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October 12, 2014
In just six words, thorns is able to put an entirely different spin on the classic Three Little Pigs tale in Plan B - Three Little Pigs.
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Need help with wall.

When huffing and puffing won't blow the house down call in your friend who happens to burst through brick walls for a living! Those three little pigs are in for it now. :evillaugh:

Refresher on the references:
The big bad wolf can't huff and puff and blow down the brick house in the end of the three little pigs story.

The Kool-aid mascot (Kool-aid Man) was a giant pitcher that used to burst through walls shouting, "Oh yeah!" in their advertisements. Wikipedia: [link]

Credits: Inspired by my husband's absurd dreams.

I know it's another note form six word story about a fairytale, but I couldn't help myself. This one is more for the amusement factor.

Also, title is supposed to be Plan B (Three Little Pigs) but you can use parentheses in titles on dA.
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I've been on dA a long time and 6-word stories have come and gone - but this... this is certainly the best.

The challenge behind 6-word stories is in fact trying to write an entire story in so few words. It forces us to think and use our words sparingly while at the same time retain some measure of our own story-telling.

First of all - putting this in the form of a letter was brilliant. Not only were you able to tell the story effectively, but you managed to keep it within the 6-word limit without seeming too try-hard. All of your different elements successfully merged together to create a single <img src="…" width="14" height="14" alt=":note:" title="Note"/> of hilarity.

Another good point I'd like to mention is the genius combination of story & mascot. I mean - who'd have ever taken the time to wonder... "Hmm, I wonder what could help the wolf get into those damn little pigs' houses!?"

Now that you've answered this creative question creatively - all I can do is applaud you for your genius.

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