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Create Aero Compatible PNGs V2

Converts PNG images to use premultiplied alpha for use inside Windows Vista/7 msstyles :)

Friendlier interface, drag and drop images onto the window, also handles multiple files at once.

Bug fixes:
-"Save As" button would make no difference
-Fuzzy previews

New features:
-Remove individual items from list
-Now also converts images the other way
-UI changes
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thanks, this is a very helpful application for me :D
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Thank you, this is exactly what i've been looking for.
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great application. VERY helpful
i remember being always nervous about this 'wrong' transparency in msstyles

thank you a lot. unfortunately didn't get a time to test.. well, anyway :)
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Thanks for the kind words :D, btw, I just released an update with a couple of bug fixes.