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Kenjai Returns

If you are an artist and would wish to picture this stories (draw, collage, shoot, whatever), please feel free to do it and e-mail me. But remember, this is just for fun and you will not be paid or anything, as I did writing.

Warning - Adult material. Not recommended for minors

This is a fiction story and all similarity with other works and characters is mere coincidence.

This story is based on a suggestion by the lovely and beautiful fan  :iconkenjai100:  and is the continuation of

Mature Content

Please, visit her DA gallery to see her marvelous artworks.


A month after she felt that new fascinating and addictive sensation for the first time in all its plenitude, Kenjai was resting on the leopard fur she had killed on her own bed with her bare hands. The fur was stretched as a carpet in Kenjai's room where she watched her astonishing feat once again on a giant UHDTV. She watched the video time after time and this time it was not different: As she watched herself teasing and injuring the savage animal with her bare hands, she was strongly compelled to feel that alluring wondrous sensation of power and strength again.

Skin - Lg 803020 by thormanoftunder

Wearing nothing but a sports underwear, the beautiful young woman did not resist to slid her fingers inside her panty while she watched herself literally riding the leopard to his death. Feeling the touch of the soft fur, she caressed her downy skin and scrubbed all her splendid stretched body on the feline carpet like she were a pussycat in heat. Her arms, thighs, torso, cheeks, breasts, and nipples rubbed against the leopard's fur. Her movements on the screen teasing the leopard also teased herself on the furry carpet. Every kick and punch on the beast made her shiver and rub herself more and more. The girl leaned back and massaged her breasts and nipples under her sports bra while her other hand slid along her toned hilly abs and penetrated her panty.  Then she rolled and touched her abs on the fur while scrubbing her breasts and vagina, raising her hard round and flawless derriere up to the ceiling. An intense sexual arousal fulfilled all her body becoming stronger and stronger. Her sensual dance on the screen aroused her deepest wild desires.

Kenjai went to a doggy position and then she kneeled biting and licking her sensuous fleshy lips. She moaned louder and louder while her thighs muscles rhythmically pumped her torso up and down while she watched herself clinching to the leopard and squeezed him to his death. Moaning in pleasure, she breathed deeper and deeper, faster and faster. Her long-nailed fingers massaged her hair, her neck, and her beautiful breasts, rubbing and pressing her hard nipples so much that they secreted a little of their white liquid. At the same time, her other hand unceasingly scrubbed her throbbing vagina and her clit leading all her body to be on fire. A sultry heat took all Kenjai's body. It was uncontrollable and irresistible. The insatiable young woman firmly gripped her sports bra with both her hands and opened her arms wide tearing it up to shreds and setting her turgid round breasts free. Kenjai laid her back on the skin and continued to rub her vagina, her clitoris, and her breasts. Her rhythmic movements synchronized to her own on the screen, aiming to have an orgasm with herself. Her quivering muscles made her body to ripple. She raised her hips and rhythmically moved them faster and faster, moaning louder and louder as her breathing was faster and faster. Finally, at the same time her image on the screen reached the climax, Kenjai strongly came in rapturous pleasure. She squirted on the leopard's skin while her whole body uncontrollably convulsed and trembled in ravishing pleasure. She felt like she was no more in her room or even on Earth but in another dimension, a dimension of utterly pleasure, amazing joy, pure delight, and unlimited ecstasy.

Slowly recovering from that thrilling sensation, Kenjai rested on the soft fur when she was interrupted by a phone call. It was her longtime friend and models agency director Phil inviting her for a new photo session project. He wanted her to pose with a male model in the next day. Payment was good and the model was a very handsome guy she always wanted to work with but never had a chance before. So, she accepted, in spite of the very early time they scheduled. Before sunrise, she was at the agency car parking where she met Phil who was waiting for her holding two heavy backpacks in his shoulders.

- Hi, Phil! Good morning!

- Hi, Kenni! Rush we have to leave immediately. - he responded gabbing her hand and running to his car.

- Hey, why this rush? - she asked.

- We have to use the morning light. All staff is already there waiting for you. - Phil responded.

- Ok, but this way you will have a heart attack before 40.  Kenjai joked.

- I already had a heart attack. - Phil coldly responded.

- Ok, sorry for that.

By the end, the couple reached the photo shooting site. The male model was already there and everyone was waiting for her. Kenjai was so perfectly beautiful that very few makeup was needed. And that outside shoots required very few, too. So, in few moments they were shooting together.

