consuming...just what I like!

Is it like powdered charcoal? How do you apply it?
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basically what you do is grind up a woodless graphite pencil on find sand paper till you get a nice fine powder, then paint the carbon powder onto coated Color-Aid paper with brushes, very slowly, layer by layer. You have to use absolute top of the line kolinski sable brushes to do it, or it won't work though.
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