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If you are an artist and would wish to picture this stories (draw, collage, shoot, whatever), please feel free to do it and e-mail me. But remember, this is just for fun and you will not be paid or anything, as I did writing.

Warning - Adult material. Not recommended for minors

This is a fiction story and all similarity with other works and characters is mere coincidence.

This story is based on a suggestion by the lovely and beautiful fan  :iconkenjai100:  .
Please, visit her DA gallery to see her marvelous artworks.


South Africa, January 2018. An uncommon overwhelming heat wave affected animals and people, especially a small team of photo professionals, sweating in a Land Rover crossing the golden savanna.

- Man, I've never imagined facing such heat here. It must be over 40 Celsius under the shadow - commented Phil, the producer.

- And it must be over 100 inside this old can! - responded Mike, the photographer.

- Sorry, bwana! This old car has no air-conditioned but can take us anywhere! - defended Abedi, their driver and guide.

- Someone should install an air-conditioning system in this savanna! - Mike joked.

Kenjai was in silence being tossed from side to side along that dirt track that Abedi called a highway. She was the model and just wanted to return home soon to rest from the long day posing under the sun. There was nothing else to be done, so she relaxed and appreciated the view of all those wild animals close to the track, so beautiful, so free. Some of them so dangerous. She just smiled on hearing Mike's joke but it made her thoughts fly.

Kenjai was not a common model. Yes, she was really beautiful. A stunningly beautiful young woman in her twenties. Her straight blonde hair on her back, beautiful light-blue eyes, her fleshy lips and perfect nose made her look like an angel on Earth. She was not muscular but was quite fit, looking slim and her flat toned abs perfectly harmonized with her large breasts and nates curves. But why she was not common? Because she was not only a model but also a photographer? No! Because she was a huntress. A very skilled huntress. And very few people knew this secret of hers.

The beautiful woman chose the model and photographer career and soon found that she should learn how to physically defend herself. So, she joined a martial arts academy and learned all different kinds of fights. Karate, Judo, Krav-Maga, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay-Thay, and others. She became very skilled on all of them reaching the top of each of those arts. She was so good that she never got a scar, granting her to keep working as a model. No one knew her top combat skills, but only those unfortunate ones that tried to harass her and who were granted with some weeks "resting" in the hospital.

Kenjai used to hunt often. She never missed a shot. Her home was full of her stuffed trophies like lions, leopards, tigers, crocodiles, gorillas, bears, snakes and many others. Some of her clothes were made of skins and furs of her own preys. She did not care about wildlife activists thought about this. She just loved to evidence her superiority against those powerful beasts. But it was only a hobby for her free time.

Kenjai100 - f - 51mPx+f2HkL by thormanoftunder

She remembered that some weeks before, she was posing in a studio for a photo session for a famous swimsuit brand ad and the project included a pit-bull. She was wearing a red high-cut one-piece swimsuit that exposed her sideboobs and her firm flawless nates. Everything was going well during the session until the dog became mad, provoked by the flashes. Suddenly it tried to bite her.

The dog was quite strong. A pit-bull is a muscular animal that can even drag a car. But Kenjai was skilled and, in spite of her angelical beauty, her muscles were much stronger than they looked. In a lightning-fast move, Kenjai grabbed the pit-bull’s jaws before they clamped in her neck. The session team was terrified. Some petrified, some screaming, some running. The dog's trainer tried to make it stop but got no effect.

Growling like crazy the dog trembled his head and jaws, locked open by Kenjai's hands and arms that prevented them to reach her lovely neck. Her sweet face showed an anger expression that created a unique beautiful contrasting effect. Suddenly the beautiful young woman threw herself back and rolled with the dog on the floor, never releasing his killer jaws. Now she was under the raging animal, but still holding its jaws open. She knew she was strong enough to open her arms and tear his jaws apart, but it was just a scared animal, so she did not want to seriously hurt it and decided to slowly hug the dog's body with her long smooth legs.

So she did it and started to squeeze and squeeze. Slowly, more and more. The dog noticed this and desperately tried to escape at any cost, but no result. Kenjai’s powerful legs slowly inflicted more and more pressure. Now the dog could not breathe well. Soon it could not inflate its lungs. Within a few minutes, the dog fainted and fell apart.