Bikini - Olya - 794fd9f24441e5ff3a0cc30d7a437899 by thormanoftunder

Eric, the male model, showed to be a very difficult person to work with. He was really handsome and a very fit muscular guy, but he was very far from being a professional. At least photographs are still images, so who cares? Kenjai had to tolerate his "prima donna" behavior and he was a deception for her who longed to work with him for some time already. Anyway, it was more difficult for Kenjai to restrain her laugh provoked by Mike, the photographer when he did his jokes and grimaces at every Eric's whimsies.

lake - DSC 0420 by thormanoftunder

The shooting was in a crystal lake, a little desert paradise miles away from any sign of civilization. A beautiful waterfall on some rocks completed the picturesque landscape. Kenjai thought to herself that, at least, it was an Eden-like place, so, it would be better to enjoy the time concentrating on the view and the scenery. But Eric was a so much annoying and unpleasant person, sometimes even vexed, that she yearned for the end of the session. Suddenly, Eric left the water running and crying out as a little boy. Had her prays been heard?

- There's something in the water! There's something in the water! I'll not go back there! I won't go in the water. It's a giant snake, a crocodile, a hippopotamus!! I shall not go in there again. I quit! Enough for me! I quit!!

croc - Adult-Nile-crocodile-swimming-on-water-surf by thormanoftunder

Eric took his things and locked himself in the agency's van. Everybody looked to one another and then they looked in the water but saw nothing. Kenjai was on the boulders under the waterfall and, even being at a higher angle, she did not see anything like all the others. Phil talked to Eric trying to convince him that he might have seen was only a tree trunk floating on the water, but there was no way to get the guy from the van. Mike said he already had all pictures he needed, so Phil decided to end the session and called Kenjai to the margin, signalizing to her that the day was over.

While the staff gathered all equipment, Kenjai jumped on the water one last time and swam to the margin. Mike shot all her leap and armfuls. She did it so graciously that she looked like an Olympic diver. When she emerged, he kept shooting her. She was wearing a very tiny gold bikini and a golden tiara on her forehead for the photo session. It was like watching a goddess rising from her water reign to ours. She was all wet and her soaked skin flickered under the sunlight. Kenjai was not muscular, but the swimming effort enhanced her muscularity showing that she was fit enough to evidence her toned muscles outlining her shining skin.

In spite of being a very experienced photographer, Mike could not avoid his little friend between his legs to bulge his pants while he stared that gorgeous curvy body to trickle sparkling waterdrops on the sand when she lifted her arms up to twist her soaked hairs and tie them in a high ponytail, raising her round perky breasts even more. He could perfectly see some bulging biceps on her arms and that her thighs and calves muscles looked thicker than usual and that her abdomen curves were outlining hilly curves. So Mike realized he had the best job in the world and that he could die happy after having met and worked with that magnificent woman.

- Have you been at gym, Kenni?

- A little, Mike. Did you notice? Am I too muscular? It may be too bad for the sessions...

- No way! You look perfect. Never been so gorgeous! You've got the most perfect curves in the universe!

Untitled Drawing by thormanoftunder

On the way back to the agency, Eric insisted to have seen a monster, perhaps even the Loch Ness monster in his theatrical words. He was becoming a joke himself under the eyes of all, but Kenjai was intrigued. If it were a tree trunk, the others also would have seen it. And Eric was a so arrogant guy that he would not lie so much to quit a model work and run the risk to become a joke and ruining his career. Something in that story did not match. What if Eric was right and there really was some sort of dangerous beast in the water? This possibility aroused that alluring sensation and her pussy was tingling just to think about it. It could be a new challenge. Kenjai had to return there. But not with the staff.

When they reached the agency car parking, Kenjai was walking to her car when Phil called her:

- Hey, Kenni! You may keep the bikini.

- I what? - she asked surprised and realizing she had not changed her clothes. - Oh, I can change myself quickly!

- Never mind. My gift to you. Ah! I'll call you along the week. I must have a new project for you abroad! Is your passport ok?

- Thank you, Phil! And yes, always ready! That's great news! Where?

- Not confirmed yet. I tell you in the next days See ya! Bye!

- Thanks, Phil. See ya! Bye, Mike! Bye folks! And... bye... Eric. - She ended her phrase in a sort of disappointing voice tone.

- Bye, Kenjai. Nice working with you. We need to do it again soon. What will you do later?

- I'll hunt the Loch Ness Monster, you jerk! - she thought to herself, but sarcastically responded with a smile: - Dunno yet, but I will think of something. Bye, Eric.

