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Character Interview Trade - Kharybdis

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 14, 2016, 6:08 AM

In the last few weeks I have come to know another brilliant artists here on dA :iconeuskelo:  Her gallery is filled with amazing characters!  A few have caught the eye of my muse and my imagination.  One being her Kharybdis.  I'm not too keep on his world or the format in which he was created, but these questions I made up for him to answer have really helped give me insight into who he is, his culture, and his character traits.  I asked my questions to learn what I need to know for a future erotica with him.  :heart:  I like him!  He's a hard guy and blunt, but so are a few of my boys.  In trade, Arkeoklept will be doing an interview with my Mourn. :3  You can find that interview right here 
Interview with MournContinuing Grim-Red's interview exchange concept, I did a second set with the lovely writer Sarahbeth-Lazic. She interviewed Kharybdis (you can read that here) and my interview with her character Mourn is below. Click the thumbnail for a little more of his story, and let me know if you fancy some interviewing yourself!

Were you given the name Mourn at birth, or later in life? What is its origin?

I was given a birth name by my parents when I was born, but I will keep that to myself. In my culture, children are given a name by their parents. However, we can change our names as we age if we fe

Playing The Angel by Euskelo      The Darkest Star by Euskelo

Enjoy! :)
~ ~ ~ ~

I’m very curious about you, Kharybdis, so I have come up with a short list of questions to ask you as both my muse and my imagination have taken a keen interest in you. I can assure you that is nothing to be worried about. Maybe. I mean, if you find yourself covered in cupcake frosting one morning and you’re not sure how you got that way, blame my imagination…

1: I don’t know much about your race, besides the fact you’re an elf – and a very sexy one at that. Could you tell me a little bit on your race? Maybe a little background on your race and culture?

All right. I’ll keep it simple, given my audience. My entire race is governed by the unwelcome attention of She Who Thirsts. Our collective excess birthed her and now our souls are her due. There are various approaches to cheating her. The Eladrith Ynneas way is to stay alive at all cost. We elevated the torment of lesser species to an artform, and their suffering sustains us.

a: Are there any aspects of your race that you find troubling or annoying? Such as, with my race there are people who still cannot figure out how to write out ‘you are’ and just type out ‘UR’. I want to smack these people with the stupid stick that I keep in my purse. So, there must be something of your race that makes you want to slap your forehead, which is rather cute by the way.

To live and thrive within the Dark City is a constant struggle. The day you bring less than your best is the day you die. It is a thrilling and exhausting existence, full of challenge and stimulus. But our way is not the only way. Sometimes I wonder if it is even truly the best way…

b: With that being said, are there any aspects of your culture that you find enjoyable? For example, my race created coffee and then mixed it with flavors and whipped cream that makes a very delicious treat, and often gets me into trouble with a coffee rush – but that’s for another discussion.

I know of this recaff drink. A weak stimulant, apt for a weak race. In Commorragh, many artisans dedicate centuries to perfecting a given drug, to heighten sensation, prolong the lives of a given species when under duress… The produce of such labours is beyond compare.

2: As a person who is very fascinated with the many concepts of elvish races, especially the dark elf race known as the Drow, I am curious to know if your race has the typical ‘narcissistic’ attitude of self-love when it comes to viewing outside races in comparison to your own race. Is your race as a whole hateful towards other races or do you consider yourself independent enough of your race to play well with others? I ask this because…well…I have plans. Don’t question me.

Elustrei often warns me of appearing arrogant to mon-keigh. Our inherent superiority makes modesty difficult—and I care little for mon-keigh feelings—but I suppose I should be open-minded. I will grant you, one thing you humans do better than us is reproduce! At best, our interactions with your species might be mutually-beneficial. Mostly you are pawns in a larger game of which you have no understanding. And that would only be the craftworlders and exodites. In Commorragh, you have a range of uses, but none of them are pleasant or beneficial for you.

3: I heard a rumor that you are the type of guy who ‘would do anything to anything’. Could you elaborate on that when it comes to your sexual interest with others? *nibbles on a cookie* Don’t pay attention to the cookie, it is for your protection against my imagination…

So, there are rumours? They are unlikely to do the truth justice. There’s only one goal to most unions in Commorragh: asserting dominance. With slaves, it would be a part of breaking them. With social equals it’s usually a power play… occasionally just for pleasure, when the mood overtakes you. With superiors… well, you take what pleasure you can and hope you’re sufficiently entertaining. Outside that structure, I’m still learning my own preferences. It will take time, but time well spent, I’d say.

4: Let’s continue with the questions on relationships. Are you currently in any form of relationship? Are you the type of guy who commits to a single individual, or are you more apt to enjoying whatever company may come your way?

I have a pleasantly complex relationship with Elustrei that’s been on and off for a few decades. I would say monogamy is a mon-keigh concept, but I suppose some of my species would disagree. I think some practice it, at various times of their lives. Not in the Dark City, of course. What purpose would it serve there?

a: Keeping on this theme, do you find yourself attracted more towards physical looks or personality? What about a person instantly grabs your attention?

For sex, appearance and social standing are the key drivers. For companionship… I suppose I was looking for a different experience than anything available in Commorragh. I found that in Elustrei.

b: What characteristics of a person would instantly push you away, or even annoy you when it comes to ‘hooking up’?