Kenjai, still holding his jaws open, stood up lifting the animal by his jaws and then, gently laid him down on the floor. Finally, its trainer came and strapped the collar and the muzzle. Everyone was safe now. But, in spite of they were image professionals, no one shot that surreal scene. A young female sweet-faced model had just knocked a full grown male pit-bull down only with her bare hands. She had never felt that sensation before. A sensation of power and glory. It was like an orgasm. She always used a gun to shoot down her preys, but that thrilling new sensation of defeating a so powerful animal only with her bare hands enraptured her as an addicting flow in her blood.

This memory came to her at the moment she was contemplating some leopards on a tree along the dirt road. So, her mind gathered the pieces and an odd idea spring in her mind.

- Abedi! Stop the car! - she shouted.

- Sorry, madam, It's too dangerous here! – Abedi tried to argue.

- Stop!  I told you to stop right now, man!!

- Better do it, Abedi. She always gets what she wants... - Phil said.

So Abedi stopped and Kenjai quickly lept out of the car. She was wearing a large hat and a linen beach tunic over a tiny two-pieces bikini in zebra-print and large brown sunglasses. She asked Phil to give her the rifle.

- Oh, c'mon, Kenni! Not time for your hobby now!

- Hush, Phil, just do it! And throw me the tranquilizer darts.

- Whaddahell you wanna do?

- Hurry, man!

The noisy team and the large white tunic waved by the wind called the big cats’ attention too much. Kenjai had to remove her large hat and her tunic. She discreetly dropped the large hat close to her feet, but the linen tunic, soaked by her sweat, was glued to her body. So, she firmly grabbed the tunic neckline and opened her arms wide, tearing it in half and exposing her magnificent sweat-soaked golden skin, gently molded by her toned muscles, glowing under the sunlight.

The leopards noticed that uncommon movement and became alert, ready to run away. At this moment Phil delivered the rifle to Kenjai that exchanged the ammunition for the tranquilizer darts.

- Are you crazy, girl?  Phil whispered.

- Hush!  She responded.

Kenjai silently walked closer to the cats and hid behind a tree. She aimed the rifle to the largest leopard, an uncommonly large male specimen. She tensed all her muscles. Sweat drops rolled along her face and along her magnificent golden body. She held her breath and pulled the trigger.

A perfect shot as always. The dart hit the cat's loin that jumped on the ground and tried to run away with the others. The marvelous young woman ran after him, driving her male friends crazy. Phil, Mike and Abedi called her warning her not to go. Useless. Kenjai was quite fast and the tree men could not follow her speed.

Leopard - Roaring-leopard by thormanoftunder

The leopard was confused. He wanted to attack, but he was dizzier and dizzier. In some minutes it was sleeping and Kenjai reached the unconscious feline. She came closer slowly and in silence to be sure it was deeply sleeping and touched it with the rifle but he did not move. His tongue was out of his mouth, evidence that he was under the tranquilizer effect. So, Kenjai caressed the big cat’s soft fur.

- You are so beautiful, big boy! And quite big indeed! I've never seen a so big leopard. I bet you are very strong. Soon you will have your chance to prove how much.

The leopard was really bigger than the usual. Leopards never reach 100kg of weight, but that was almost 120kg of pure muscles, fangs and claws. Kenjai squatted and grabbed the big cat, passing her arm under it and lifting it on her shoulder. She held him with one arm and the rifle with another.

The men arrived and came across to that incredible surreal image. A beautiful young woman in a tiny zebra-print bikini, shining in sweat and holding an enormous leopard on her shoulders and a rifle in her hand. As she walked, her perky and pointing-to-the-sky breasts shook and seemed that would burst that tiny bikini top at any time. Her nipples were remarkably stiff and about to drill the fabric of her top. The three men were frozen and jaw-dropped staring at Kenjai, who stopped for a moment and also stared back at them.

- What's on, boys? Never seen a girl and her pet before?

Then she sensually walked to the car like she was in a fashion parade and gently laid the cat on it. She knew very well the compelling effect she caused to others, men or women, and she loved to play with this, enjoying a sensation of pure mastering and superior domination.

