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Tagged by VillainessArt :iconvillainessart: sort of, lmao! I choose to do this rather than be tag, but I did ask which character should be interviewed and it was chosen to be my dark mistress of the night, Leilah. So here we are.

1. Pick one of your OCs
2. Fill in the question/statements as if you were that OC
3. Tag four people to do this meme

Tagging; Mahara-Fushiki , AlexandricSwartzwind , and...anyone else who might want to do this. -shrug-

Now..onto the scene;

A scholar makes their way through a ominous looking forest, the dark environment gave a strong sense of foreboding dread. As the sun was beginning to set, light mist was soon crawling upon the dirt road and forest floor. An eerie silence was about this place, no sounds of animals could be heard, not even the crackling of leaves or snapping of weak branches. The wood were, hauntingly quiet. The scholar, lit up a lamp before darkness consumed the area around them. When the flickering flames of the oil lamp lit up the area, the traveling man looked around...beginning to wonder if this place had a will of it's own. For he could no longer see the path that lead him into this place, and not wanting to take the chance of getting lost in this dark forest, he continue down the barely visible road in front of him. Occasionally turn their head around to see the mist had grown thicker behind him as he continue, losing sight of  the road he had just traveled on. While the air around him grew chilly, the was a brief sense of respite, a settlement had come into view, in the midst of a clearing what one could describe as a Gothic Manor standing somewhat defiant amongst the encroaching woods around it. The chilled man approached the door, hesitant to knock but found the door opening before his hand made contact with the wooden object. Standing there for moment, not sure what to do, until a voice was heard.

"Welcome, do come in and make yourself at home."

The voice sounded soft and pleasant to hear,  coaxing the man to enter the manor. Where he was greeted by a very pale woman, with black hair and white bangs, wearing a tattered brown dress and had strange metal bindings upon her body. He followed the strange, but friendly woman into the manor. While watching them from far across the room in shadows, was a winged beast, whose burning gaze could see everything they did while in it's domain. The pale woman, lead the man into a room where strangely enough, a small offering of a meal and a drink was awaiting him. "The Mistress will soon join you, please make yourself comfortable til she arrives." The pale woman gave him a smile and a nod before walking away. making it clear she was a servant of who owned this place. The man, sat down, and carefully examined the food and drink..wondering if it were..

"You mortals are quite the superstitious lot." This more direct but alluring voice, almost made the man jump, but his eyes turned toward the door seeing a pale woman with a beautiful appearance, wearing a simple but elegant looking azure dress. Her raven black hair and striking eyes gave both a gorgeous but sinister air to her. "Rest assured, the food and drink are not poisonous nor contaminated in any sense of the word. If I wanted you dead, this conversation would not be happening." Despite the Harshness of her words, they rang true. if that was her desire, it was likely he never would have made it out of the forest, let alone been allowed to approach her home far removed from normal society. "Now.." She walked over and sat in a chair opposite of him. "I believe you wanted to..ask me some questions..?" Her smile like the rest of her was eye capturing, but sent a shiver down ones spine that she was quite dangerous.

Leilah Dragmire Artwork(Old) by Thorion88

1. What is your name?

slight laugh "You come all the way out here to start off with such a obvious answer? very, I'll indulge you. My name is Leilah Dragmire."

2. Do you know why you are named that?

"My Father had a strange sense of humor.  My name means Dark Haired beauty or Night. But who would call a monster beautiful?"

3. Are you single or taken?

"I'm married. Sorry if that disappoints some of your readers." the man wasn't sure if she was joking or not.

4. Have any abilities or powers?

"That's quite a long answer, but to keep things brief. I'm immortal, I am able to shape-shift into a range of forms from a cloud of mist, to a more...monstrous appearance. I am also quite proficient in the arts of Shadow & Blood magic. I can raise the dead, mind control those weaker-willed than myself, and I am able to influence the environment around me to a certain degree." Lightning flashed near a window, despite the night sky being devoid of any storm clouds. "That's all I'll say for now."

5. Stop being Mary Sue.

"I have no idea whom this Mary Sue is, but she sounds like some sort of wish-fulfillment figment of some fool's delusions of unwarranted self-importance. However if it's some cleaver way of saying I appear to be too strong in comparison...It's not that I'm strong, it's that you like most were born weak and worthless."

6. What's your eye color?

"I can change the color of my eyes from being Yellow, Orange, Red, and anything of a mixture of these colors. Personally, I prefer Amber, it's often what I settle on."

7. What's your hair color?

"Black, once again it goes with my name."

8. Have any family members?

"I have my...Father, but we don't speak about him. I don't know if I had a mother or if I were merely created from my father's being like most of the other monsters born from him. And to be blunt, I don't care to find out. Either answer is undesirable to me."

