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I received a note about a new NIMH site from followingseas and I figured I'd pass the word along:

Hey guys! I would like to draw your attention to a new Secret of NIMH fan site which may be of interest! It is part of the larger Animation Source website, which is a hub for fans of a variety of animated movies and television series. The Secret of NIMH Source page has a lot of great information, screen shots, some fan art, and a discussion forum. There is room to write articles, fan fiction, create fan art and fan images, and do much more! And there is a chat room! (There is also a French language mirror site accessible there.)

If there's a chance, I would like to ask if it were possible to announce this as a journal on the RatofNIMH group here, along with an encouragement of this group's members to come by and check it out, and maybe consider becoming members of Animation Source and having a look around! And, of course, posts, fan creations and general participation on The Secret of NIMH Source are eagerly sought, and encouraged! (Remember, it's a family-friendly site!)

Thanks! :-)

Here's the link:…

It looks like it's off to a decent start, though it's still a bit light on fan content. Even has some stuff for NIMH 2 if you're into that. ;)
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Hey everyone,

Thank you for the nice comments. I am the webmaster of the Animation Source sites, and this particular site (NIMH) has been many years in the making (worked on, then left behind several times).
Recently I've invited some fans of the film to help finishing it, and we're trying to make it worth it!
Don't hesitate to come and post your art, fic, and discuss with us!
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Thanks a bunch, Nimhster1!  Any opportunity to keep the fandom alive and prospering is a good thing, huh?  Especially with the new live action/CGI movie announced recently.  There's plenty to still celebrate about the books and Don Bluth's movie!  (And then there's that
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Oh wow, this is great news! Great to see a new NIMH Fansite pop up, this will surely give new life to the fandom!

I'll be sure to add this website to the link section of my own.
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ManhattanOctoberfest: it was pre-released before it was really ready.  But I was brought in to help streamline it and get it rolling.  Of course, we're eager for contributions and input.

It's only really been done and complete for about a month now.  Which is more or less the same time table as when you first saw it.  But the webmaster only just asked us to start promoting it.  So, in a very real sense (when compared with the larger Animation Source site itself) it is quite new.
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Thanks for the link to the site. I'll be sure to check it out.
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How new is it? I remember coming across it sometime last month.
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Thanks for the nod, and for doing this for me! 

Yes, it is rather light on fan content yet, and that was one of the goals of announcing this.  Of course, the site was only recently opened, but we are eager to encourage people to join up on Animation Source and get around to sharing their creations, and their contributions to discussion topics on the forum, and in article submissions.

The nice thing about joining Animation Source is that they won't be limited to just submitting on The Secret of NIMH Source.  Rather, they can also post on any of the other source pages, and anywhere on the forum. 

I hope everyone will come out and participate!
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