- C'mon, boys! I wanna to reach home soon!

All of this provoked an involuntary anatomic reaction to all the three men who returned back to the car with some discomfort when walking.

-    Did you see that, bwanas? I cannot believe my own eyes! Was that real? Is she from this earth? She must only be a goddess!

-    Don’t worry, Abedi! – responded Mike. - I took pictures of this vision from Heavens. They might be helpful on your lonely nights.

- Th - Thank you, bwanna...!

Finally, they departed toward Kenjai’s mansion.

Kenjai was very wealthy. She made a lot of money as a model, photographer, fashionista and wise investments. In her mansion, she had plenty of room outside, some horses, and even a small zoo. She also hired a veterinarian to take care of the horses and the few other wild and exotic animals, Doctor Natalia Romanovich, a young professional that moved from Russia to South Africa and shared same Kenjai's worries with wildlife activists, considering them a bunch of morons. She loved animals but also appreciated to see them fighting.

The leopard was under the doctor’s care until be totally healthy and ready for what Kenjai planned to do with it. Some days later, Kenjai was alerted by the doctor that it was ready.

- So, Doc, did you feed it well?

- Yes, the exact food quantity to keep it healthy and strong, but totally crazy to hunt living flesh.

- Thanks, doc.  You can take it to the place by at your will.

- Yes, Kenjai, as you wish. It will be ready by the morning.

Kenjai had her dinner and tried to have a good resting night but,thinking about the next day full agenda, she was excessively excited to fell asleep. She barely could hold herself, once she was also thinking about a very special guest that she would meet. She wanted to be very ready for him. So she tried her new super sexy one-piece swimsuit she bought for that special occasion.

Kenjai100 - k - 51mPx+f2HkL by thormanoftunder

She hoped that it would help to tease him. He deserved her best. She contemplated herself in the mirror and saw a so beautiful and sexy figure that even made her allured about herself. The black swimsuit was tiny and very revealing, displaying her splendorous cleavage and sideboobs, as well its high cut thong unveiled her flawless hips and left her hard, smooth and upright ass total and shamelessly exposed.

- Girl, no one can resist you!

Kenjai100 - i - 51mPx+f2HkL by thormanoftunder

By the sunrise, she woke up and dove into her swimming pool. She loved to swim completely naked on warm summer mornings. Her maid, Jane, came to the swimming pool and called her:

- Your guest has finally arrived and is ready waiting for you, madam.

- Thanks, Jane.

Kenjai walked upstairs leaving the water. Her soaked splendorous body was shining under the morning sun and sparkling water drops trickled along and from her body.

Kenjai100 - g - 51mPx+f2HkL by thormanoftunder

- Have fun, madam. He's so handsome!

- I'll, Jane. I'll.

The maid gave a robe to Kenjai who quickly dressed it and, giggling like a little girl, ran toward her room. She entered in her room and looked at her custom-made bed. A large bed, even larger than a usual king size bed and covered with cotton and satin sheets. She noticed a protruding volume covered in the sheets.

- Hold on, darling. I'll be ready for you in a minute!

Kenjai entered the closet and dressed her new favorite swimsuit. The blonde beauty dried her hair and tied it in two braids at the height of her breasts. She prepared a perfect makeup like she was going to a photo session. And she knew very well how to prepare a teasing makeup. She looked so lovely, innocent, but stunningly sexy.

A shivering frozen sensation soaked her belly. She was so excited. Her nipples were hard as steel and she noticed her sex was wet, and suddenly it was impossible to avoid rubbering her organ of love. Then she tied her last apparel accessory around her smooth thigh and dressed her satin robe. Contemplating herself at the mirror, she said:

- Ok, girl. Time has come. Do your best.

She slowly opened the door and the figure was no more hidden under the sheet. Now he was totally exposed and staring at Kenjai in full rage. His vigorous muscles were tensed at maximum. Her guest was the leopard. The raging animal was shackled by his neck to a thick chain so that he could not get out of the large bed. His powerful claws ripped the bed sheets as he desperately tried to escape.