"Though I do have a extended family, being married to Vukodlak Wolfang. It is always..interesting when I do meet with them."

9. How about pets?

"The closest I have to a pet, is a dungeon that has a couple of feral undead monsters whom I've capture and not decided to slay yet. If left to their own devices, they would bring unwanted attention and disturbed the peace I've worked so hard to acquire and maintain."

10. That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.

"My Father, Fools with Dangerous and Grand delusions, keeping this manor spotless...among other things. but I try not dwell or suffer on these topics for long."

11. Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?

"I'm currently working on mastering Alchemy, it's been rather...dare I say, fun discovering what you could do using this lost art? Besides that, I do enjoy reading, but it's hard to come across a book I've not yet read, so I've not partaken in that hobby for awhile now."

12. Have you ever hurt anyone in any way?

"Yes, I have." This direct answer almost made the scholar fall out of his seat.

13. Ever... killed anyone?

"yes, but rest assured, i don't kill out of pure spite. I've only slain another if I've ever been hungry or they were stupid enough to try and disturbed the current state of existing I've acquired over the centuries."

14. What kind of animal are you?

"There is no animal currently existing that would be comfortable being compared to or related to me in some way."

15. Name your worst habits.

"I suppose if I do get angered, I am rather...wrathful. But thankfully my dear husband has been helping me in controlling my..temper."

16. Do you look up to anyone at all?

"No, I don't place anyone upon a pedestal and see them like an icon. Humans have a bad habit of creating idols to worship and admire. The most I can say is that I see some as my equal, but never would I place someone above me."

17. Are you gay, straight or bisexual?

"None of the above. Unlike what is normally written in human fiction, I am not interested in another being in a sexual manner. Besides, I'm an undead abomination; I have no desire to reproduce. If I desired to create more like me, there's other ways I could fulfill that than by mating with another."

18. Do you go to school?

"No. I was taught basic needs of education by my father when I was a young little creature of the night and what I've learned since has been through my own interest in doing so."

19. Ever want to get married and have kids one day?

"I'm already married, and I currently don't want to have children."

20. Do you have any fangirls/fanboys?

"...No, and if I do have a devoted cult of followers it makes no difference to me."

21. What are you most afraid of?

Seeing her pause for a moment. "Nothing, I fear nothing. if I ever did feel fear, Then you would know things have become dire."

22. What clothes do you usually wear?

"I personally prefer to wear simple but elegantly designed attires. I don't see the appeal of wearing something overly elaborate that appears completely nonfunctional as an attire. Otherwise, I'm perfectly fine wearing nothing at all when I don't have to concern myself with guests or visitors."

23. What's one food that tempts you?

"Flesh and Blood of a normally strong Hero or Villain whose been made to cower. Aside from that very peculiar meal...Fine Wine that has been aged to perfection."

24. What class are you (low/middle/high)?

"Well if you were to ask most people, I'm merely a monster that needs to be destroyed. if I had to answer that, I'm easily in the High class, especially compared to most other monsters out there. As if the wine your drinking and this residence i call home wasn't enough of a idea."

25. What are your thoughts on pie?

"I don't often eat what's considered Regular food by most mortal races. Though if I had to choose, I do enjoy the taste of a well prepared meat pie. Even if that doesn't sound very...lady-like."

26. Favorite drink?

"I believe I already answered this, but I'll repeat myself no more after this. Fine Wine."

27. What's your favorite place?

"Where we currently are located. I prefer to stay away from the noises and bustling of human and Elven cities."

28. Are you interested in anyone?

"No." straight to the point, and the tone of her voice made that clear.

29. That was a stupid question.

"Quite so, You seem to have a talent for...repeating yourself."

30. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?

"Neither, if I desire to swim, I'd do so in my own personal pool. But if my arm were twisted in choosing, a Lake. If I were to dive into another body of water, I'd choose a lake as they are not as deep or vast as the ocean. It makes whatever I'm searching for in the water, easier to find and/or eliminate."

31. What's your type?

"Nothing romantically or sexually. But if I want someone to keep company or have a conversation with, certainly someone with above average intellect."

32. Camping or outdoors?

"Is this another sexual related question? You mortals need to find other ways to be rid of your excessive energy."

33. Any fetishes?

Leilah was softly growling, this particular topic was already grinding her gears, until she gave a devious smile as her teeth were slowly becoming fangs. "Why...the thrill of a hunt, as I chase after another being whom I've brought to the edge of terror..." Her eyes, glowing, while her human visage melted away, turning into her true monstrous self, while outside the manor, a black/grayed fur Lycan approached the manor. Hearing both a demonic roar and the blood chilling scream of a man, echoing far and wide.

"Hmm...whose become the unfortunate soul this evening?" Wolfang said, as the door was opened and he casually stepped foot inside the building.
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