Since dA groups are limited to dA submissions, we sometimes miss out on art and other works from other sites. So, to try to expand Thorn Valley's reach and audience, I've also created a Thorn Valley tumblr. It's still in something of an experimental stage right now, but check it out if you're so inclined.
As you may or may not know, while group members can submit anything to be featured in this group, the artist must approve being featured in the group. Unfortunately, there's some great fan art from folks that are no longer active on dA, and therefore can't be featured in the group. Not so with group favorites; they can be added with or without the artist's approval.

So, be sure to check out the favorites collection and see if you find something you've missed!

Favorites here:…
Had a slight hiccup with the blog system, or I would've announced this a couple days ago. Anyway, feel free to join the group and suggest art! Also, check out the About Us page for more info about the group.

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