On high heel stilettos, Kenjai sensually walked around the giant bed staring at the raging beast. She stopped close to the leopard and teased him making the animal angrier and angrier.

- Oh big, boy, you want to escape... Poor boy! Are the chains too strong for you? Save your energies, you will need them more than you can imagine.

The beast roared louder and louder. Kenjai took a device, a sort of remote control, and pressed a button on it. A sensual music started and Kenjai begun to remove her robe like a dancer would do to sexually tease a man. Slowly, she exposed one shoulder, then another. She covered them again. Slowly she performed extremely sensual movements that made her look like a human feline. Stepping on the bed's edge, but far enough to avoid the big cat's attack, she exposed her thigh. This unveiled an army-like black knife tied in a sheath at her thigh. Her movements were driving him totally crazy. He only wanted to tear the girl apart and eat her flesh at any cost.

Kenjai knew this and kept teasing the creature. She wanted to turn him into the most raging creature as he could be. Dancing slowly she removed her robe and threw it in the leopard's face which was totally torn by his claws and fangs. She turned her back to the beast and looked at him through above her shoulder.

Then, she slowly bent. Keeping her legs totally stretched she touched her toes with her dyed long nails, engulfing her string panty inside her firm round ass even more. Always staring the big cat’s eyes, the queen of teasing slid her hands along her smooth and utterly flawless ankles, calves, thighs and hips, stretching her legs muscles at their limit and rocking her perfectly round butt dangerously close to the feline's killer claws attack range, sadistically increasing his rage more and more.

Kenjai jumped up climbing on the edge of the giant bed, just far enough to avoid the cat's claws and stood still there with her hands on her hips, boldly challenging him. She was a vision to die for. Her perfect curvaceous body was barely covered by that new special swimsuit, basically a tiny black strip, exposing her high hips and her firm butt. The cat could see her flat toned hard abs and her voluptuous large breasts just below a hair braided angel-face.

The young woman evilly smiled and pressed another button on the control. The cat roared fiercely. He had just been hit by an electrical shock. She repeated this several times. He was totally crazy now.

Right in front of the raging beast, Kenjai slowly got down on her knees. She could feel his horrible breath blowing saliva through his lethal fangs. In spite of the uncomfortable smell, she admired the power of the beast and imagined what he could do to his prey.

Power and strength allured and excited her so much. The girl massaged her neck, shoulders and breasts. She rubbed her fingers along her toned abdomen and slid her hands firmly along her thighs, reaching her pubis and squeezing her breasts with her stretched arms, enhancing her wonderful cleavage between her hair braids. Her nipples were so hardened that seemed that would pierce the swimsuit stretched fabric at any time. She noticed her heels touched her buttocks exciting her even more.

The raging cat roared louder and moved frantically side to side. He was desperately trying to reach his beautiful ruthless torturer at any cost. His neck showed some red smudges. The metallic collar was hurting him. That was making him even madder and dangerous, and it was exactly what Kenjai wanted: the fiercest killer beast possible.

Kenjai was insatiable and wanted to keep teasing the beast and exciting herself more and more. She leaned back a little and splayed her arms back to touch the mattress and hold her leaned torso so that her sumptuous breasts pointed to the ceiling. Her braids fall backward and tickled her splendorous butt, exciting her even more.

The lovely girl bowed her face ahead a little and leaned it to the right almost touching her shoulder with her cheek, pouting and staring the cat's eyes from down, like a cute evil angel. She was a so gorgeous vision that no human could hold the most primitive instincts. Then, she splayed her legs and spread them wide. Her tiny thong tightened even more between her legs. The sheath with the black knife was totally unveiled, tied on her prodigious thigh. This movement made her rub her sex on the mattress provoking an extra sexual warmth. It was unavoidable for Kenjai to slid her hand inside her thong and rub her soaked labia and clitoris. So she bit her lips and moaned in pleasure.

Her continuous hand movement made the cat even angrier. He frantically struggled against the chains but in vain. His powerful claws moved fast only a few centimeters from the beautiful woman who moaned right in front of the beast's fangs. Her gorgeous toned abdomen rhythmically bulged as Kenjai breathed deeper and faster at every second. Her sensation was thrilling. Finally, she exploded in total pleasure, moaning very loudly. She laid back and stretched her body for some seconds, enjoying herself and that marvelous sensation, an unutterable blend of power and pleasure. Slowly she returned to the real world and stared at the angry cat again.

