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Nintendo Force magazine - The Diggers of NIntendo

This piece appeared in Nintendo Force #7.  It featured pretty much every character with a digging theme to appear in a Nintendo game.  And now you're going through your memory to find a character I may have left off.
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Can You Dig It!
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uh... what’s Dig Dug doing over on the left there?..
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*insert Run song here*
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my boy Muddy and my girl Jill in one place!

hopefully (but not likely...) Smash is next!
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Hehe, this is quite a nice variety! Though I'm surprised Sonic made it and not Knuckles.
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Deadpool did something like this 
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I'm guessing that face belongs to Fygar? Just my guess.
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aw man this is so awesome.  XD I feel like im the only one here who recognizes Mr. Do.  Only i character I think you missed that I really like is Armored Armadillo but you put Drill Man so that's also cool
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One nintendo character which comes to my mind is Rare's Digger T Rock
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This is nice...except that sonic Isn't nintendo
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Lots of these characters aren't Nintendo's. These characters have all appeared in games that were on Nintendo systems - for example, "Sonic Colors".
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In what game did toad dig? 😐
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Super Mario Brothers 2, the desert levels - he was the quickest of all the characters when it came to digging.
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Thanks for clearing that up. Now I remember
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Thier drills, shovels, pickaxes, balls, and hands are the drills, shovels, pickaxe, balls, and hands that will pierce the heavens
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not all this guys are Nintendo you know 
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Every single one of these have appeared in a game that for on a Nintendo system - that was the only requirement for the characters in this poster.  I'm well aware that a good number of these characters are third party properties.
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ok:) got to ask where the clowns from though
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Mr. Do, from the game Mr. Do.  He appeared on the original Gameboy and SNES.
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