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*FREE* Lady OC with Thorn *closed*

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 10, 2018, 11:58 AM


:star: READ THE RULES BEFORE COMMENTING!:iconsays2plz: Pixel: Pixel Emoticon Thorn by StephDragonness

:star: Already doodled 6 and If possible want to make it a nice round 10 so two slots left ^^;

:bulletblack: Desire to do a few sketches again :3

:bulletwhite: So will open up the only thing I seem able/actually be bothered to draw myself and that's the female OC's with Thorn kissmark headshot sketches again if anyone is actually still interested. =p

:bulletblack: Would look like.

Oct OC with Thorn part 1 by Thornacious

Arrow left  Open to anyone! Even if you had one last time but only if it's a different character if you did get one last time.

* As always don't expect much in the way of different expressions for Thorn as I can only draw him so many ways and tend to just reuse older sketches (lazy) so all of the effort would be on the female OC. =p

Love this dragon by FlyingGuardianFish

:star: Rules <------PLEASE READ :star:

:bulletblack: Only one OC (No multi-headed)per pic and clear ref must be given.

:bulletwhite: Female character has to be 20+ years old. (pref older)

:bulletblack: No human/humanoid characters as I just can't draw them.

:bulletwhite: As its a freebie no asking when I'll be done. These are purely on a whenIcanbebothered timeline. Playing Far Cry 5 and later God of War so they will be slower than normal.

:bulletblack: Post ref sheet and desired expressions for both OC and Thorn


1)  Varu by livingvirus

2)  Sweet wing  Rainbows sister by RainbowDragons123

3) Kurosian Design: Aurwen by pheonixfoxblood24

4) Hissy by richsquid1996

5)  Reference: Reyna the Soul Eater by KaijuDragon

6)  Emmy and Dolly by acidslurp by bubbles46853 (Roo)

7)  A Beautiful Wiew by MightyDragonEmperor

8)  Giant Skylander OC by Mad-WyvernzFTW

END OF JOURNAL :iconsays2plz: :.PC.: Thorn Pix by Snowfleet

The pointless box of mystery!

:star:CSS design is a edit of the CSS created by :iconmayahuskee::star: 

Thornacious design based on pic by :iconkuraime:

Animated ChibibThorn by :iconcutie-pink:

Thorn badge by :iconjewel-thief:

scotland Pictures, Images and Photos

Dundee United Stamp by Thornacious Second Thorn stamp by Thornacious Beer: Guinness by TheStampKing


Thornacious (Thorn)
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Most frustrating/irritating Classic Spyro moment. 

14 deviants said I don't mind any of them. YAY SPYRO REMASTER!
10 deviants said Trouble with the trolley eh? ( Breeze Harbor)
8 deviants said Alchemist aka That stupid git who walks right into a giant rock monster (Fracture Hills)
7 deviants said The...missed that last one by a second...Speedways (Any of them)
6 deviants said That crystal popcorn mini game...F*** you Hunter! (Magma Cone)
5 deviants said Boxing minigame with Bentley (Frozen Altars.)
4 deviants said Wild west dino level with Agent 9...ugh! (Dino Mines)
3 deviants said *Insert own choice*
2 deviants said Not at all hard but...Annoying cow things you have to herd.. (Zephyr)
2 deviants said Pfft none of them troubled me at all because I am a gaming God and you sir are a mere mortal of limited skill.

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Toonvasion Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2018
i love all this feral kissing.
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PheonixStarman Featured By Owner Edited Jul 5, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there, i know for Lady oc with you is closed.
rlly? plz 
But when it's wil be open, it is okay for Dragonia will be here with you?
Tom lenny face eyebrows wiggle 
I'm sure she will be close to you. Even you already have a girls.
Dragonia is appear and using attract 
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W0nderbolts Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2018
*hugs thorny and his family*
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Fnafan87 Featured By Owner May 22, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
hye you stil havend put my gift on yuor page ^^'

i was wondring if you fogret about it or smomething 
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Ddraigtanto Featured By Owner Edited May 21, 2018  Professional Writer
Hey there. I know you watch me nominally, but I really like Alternate History as a genre, and my favourite form of achieving that is moving around or changing which parts of the world are more or less economically or politically powerful and influential. To that end, my most recent one, which I've become quite enamored with (and I think you might like) is an alternate universe where Scotland was the dominant kingdom on the Isle of Great Britain, conquering the island before the Kingdom of England could be established, due to less sucessful Anglo-Saxon colonization, coupled with the initial Viking invasion being staged in Scotland, leading to a Viking-ruled Scotland leading the Great Heathen Army.

An Alternate History Idea: 1000 Miles.EDIT: This AU is still a WiP, with some concepts and historical lore planned to be altered to make them more realistic in line with actual population numbers of the Medieval periods where the series' point of divergence occurs.
So, for a fun exercise, I occasionally like to make alternate history scenarios where I move around centers of power in countries, so one area might be more prominent or powerful in some ways than others, e.g. Aquitaine or Brittany ruling the area of modern day France, and making the country more culturally Breton Celtic or Occitan, rather than Frankish/French as we know it; or making Austria the country which created the German Empire, or, one of my favourites, making the Finnish more powerful than their real life equivalents, going so far as to have THEM achieve the level of Dominion Maris Baltici which the Swedish Empire had in 1658. It's a fun little way to explore how to make such a change possible, and how this point of divergence affects eve
(Warning: This journal is long as hell, and also a WiP draft concept.)

From there, history butterflies off into its own thing, with the kingdom being more politically involved with Scandinavia, and the modern culture of Great Britain being a melting pot between Scottish, Nordic cultures and the English.

The problem is, I'm Welsh, and I know very little about Scottish history, which is making the historycrafting more difficult to do properly. So, my most logical solution was to find a Scot and ask them about it, and, well, you were the first one I thought of.
So! Is there any way you could help, or direct me to some decent material I could use for my own research, so I can make this crazy shit a bit more historically authentic?

In any case, thanks for taking the time to read this stupid long comment, and potentially the even longer stupid journal. ^^;
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