- Well, you are still here!? I bet you enjoyed the show. Let's play together now.

Suddenly, fast as the light, Kenjai foot hit the beast’s head. That was totally unexpected by the powerful cat who considered that little odd ape an easy prey. The impact was followed by another and another and another. He got dizzy and could not understand what was happening. An unbearable headache stopped him to move as fast as he used to when hunting in the jungle. Immediately after, the cat's body was being been pressed on both its sides by his human female opponent's mighty thighs. His neck was locked by the girl's powerful arms. How could those toned, but delicate arms and legs, be so strong? But they were. And now they were showing how strong they were.

Kenjai smiled as she immobilized the cat only with her powerful arms and legs. The beast desperately struggled but all his efforts were in vain. Both opponents’ bodies shook and Kenjai’s trembling braids touched the leopard's snout whiskers, making him even angrier. The cat's tail moved fast to all directions like a whip touching the girl's butt and back. The animal's warm and soft fur rubbed Kenjai’s chest, breasts and abdomen provoking a pleasuring sensation. All this excited her even more. Kenjai smiled in pleasure impressed with her own physical strength. The girl was being able to immobilize the huge fierce feline only with her bare hands. Then she grabbed the beast's jaws. Superior and inferior with each of her hands and opened them to their limit while twisting and pulling his head back, reaching his vertebral breaking point and provoking an unbearable pain on the savage beast.

- Listen, kitty, I am far stronger than you - she whispered in the leopard's ears - I could end this here, but not. I have plans for you.

Kenjai released the beast sparing his life. Then she leaped from the high bed and walked along its edge, teasing the beast even more. During some minutes the sexy young woman did her sensuous dance again granting some time to the leopard to recover his strength. Once recovered, the cat used all his strength to try breaking through and fly on Kenjai's neck. She stopped a few centimeters from his claws range again and, in a sexy voice tone, said:

- Poor kitty! It's me what you want? Come get me! Oh, you can't? So I'll help you.

Kenjai pressed another button on the remote control and a click was heard. The metallic necklace opened and fell on the bed totally releasing the beast. Now he was free to kill his prey and immediately attacked the beautiful girl. But Kenjai was skilled and noticed his mighty muscles contracting just before his sprint attack. So, she moved even faster and jumped above the leopard that flew underneath her. Kenjai spun in the air and landed on the giant bed while the leopard fell on the floor hitting the wall.

- Hey, kitty, come back! You're not allowed to play out the bed! - Kenjai joked laughing loudly.

The raging feline ran back and jumped on Kenjai, aiming her neck. But the impressive girl hit him again with a mighty kick to his jaw whirling him in the air and knocking him down on the mattress. The leopard only had time to roll a little. Before he could get up again, Kenjai fell on his body while his belly was atop. That could have been his advantage. He could use his claws and he tried it, causing some shallow scars on Kenjai's golden skin.

But the girl was brave and impressively fast and strong. Sat on the beast's belly Kenjai locked his hind paws with her legs, her knees and her feet. Laid back, he could not reach her with his fangs. Then she slapped all his attempts to nail his lethal claws into her flesh. Kenjai stroke a torrential series of slaps and punches. Fastly moving her arms like a professional boxer punching a training ball, she slapped his claws and merciless punched his jaws. Every time on a different side like she was dancing with the beast. All in a fraction of time like blurring flashes. No error was supposed to happen or could be her end.

The enormous leopard was very strong and very fast, too. An imperceptible speed reduction in the sequential movements of her powerful arms opened a slight gap and one of the big cat's mortal claws hooked Kenjai's swimsuit top and ripped it off, exposing her sumptuous breasts and leaving a slight shallow bloody risk on her toned belly’s skin.

- My new swimsuit! You ruined it, you fucking damned cat! Plans have changed and now you're gonna face your fate!

Then Kenjai embraced the beast's neck and they rolled and rolled on the mattress. While they rolled over the soft mattress she had her sexy legs tightly locked around the cat's body. She moved so fast that even the leopard's powerful claws were unable to cause injuries to her smooth skin.