All staff hid their laughs while they walked to the elevator and Kenjai turned on her car. She left the building and took the way to her home. Then she said to herself:

- Sun is still high and I am here in my car returning home in a golden bikini!? If that "thing" leave the lake and never returns? Why wait for another opportunity? Need to return there and it has to be now!

Spin - Maxresdefault by thormanoftunder

Suddenly, just like James Bond would do, Kenjai quickly flipped her car 180 speeding up back to the lake. By reaching there, she parked the car about a hundred meters from the lake and walked in silence trying not to alert the creature if there really was any. She walked along the sandy margin, trying to find some evidence. She found nothing but the photo session staff marks and a male sunglass that belonged to Eric. He was so scared that he had lost it. Then, Kenjai removed her robe and entered the water. She swam to the rocks under the waterfall. Climbing on the rocks, she could have a better vision of the whole lake from a higher point of view.

- Nothing in the water. Nothing on the margins. Nothing at all. - she whispered to herself. - Well, it's a warm day. Why not enjoy the late daylights in this natural paradise for some more time?  

Kenjai entered in the waterfall to freshen herself up. It was an invigorating sensation. She let the fresh water massage her whole body. She was having a really good time and enjoyed it so much. Then her stomach froze by the sight.

Five bikers parked their motorcycles in the margin. All big muscular men. Long hair, long beard, bandanas, etc. They removed their leather clothes and entered the water in their underwears. There was nowhere Kenjai could hide. She tried to stay behind the waterfall, but it was too late. She had already been seen and now they were swimming fast toward the large rock she was on.

- Holy crap! - she thought. - And now what?

The men started to bully her. Their intentions were obvious. Kenjai tried to leave, but soon they were all on the rock and surrounding her almost naked body.

- Hey, hey, hey, look what we have here, bros!

- A very pretty golden wet bitch! Let's have fun with her, boss!

- Hey, guys, let's forget this. Please, let me go and everything will be fine. You can have all your fun on this lake alone. – she useless argued.

They surrounded the stunning woman in a golden tiny bikini who tried to hide her parts. They walked toward her, closing the circle.

- The whore does not like to party? You will join us. You have no choice!

- I'm warning you. Get off and let me go and no one will get hurt!

All they laughed and stepped forward closer and closer to her. Their leader stretched his arm and tried to grab Kenjai's arm, but she was faster and grabbed his hand twisting it. Like a flash, Kenjai pulled her harasser toward her and hit her foot on his stomach, then she firmly grabbed his long beard and hair and pulled his face against her knee, throwing his head back and making him spin in the air and fall slamming his back on the rock. At the same time, her elbow hit another biker's nose breaking it and her knee hit his balls dropping him to his knees. A third biker tried to punch her face, but she dodged so fast that he only hit the air. Kenjai grabbed his arm and twisted it behind him. She also grabbed his neck lifting him and throwing him into the water. The fourth and the fifth bikers attacked from her back and got to lock her arms. Their leader stood up and came close to her. Them, spitting one tooth, he angrily said:

- And now, bitch? Let's party!

Immediately, the big man started to punch Kenjai's abs. But it was like punching a brick wall. How could that yummy flat belly be so strong? Soon his hands were in pain. He stared the lovely Kenjai's face to hear from her:

- Now, welcome to MY party! - she responded with an evil smile.

The big man had no time to understand. Kenjai used her capturers as props and locked the leader's neck with her powerful legs. The leader extra weight made the two guys fall and they released the girl who spun around the leader's body holding his neck with her feet. Kenjai dropped him on the rock legs scissoring him around his chest and neck, grabbing his arm and stretching it to the limit. The biker in the water finally got to climb the rock again, so Kenjai released the scissor and jumped high into the air hitting him with a so powerful punch that threw him in the water again. The two guys that grabbed her arms attacked together again, but she jumped high and kicked both in their faces at same the time, dropping them in the rock. She fell on them and armlocked one by his neck and leg scissored the other by his torso. She showed to be stronger than the two guys at the same time that desperately struggled to break free from her powerful lock. They could not get rid of her grip and passed out.

Finally, recovered from his balls' pain, the second guy returned to attack Kenjai. She released her captives and stood up waiting to be attacked. He aimed Kenjai's face but only punched the air while she kicked his balls again. This time he fell on his knees and Kenjai hit his face with her own knee. He was close to the rock border and slid falling into the water.

