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August 8, 2016
Frodo's Choice by ThornSpine
Featured by Lyricanna
Suggested by lovelessdevotions
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Frodo's Choice

 I didn't want to copy Frodo and the Nazgul from original movie.
But still I decided to take parts of a recognizable elements, such as: Frodo's face, clothes and weapon.
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heh. I saw this on Ifunny
menslady125's avatar
*sing-song* Oh, Fro-o-o-odo-o-o-o? *normal voice* I think you should slo-o-o-o-o-o-oly turn around, and see what's right...behind...YOU!
Through-the-movies's avatar
Would be quite spooky moment if Frodo turns around to see who's standing behind him...
Mona-Raraavis's avatar
Hmmm looks like a cover of one of my favourite book. Coincidence?

14232991 1225595110794899 3855851874364231601 N by Mona-Raraavis  
ThornSpine's avatar
 Definitely it's a coincidence. You can find much similar images. Often this kind of illustrations (composition and poses) are used at posters and book illustrations.
Also this moment from my illustration was in the original movie Lord of the rings - Brotherhood of the ring. There was a moment when hobbits hit under roots of tree and the Nazgul climbed off the horse and came close to them. I took this scene and removed all unnecessary. Then I mixed one more moment from that film when the Nazgul attacked hobbits in ruins.
 It's all, and I didn't see your illustration before.
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Nazgul chase in the first book is one of my favourite parts. Nice artwork.
Lin-0w0's avatar
The details and colors of the forest are great
Astranya's avatar
Love it so much!!!
ThornSpine's avatar
Astranya's avatar
My pleasure! 
vektr230's avatar
The detail on this is just awesome. 
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Congrats, very cool
AskRuilmon's avatar
Right behind you.
ThornSpine's avatar
Where!? Oh, I thought it behind me.
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