Even locked by Kenjai's arms and legs, the beast still had the primitive need to kill his hairless ape foe and he doubled his efforts to free itself from her hold. Now it was a fight to the death and the two bodies rolled over the bed. Kenjai avoided the leopard's killer jaws that savagely snatched the air, noisily slamming close to the girl's face.

With her experience on that giant bed she used her strong legs to avoid falling from it keeping herself and her mortal opponent on the mattress at her own will. At the same time, she used her powerful arms to prevent him to escape from her mortal torture. That formidable gorgeous girl was totally mastering the battle against the fierce natural born killer.

The ruined swimsuit and the bleeding shallow scratch made Kenjai really furious and her fury seemed to have increased her physical strength. So, in spite of the feline tremendous stamina, she remained relentless. Gritting her teeth in a raging expression Kenjai’s embraced her arms around the beast's neck and squeezed it even more. Then, standing on her knees and hugging the feline like it was a big teddy bear, Kenjai firmly clamped his skull on her shoulder beside her head and pressed its body against her splendorous breasts. Her breasts felt the soft and warm fur touch and she immediately had a pleasuring sensation. The tiny thin hair of her breasts bristled and her nipples hardened as fire-gun bullets. She bit her lips and moaned in pleasure again. That really was very far from being a lovely cuddle, but a pure battle of brute strength between the leopard’s muscles versus the girl’s muscles.

Kenjai locked the leopard's hind paws with her legs and increased more and more pressure of her tremendously strong thighs, calves and feet muscles, contracting them so powerfully that loud bones breaking sounds were heard. Both of the leopard's hind paws were broken and the cat snarled in pain. Then the mighty girl increased her arms pressure even more breaking the big feline's ribs and vertebrae. Kenjai heard more bones cracking sounds and the leopard stopped moving his hind paws and his tail.

A little evil smile was formed on her lips. So she opened her arms wide, releasing the cat that fell on his back on the mattress. Quickly, Kenjai grabbed its tail and strongly pulled the beast closer to her placing his body between her mighty thighs and under her pussy. Sitting on her prisoner she started to repeatedly punch the leopard once again boosting her arms speed that hit the beast's head, jaws, skull, thorax and belly as a heavy storm.

Kenjai's powerful punches broke the leopard's fangs and spat them meters away. Blood splashed from the leopard's jaws speckl Kenjai's arms, abs and even her breasts and face in red. But she never stopped. Suddenly a loud crack was heard. Now the leopard's jaw was broken. The pain was unbearable and slowed the cat, but the desperate animal insisted to fight back.

Then Kenjai gripped his front claws with one hand. With the other hand, she grabbed its neck. And with her powerful thighs, she squeezed his body imposing total control on the mighty beast. A full-grown wild leopard was under her pussy and about to be killed at her own will. Realizing all her own power and brute strength, Kenjai surrendered herself to that new overwhelming and addicting sensation, a blend of savage rage and pure ecstasy. And she wanted more. Much more!

Kenjai took a deep breath and tightened her hand grip on the beast's throat while her other hand ground the leopard front paws that broke between the girl's dyed-nails fingers. The cat snarled in pain and struggled wildly under the girl’s sweaty body, but her grips never loosened. She gasped for air, but she couldn't deny that she enjoyed every second of dominating this beast. She was mastering him at her own will. The cat struggled wildly, but her grips never loosened. Slowly Kenjai's hand crushed the leopard's neck and was cutting his oxygen off.

She was so excited! Protected by her tiny thong, the girl was unable to avoid to rubbing her sex on the cat's soft fur, hardened by the movements of his powerful muscles trying to escape from her mortal constriction.

- Oh, this is good!!   She moaned.   - This is so good!!!

Desperately gasping for air, the cat tried to escape at any cost, but all his struggles were in vain. Kenjai continued to squeeze the cat’s paws, neck and belly while moving her hips like she was taming a wild horse. The big feline was weaker and weaker while Kenjai's movements were stronger and stronger, faster and faster. Breaking bones sounds now could be heard, but Kenjai did not care. More and more breaking sounds and soon there was no more movement by the cat. Now only Kenjai frantically moved her torso and hips, frantically rubbing her sex on the soft fur, faster and stronger. Finally, she exploded. Once again an orgasm filled all her body. Not only an ordinary sexual orgasm but associated with power and strength.