The leader was the largest and strongest of the five men. He attacked Kenjai again trying to grab her neck but the girl was faster and locked his hands in a sort of test of strength grip. The big muscled man squeezed Kenjai's delicate hands with all his might and was surprised to not see a painful expression on the girl's face, but an evil look. As more he squeezed, more Kenjai squeezed back. He realized that he was being physically overpowered by a gorgeous wet blonde girl and this provoked an erection of his member. His powerful arms were being taken down by the girl's arms. It was a surreal view: a big muscled long haired and long bearded man being subdued by a pretty blonde girl with long dyed nails.

Soon he was on his knees. Kenjai hit his face with her knee and his balls with her foot. Then she embraced his torso lifting him from the rock and squeezed him with all her mighty strength, breaking a few ribs and hitting his face with her forehead making him dizzy. Kenjai released him and he fell on his knees. Then she spun and kicked his face making him spit two more teeth. Kenjai stopped her spin leaving her magnificent round butt right in front of the kneeled man's face. She stretched her open legs and bent ahead totally engulfing her tiny thong back string in her firm round and flawless butt that lightly touched his face. Through between her open thighs, he could see her underboobs trying to escape from the tiny golden top. Kenjai stared him by above her shoulder and in a sexy voice tone she asked:

- Is it this you wanna touch, poor man? Let me help you.

Then she quickly moved her hands through between her open legs and grabbed his both wrists pulling them through between her open legs just below her pussy. His arms touched Kenjai's smooth skin between her thighs. The wide-eyed man gulped at dry. Suddenly, Kenjai strongly pulled his both arms several times like she was turning a boat engine on. This made his face strongly hit her ass. And the mighty girl repeated this several times, each time stronger. His head was being crashed against Kenjai's hard ass muscles again and again and he was about to be knocked out. The man's nose was bleeding and his face was bruised. Kenjai stopped for a moment to allow him to breathe a little. Then, in a final move, Kenjai merciless pulled his arms ahead one last time but this time she also pulled his arms up breaking them into her pussy and making him scream in unbearable pain.

Possessed by rage and feeling that addicting sensation running along her nerves and blood the girl stepped behind the kneeled dizzy man and locked his neck with left arm and firmly grabbed his head with her right hand.  She was ready to break his neck but at the very last moment, she stopped. She was not a murderer. That was not necessary. So, the mighty girl firmly grabbed the man's neck and back with her hands and lifted the 150kg man over her head. The two guys on the rock woke up and saw that surreal view. The most gorgeous girl they have ever seen in their lives had their leader's life in her hands but spared it at her mercy and now she was lifting that unconscious muscular man over her head. They realized that she could have killed all the five men only with her bare hands.

Kenjai stepped forward toward them and the scared duo jumped into the water. The other two bikers had just climbed back on the rock when Kenjai threw the leader on them, making them fall into the water again. Now all the five men were in the water. They decided to swim to the margin and get away.

Standing on the rock border and flaunting her flawless body with her hands on her hips, Kenjai shouted:

- I told you should get off and everything would be fine. Now you will need a doctor and a dentist! Take the road and don't return or...

The five men were swimming with difficulties. They were all in pain, bleeding and some had broken bones. Their leader was unconscious and had to be dragged by one of his partners. This mess called the attention of a hidden beholder that now, swam toward the ground five men. From her higher angle, Kenjai noticed his presence and quickly realized that Eric was right. It was a crocodile, swimming fast toward the group. In that moment, that obsessing and rapturous sensation took over her whole body. She had just beaten five big dangerous strong guys with her bare hands and now she was granted a real killer. She never felt that sensation at a so high level. And she was addicted to it. Kenjai became so much sexually aroused that her nipples hardened like small pink bullets, her breasts tiny thin hair bristled and her pussy tingled and throbbed kissing and soaking her tiny little golden panty with sweet liquid in her that dripped down her formidable thighs.

- There you are, big boy! A worthy opponent, no doubt. And you must be very strong. The stronger you are, the better! Now you'll see how strong Kenjai is and who's stronger! You are about to meet the Queen of the Beasts!

Croc - 969bb27e6b8a54f1f6c608b218419f63--salt-wate by thormanoftunder

As the croc moved closer and closer to the five men, Kenjai dove into the crystal water again and swam fast like a torpedo. No Olympic swimmer could have reached her. Even male. Her fast arms and legs splashed water as she approached her scale armored target. Three of the men reached the margin but the leader, now awake, was too much injured and was being dragged by his friend. And now they were the croc's target. All men started shouting and the two latecomers desperately swam toward the margin, but it was clear that they could not make it. And she could not let them die.

