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This group is dedicated to finding and sharing the best Secret of NIMH fanart on dA.

This group is curated by TimothyFrisby, meaning that while members are encouraged to submit art, not everything will be posted. The Thorn Valley group is meant to be a mark of quality fan art, and so each accepted piece must meet a certain level of technical skill and should generally make sense from an in-universe perspective. There are other NIMH-related groups that fill the role of "anything NIMH" and this is not meant to duplicate their effort, but rather fill its own niche.

The name comes from the Thorn Valley website (www.thornvalley.com), which TimothyFrisby maintains, which name itself comes from the destination of the Rats of NIMH, where they could live without stealing.

Some guidelines for the group

As mentioned before, this group is about finding the best NIMH fan-art dA has to offer NIMH fans. This does mean there is some subjectivity as what I think is good may not be what everyone else thinks is good. There are other groups out there you can submit your NIMH art to regardless. Check the list of affiliates below for some suggestions.

If your art isn't featured here, don't let it get to you. Not being featured doesn't mean you are valued less as a person. Just keep drawing and learning and improving, and maybe you'll get something featured here in the future. Keep in mind that drama will hurt your chances of being featured on this group. Also, this is much more about the fans than the artists; while I hope people view being featured in this group as a positive thing, this group exists more as a service to help fans find the good stuff.

Finally, in an effort to avoid a conflict of interest, I won't be featuring my own art in this group.

Above all, enjoy the art!




About Us

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