So, slowly, she stopped and released her victim. To be sure the animal was dead, Kenjai embraced its head and in a rapid movement, fully spun it, breaking its neck like it was a dry wood stick.

Kenjai had just slaughtered one of the most feared and powerful predators in nature only with her bare hands and on her own bed. She never felt such a powerful sensation. Still kneeled over the leopard’s corpse the mighty girl flexed both her biceps, raising her boobs and nipples that pointed to the sky challenging the Law of Gravity. In maximum pleasure, she punched her sweat bare chest like a female Tarzan. She was the queen of her bed. Now she wanted to be the queen of the jungle!

Kenjai leaped from the bed and contemplated her work. A totally broken animal lying dead on her bed. Some blood still ran slowly from the cat's mouth. Kenjai climbed back on the bed, squatted beside the leopard and grabbed its broken carcass and lifted it at her chest level. Then the stunningly mighty woman stood up, turned to the large mirror that covered a whole wall close to the giant bed and lifted the big feline above her head, loudly yelling her triumph cry announcing her victory.

The mansion staff stopped what they were doing and they looked to one another. Jane, the maid whispered:

- Well, it seems we still have our jobs...

For over a minute, she remained there, panting deeply, gloriously holding her 120kg defeated savage foe above her head and admiring a living image of a mighty goddess:

Her perfect divine curves, soaked in shining sweat.
Her lovely face in full makeup between her two hair braids touching her splendorous bare breasts and hard nipples, which boldly pointed to the dead leopard above and that, in synchrony with her flat toned abdomen, were rhythmically moved by her panting breathe.
Her marvelous smooth thighs and her round firm upright butt and flawless hips.
And her mighty powerful stretched arms holding her ground bleeding trophy above her head in a glorious triumphant pose.

Finally, Kenjai dropped the dead animal on the mattres and walked to a small piece of furniture to take a glass and a bottle of wine. She opened the bottle and filled the glass. Then, she took a chair and placed it close to the bed, sat on it and sensually laid her thigh with the black knife sheath over the other.

While she enjoyed her wine she reminded her battle and imagined what to do with the corpse. Then she said:

- You will be a beautiful trophy, kitty.

Kenjai put the glass of wine on a table, took the remote control and jumped on the bed again. Now she was stood up, each foot by each side of the cat and looking down to her victim. The young woman slid her hand along her thigh and touched the knife. She unlocked it and removed it from the sheath. Discreetly she pressed a button on the RC, turning all the cameras off. Yes, Kenjai was a professional photographer and knew how to shoot pictures and make movies. She wanted all that battle duly recorded to pleasure herself and her most intimate friends but did not want to record the skinning.

Then she ducked and rolled the leopard's broken body and started to cut his skin. She wanted the skin as a trophy. She would use as a soft carpet to lay down on it and enjoy pleasuring moments.

- Well, Jane and her staff will have a lot of work.

While she skinned the leopard the insatiable beauty’s brain frantically worked on what to do to feel that that thrilling, overwhelming, addicting, and now uncontrollable, new sensation again. She needed to feel it again, to completely dive on it again, soon. She wanted more. Much more. She wanted to be...

Kenjai, The Supreme Queen of the Beasts !!
This story is based on a suggestion by the lovely and beautiful fan  :iconkenjai100:  .
Please, visit her DA gallery to see her marvelous artworks.

A milestone to celebrate 200k pageviews.
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PhillipVandamme Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2018
My thought is this.  What makes the story interesting is intent.  She creates a scenario where she can meet with the beast in an situation where is becomes all about power and who's got the power.  There in is the key, she seeks out the situation and goes to a lot of trouble to make it happen.

So I'd suggest you create you're own character.  Have her find animals that are otherwise "lost causes", going to be put down because they can't cope with encroaching civilization, or hunters, or tourists.  And the powers that be have no solution but the get rid of them.  Along comes this character.  She runs a huge preserve where they can be isolated abut remain free and contribute to the gene pool and feel productive.