Kenjai's hobby forced her to know animals’ characteristics. That specimen was a male, about four meters-long and seemed to weight half a ton. This was a great challenge to her and excited Kenjai even more. She was swimming in a crystal water lake in front the five men she had just beaten with her bare hands and about to clash against an over 400kg of powerful muscles and killer sharp teeth.

Croc - 4256 by thormanoftunder

The crocodile opened his jaws to bite the two men but at the very last moment, the beast seemed to have been hit by a battering ram. Both scared men did not understand and kept swimming to the margin to save their lives. Soon the five beholders watched their beautiful she-grinder emerge from the water and embrace the croc's neck.

Croc - Km2742nw-1354838683 by thormanoftunder

Firmly clinched to the immense reptile, Kenjai rolled with him in the water. While rolling, she locked her powerful legs around the croc's body and punched the monster's head with all her might. But his armored scales were very resistant. She increased her punches strength and her legs' pressure around the croc's body that felt it and dove trying to get rid of her. Long minutes passed and the men apprehensively waited, watching the now turbulent surface of the water. Air bubbles emerged and were followed by the crocodile, that moved toward the men at the margin, but where was the girl?

Suddenly, hands with dyed long-nailed fingers emerged from the water on both sides of the crocodile's neck. Kenjai returned clinching the beast's neck with her powerful arms and locking its body with her mighty thighs. But now the beautiful young woman was naked. Her golden outfit had been torn and lost during the underwater battle. The two opponents rolled and rolled in the water again. The clash between the pretty girl and the monstrous beast looked utterly unequal, a frightening contrast. The five men experienced a dual feeling: of revenge for what she merciless did to them and of compassion for her life and to be saving them to become lizard dinner. Kenjai and the reptile rolled and plunged, emerged and rolled. Kenjai's stamina was unbelievable and as they rolled they approached the margin more and more. Would it be only an erratic movement or would this be Kenjai's plan to remove the fierce beast from his dominium?

Finally, in shallow waters, Kenjai could firmly step her feet on the ground. Now it was her dominion. Embracing the crocodile's body from below, the beautiful girl displayed a stupendous unbelievable physical strength lifting the monster from the ground. Only its powerful tail desperately swished the shallow waters in useless attempts to hit his beautiful torturer.

Kenjai threw the huge animal down that quickly rolled and attacked her. Its sharped teeth jaw approached Kenjay fast like a missile.  But Kenjai was ready and firmly gripped its open jaw with each of her hands precluding its mortal bite. She could smell his fetid breathe while he grunted trying to snatch her body.

Holding the crocodile's jaws open, Kenjai's arms trembled. Her lovely face expressed a contrasting raging look. The monster tried to move its head but it was useless against Kenjai's arms. Slowly, the girl opened the jaws wider and wider. Her mighty arms muscles proved to be stronger than the huge jaws muscles, overpowering many hundreds of kilos of pressure. Realizing this, Kenjai was more and more excited. That sexual arousal fulfilled her body. Her pussy tingled and throbbed with the effort and the brute strength sensation. Kenjai surrendered to that inevitable addicting and enthralling sensation. The five men watched an unbelievable show. None of them could avoid their members to grow.

Kenjai had to end that struggle, so she drove all her physical strength to her arms and, gritting her teeth and emitting a feminine sexy grunt, she opened them wide.

- No matter how much strong you are, I am stronger!!!

Her shining body trickled water and sweat. Her round perfect breasts shook in the open jaw wide angle. The magnificent woman was so excited about her own brute strength that she decreased her arms pressure allowing the beast to close its jaw a little, but just enough to permit her touching its sharp teeth with her hardened nipples. Kenjai circled her nipples around and between the monster’s sharp teeth. This extremely risky feat associated with her own brute strength caused her a tremendous sexual arousal. Now she had to come at any cost.

So she opened its jaws wide, beyond its limit, tearing the monster's muscles and dislocating the jaws bones from the skull. The croc no more controlled his mortal jaws releasing the pressure, so Kenjai also released her grip. Then she jumped on its back tightly clinching it with her thighs. It tried to run to the water, but Kenjai nailed her feet on the ground blocking his escape. She touched her thigh aiming her knife but it was not there.

- Shit! I left it in the car!