I can’t imagine. It was never that complicated. Sex is sex—a spur of the moment thing, or a planned diversion. In a society where relationships aren’t a constant power struggle I expect one would come to find certain personality traits appealing or unappealing…

5: What is your idea of a romantic evening? Are you one of those guys who enjoys flat out sex or are you into passion and seduction and pleasure? Are you a cuddler?

A romantic evening? That sounds like something Elustrei might enjoy. I don’t know exactly what it would involve. Enjoying intimacies together other than just sex? I’d never really thought about it.

a: If a lovely lady was to seduce you, what would be a sure way of doing so? In my world, there is a phrase that states ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’. *offers a cookie* Cookie?

Through the stomach? I suppose the right drugs can be an effective component of seduction… Back home, a well-planned gathering would be appealing. The right place, some exotic mon-keigh and toys to play with, the right guests. Though I would have to wonder why I’d been invited and what intrigues I might get drawn into as a result of attending.

6: Do you have a connection to your family and friends, a sense of loyalty and respect? Are they important to you, or would you sell them to a circus if given a chance? *whispers* If you need the number to a circus, I have one. Trust me, it’s easier selling your family to a circus. I think there’s a tax write-off…

Loyalty and respect? *Pauses for a long moment to smile at this* No, no. My ties with relations only extended as far as what they could do for me, and how little I would have to pay for it. I suppose it’s different with Elustrei. If I experienced such feelings for anyone, it would be him.

7: If you had a female friend you had known since childhood, would you ever cross the line of intimacy with her? If yes, what might be reason?

Of course, if she were attractive (physically or socially speaking). Or if it just happened in the heat of the moment, as these things do.

a: If you ever found out that she was being mistreated by another male, let’s say a suitor / boyfriend / husband that you have wanted to skin for decades, what would you do? Don’t worry, there is a reason to my questions. Or was that a method to my madness…?

It would seem an opportunity to enlist her help in destroying a rival. Ideally, I would orchestrate a way for her to take her own revenge and keep my own hands clean, so to speak. Unless there was some advantage in being openly involved. I would need a lot more information about our relative situations and social standings to fully answer your question…

8: I’m curious as to the cuisine of your culture. Do you have any favorite food or drink? Do you have a sweet tooth? Also, and most importantly, are you allergic to chocolate, dairy, or the combination of those two? *hides the bottle of chocolate sauce* …just curious…

Our palate is considerably more refined than that of the lesser… hm. Other species. It would be difficult and ultimately pointless describing my favourite flavours to you. With that said, some human sweets are quite palatable. Uncomplicated, but not as bad as I expected. I’ve had some chocolates that I quite enjoyed. It’s difficult though… trying not to think about the mon-keigh hands that made them.

9: How dangerous is your life? I mean, rumor has it you are really talented with sharp objects and dangerous weapons, so I’m interested in knowing what type of lifestyle you live and what type of job you hold. Also, are you an animal lover? What that question as to do with a dangerous life, I’m not quite sure. But the image of you hugging a pug puppy is rather adorable…

From your question, I think perhaps you mean pets? We don’t keep them for companionship. They would have to serve a purpose, and that sort of creature is certainly not something you would want to put your arms around. As for my job, I’ve served in various roles; whatever would elevate me to the next stratum. I’m currently a… free agent. A mercenary, I suppose. I’ll hire my services out to whoever can afford them. My life is considerably less dangerous now than it used to be.

10: If you ever came to manifest within my world, that big blue and green and brown planet called Earth, or as I like to call it - Planet Starbucks, what would be the most interesting aspect of our world? Also, where would you like to go or something you may like to see? Something tells me that you would not be safe to take to Disney World…

Ah, it would be quite a thing to step onto your Terra! To dethrone your so-called God-Emperor and cast his carcass at the foot of his throne would send a powerful tremor of despair through your species. I shudder to imagine the pleasure of it. Um. That’s not… what you meant, is it? I must now think of travelling to places not as a conqueror but as a visitor. But I’m too distracted by that vision now. Perhaps ask me again another time.

11: This might be the most important question. How do you get yourself into those tiny outfits that have all those buckles and empty spaces that show your cute tummy and tight thighs? …seriously…you have a cute tummy…

A cute… what? Never mind. I’ve been accustomed to such outfits since I was very young. Most are designed to heighten particular experiences, many are internally barbed or bladed, or steeped in certain poisons to elicit particular physiological reactions. One's choice of clothing is not only about appearing good (which is important) but also the experience it will provide.

12: This question comes from my muse and has been censored from the original question posed by my imagination, which involved deviant suggestions of debauchery. Would you be averse to having a writer write up a little erotica featuring you, and maybe a pool of pudding? My apologies, I ran out of cookies…

A pool of… pudding? A pool of blood, perhaps. Your desserts aren’t entirely devoid of charm, but I’ve certainly never considered them erotic.

13: Last question. Are you a natural redhead? It is a lovely shade and reminds me of the red on candy canes…

Appearance is highly variable amongst all our kind. Elustrei changes his colouring even more frequently than most… I can’t recall my original hair colour, but I usually favour shades of red. I have experimented with toning it down a little of late. Mon-keigh are easily alarmed. Not… without reason, I suppose. They recognise predators and that’s to their credit. And on that note, if you ever come across another member of my species, I would strongly advise you to run away. I’m what you would call a deviant—corrupted by Elustrei’s rather unsavoury interest in your race. Another would merely take their pleasure and discard you. Dead, if you were very fortunate.

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