Now this is a non-trivial expense, yes, to do something like this.  Oh, and yest, she is a world class body builder, or fitness competitor.  Both pay about the same as a philosopher or poet.  But she finds she CAN fund this excercise, rescue these doomed predators, save them and keep the whole enterprise going of she gets subscriptions from lets say wealthy fans of these modern day gladiatorial contests between herself and say her all female group of keepers and conservation agents.  All of whom share her goals and philosophy.  So she stages these contests of physical and mental endurance between herself and the other women and the beasts.  It is done so that all survive and can come back to contribute again.  Huge sums are charged and paid to attend in person, and there is a world wide market for the films of these contests.  With clever use of technology and  materials, what appears to be completely free beasts and unarmed women can compete against each other unrestrained.  For this, these women receive the satisfaction and significant rewards of their starring roles and the beasts are rescued from certain death to live full lives and opportunities to fight with the women and feel they have fulfilled their destiny.  Nothing is killed, injuries while possible can be treated and this are humane from all sides.  

On occasion something CAN go wrong, but it's not typical, and in that case all involved see it as a fair price for the overall success of this endeavor.

This can lead to LOTS of various stories, and building future conflicts, but covers all the issues.  Just a thought.
Brotherofsteel5 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2018
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thormanoftunder Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2018
Many thanks for your words, Phil! Seems we are at same frequency.

In spite of this character is not my own OC and I have to follow some parameters, but your words match a lot of ideas that are boiling in my mind, including linking all (or almost all) of my OCs.

Let's see what hppens in future.
I am always open for suggestions.
DevilAntRat Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2018  Professional Filmographer
Cool! the carpet isn't the best idea tho.. as carpets don't have balls :P
EchoWing Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
thormanoftunder Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2017
yikes means good or bad? Confused :-? (Confused) 
EchoWing Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
More a mixed yikes. I've got nothing against feats of strength, but I'm uneasy about wild animals getting killed for whatever reason.
kenjai100 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2017  Professional Photographer
It is just a story. No animal was hurt. ;-)
EchoWing Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Eh, true.
Brotherofsteel5 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2017
thormanoftunder Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2017
Brotherofsteel5 Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2017
Somes interesting ideas.

I do't like the idea of the civilised woman who fight in the bed (no i don't like hunters)


The idea of the woman wrestling is interresting.

In fact in an old site (today who no more exist :-(  ) I have read a similar story like that. It was about a beautiful red-hair jungle women, who wrestled nude with a black panther to submit him.
She also liked to rub against the body of the black jungle cat until he was tamed exausted by the fight.

Just littles detail who could make it better again: the woman wrestle nude with the leopard, and she make a swimsuit with the leopard skin :-P... Oh... And she make victorious pose on it: foot on the beast, sitting astride etc..... :-)

In the past i have tried to make something like that with the asian girl wrestling the panther.

Anyway nice story :-)
thormanoftunder Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2017
Kenjai is not my character. I have to follow some parameters and rules.

Fighting a beast on a bed is not my favorite theme, too, but I have to admit that this was a challenge I acomplished. I really loved saling on these unknow waters with this remarkable company.

There are so many victory poses. It's hard to choose.

I believe the other author might be MC. But I did not base on his works. Story was a request. I just gathered the suggested ideas by :iconkenjai100: then included some others of my own.

Take a look at her gallery. You will love her splendid photo collages.
Krysnha Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2017
Can i ask will you do more with her
thormanoftunder Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2017
I really love this chracter.
Did you notice the end of the story? Who knows she will return one day?
Krysnha Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2017
Yes i read it i hope she will return, but i wpuld have prefer she have abs but whatever
thormanoftunder Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2017
Kenjai is not my creation, so I have to follow some rules and parameters. But I really enjoy writing about this character.
Krysnha Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2017
I see i hope you write a bit more with some of your character
kenjai100 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2017  Professional Photographer
I love this story. :)
Thank you so much!
I'm so glad you liked it!
and I was so nice to work with you!
it's your story. Please upload it to your gallery. I'll be so honored!
Krysnha Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2017
A master piece no doubt
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