Kenjai threw her wet ponytail back and gripped the monster upper jaw pulling it back with one arm while she thumped it with her other fist. She thumped again and again while she moved her hips rubbing her pussy against its neck. The men watched that goddess' show while rubbing their own members. It was a totally insane scene. Kenjai rode the monster rippling her hips on his neck and thumping its upper jaw time after time, stronger and stronger. Finally, her fist pierced the huge lizard's long jaw breaking it through to the other side and leaving a hole in its middle. Her thighs pressed its head and her hips frantic moves smashed its skull. The croc no more moved. Only Kenjai frantically moved, faster and faster, closer and closer to a rapturous orgasm.  

She was almost coming when she noticed two other crocodiles coming toward her. Both males about the same size of the dead one under her pussy.

- How you two dare to interrupt me right now? You’re gonna pay for that!

Croc - Crocodile6 by thormanoftunder

Kenjai left the dead reptile and ran toward the new ones that were leaving the water side by side. She jumped spinning in the air and falling sat on the neck of one's. Then she clamped her mighty thighs around the reptile’s neck and rolled aside to grab the other lizard between her arms. Kenjai rolled on the shallow clung to the two large lizards, just like they would do to their preys. She was using their own mortal roll against themselves.

Then she managed to pin one crocodile between her pussy and the shallow water while she held the other one's belly on her breasts, embracing his neck with her arms. Kenjai squeezed her thighs and her arms with all her might. Her strength was stupendous and utterly peerless. No matter how much the two huge reptiles struggled, it was useless against the mighty girl. She squeezed both monsters more and more while she rippled her pussy against the croc's neck faster and faster and rubbed the other one's belly to her breasts. Totally opposed the leopard's fur, their hard scales did not offer any comfortable touch, but her need for coming was so strong that the painful friction only excited her even more. Kenjai rubbed her pussy faster and faster on the below one and shook the other one massaging her breasts and nipples.

Even away from that titanic clash, the men could hear breaking bones sounds among the water splashes. That pretty girl had just killed a crocodile with her bare hands and now was killing two others at one at the same time while she masturbated with their carcasses. Kenjai moaned in pleasure, louder and louder and finally she screamed squirting her sweet liquid. In ravishing pleasure she crushed her preys even more, constricting their skull and torso to unlikely narrow angles.

After she stopped to convulsion in shivering pleasure squeezing the carcasses, Kenjai released the broken dead monsters and stood up, crying her victory yell and punching her chest like a female Tarzan. Those men could not believe their own eyes. Then she grabbed the reptiles' tails and dragged them toward the other dead one and piled them together. Finally, she stepped one foot on the pile and flexed her both biceps in a glorious victory pose.

The men also cummed and Kenjai noticed it. Then she stared them and angrily walked toward them. They surpassed their injuries and pain and took their bikes leaving the lake running like mice.

Kenjai turned back to the three dead lizards and smiled. She rubbed her pussy again:

- Girl, look what you've done! Not bad to end the day! You have to come back again and next time and don't forget the cameras.

After taking a final bath on the crystal lake to get rid of the blood, Kenjai called Doctor Natasha Romanovich, the veterinarian she hired to care about her small zoo.

- Doc, can you bring the truck. I have three little lizards to skin and stuff.

Croc - Croco1 by thormanoftunder
This story is based on a suggestion by the lovely and beautiful fan  :iconkenjai100:  and is the continuation of…
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Do not threaten the Queen of the Jungle While Drinking Your Beer in hers jungle.
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That's it!
Feel free to picture this and all of my other stories and characters anytime. 
Just keep me posted. I'll be honored.
Hercu-Liz Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2018
Great story Max.  I do love the concept of a strong, muscular woman wrestling killer reptiles.  This fight Kenjai had against crocodiles was awesome and so well written, full of detail.
Any chance one of your fearless beauties could do the same but against a large constrictor snake, such as an anaconda, or a python of some sort? 
thormanoftunder Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2018
Thanks for your words, Steve! I'm glad you liked it!

Anacondas are on my list of foes. But I'm struggling to get time to write.
Stay tuned anyway!

and feel free to use all of my short stories and characters as refrence or insoiration for yiur artworks, too. More, you can draw them as illustration or even comic anytime.
Just keep me posted if you do!
Hercu-Liz Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2018
Nice to hear, I know what it is like with time though. Creativity needs time and that is something we are all short of. I would love to do some art for you to go with your works, but as you know I tend to limit myself women fighting snakes. I need to broaden my horizons I guess, but It’s what I dig.

By the way, found this by accident which is kinda coincidental:…

Or this:…
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Take your time. Firts things, first!!

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well she's a model, fighting against fast and nimble animal could be dangerous for her plastic..

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