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There, on the pendent boughs...

her crownet weeds clambering to hang...

an envious sliver broke...

when down her weedy trophies
and herself...

fell in the weeping brook.

Her clothes spread wide...

and mermaid-like,
awhile they bore her up...

which time she chanted
snatches of old tunes...

as one incapable of her own distress...

or like a creature native
and indued unto that element.

But long it could not be...

but that her garments,
heavy with their drink...

pulled the poor wretch
from her melodious lay...

to muddy death.

Alas! Then she is drowned?


Methought it was very sweet

Hanging Plant-[link]
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This is so beautiful, and I love Ophelia, just recently red the novel
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Beautiful... Aculley my name is Ophelia XD
ThornErose's avatar
seriously? nice :)
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I never really thinked of my name before, that it belonged to this girl, I haven´t read the book so why did she take suicide?
That´s the only thing I know about her =D
ThornErose's avatar
Hrm she is a character from the book Hamlet, by shakesphere.
She was caught between her father and brothers demands of her, and her love for Hamlet, who didnt wish to return the affection, because of his depression about things.
Rubi-Era's avatar
Do you recomend the book?
ThornErose's avatar
its hard to read, because its written in old english and complicated but if you wish to try yes :) it was a good story. just dont give up trying to read it.
Rubi-Era's avatar
I like the old english, maybe a little hard to understand but it´s fun just reading it =D
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Beautiful work! :love: :+favlove:
LgthAoshi14's avatar
this is very nice, both in picture and in description.
lilynoelle's avatar
Featured in my journal. :heart:
Angel-Kikyou's avatar
it´s very beautiful, I love it... the pose as well as the concept :blackrose:
ThornErose's avatar
thank you :) sorry it sbeen a while since you posted the comment, ive had no internet on my comp
Angel-Kikyou's avatar
it´s no problem :) I know many deviants who regularly don´t answer comments ^^
ThornErose's avatar
I try to answer all of them because it was awesome that the people wrote me in the first place lol :)
Angel-Kikyou's avatar
yes, I feel the same ~ I answer all of my messages :)
lilynoelle's avatar
Heartbreaking. The colors are fantastic - reminds me of an old painting in style of the old masters. the brightness is stunning. :heart:
ThornErose's avatar
thank you ! :) yea I loved the color scheme of this also, thanks alot hon.
tori-margaret's avatar
:wave: hello! I featured this in my journal at [link]
ThornErose's avatar
thank you :) :hug: thats awesome :heart:
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