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I have just spent something like 1.5 hours slowly fixing every single public Dropbox link because Dropbox decided to remove the public folder functionality. I have been using Dropbox public links for almost all links on all of my deviations, and this process was horribly slow and annoying. It involved copy-pasting the new domain URL to every link that I made. Chances are that I may have missed some. That said, please let me know if you encounter any broken links.
I am starting a new radio show!

The show will focus on a special form of music that I call "night music". Usually trance, chillout, ambient and chillstep... a lot of tracks from these genres have a special property that makes them perfect for listening at night, that special ambiance of darkness, night sky, dreaming... This is what the show will focus on, celebrating the night and dreaming. All tracks will be carefully chosen to bring this mood to you. I will be playing both brony music and non-brony music, for added variety. There won't be any talking in the show so the night ambiance is not ruined - just pure music, except for the intro.

The intro features the awesome :iconlovelydreams14: (YouTube), voicing Princess Luna. She did an absolutely fantastic job, and I cannot thank her enough! In addition, the episodes will always be live mixed, unless I am unable to attend. After every episode, I will upload the whole mix to my Mixcloud and let you know on my Twitter. Keep in mind that my Twitter will always have all notifications about the show, so if you want to remind yourself when the show airs, you can check there.

The show will first air this Saturday (20th February 2016) on PonyvilleFM at 21:00 UTC timezone (Be sure to convert to your timezone!), each episode lasts for 1 hour, and it airs every two weeks, so get your calendars ready! I am really looking forward to this new project, and I hope to see you there. I will be hanging out in PonyvilleFM's IRC chat during every episode. :)
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There has been something on my mind for a while now, silently making me worried. My cutie mark.
My cutie mark is Blender logo, and I think we all know how logos work, right? Blender could easily sue me, and I don't want that. In fact, I don't think anyone else does either. Not to mention I started working a LOT more with Blender recently.

That said...

Last night, my OC went through an extensive surgery that also involved a little bit of magic. Better be safe than sorry.

The new cutie mark was inspired by my actual Thorinair Music logo, imitating the idea of volume bars.

I have uploaded a full version of it here:… just in case anyone wants to use it for some new fan art of my OC.
I will consider the older fan art drawings with the old cutie mark as still being Thorinair, just pre-change. So, don't worry guys, it's still Thorinair. 

In the following days, I will also upload a full reference sheet of my OC with all the colours. Time to get rid of that Pony Creator pony, eh?
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Now that I am finally on my train and that everything is in order, I just wanted to thank everyone who donated and made this possible! If you are going to GalaCon, expect to see me there!

If you wonder how the album is going, some of the tracks are already made, and it's going to be amazing.
NOTE: Because of the way how the service works, payments are non-refundable. In case I don't manage to gather enough money, I will be putting it to some other good music-related use.

I have been invited to perform at GalaCon 2014!

Sadly, this comes at a price. I have done calculations and estimated around €350 of money, this includes the flight, accommodation, and being able to pay for food and day travel. Being a college student, I don't have this much money readily available.

Donation perks:

- Top 5 contributors will receive a physical signed copy of my future album. - In case there are multiple top contributors with the same amount of donated money, I will chose the 5 people out of them at random.
- Your name will be at the end of the future album booklet. - There will be a special section at the end of my future album's booklet, featuring names of everyone who donated, no matter how much. Want to opt-out? Just don't write your username or say so in the message when donating.

Here is a recording of my joint set with HMage from last year:

Want to see me perform there again? Help me out by donating!

NOTE: Be careful when donating larger sums. Set the division of donation to be 100% for me, to avoid donating only half of the amount.
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Remember this?…

Well, this is how you print a shirt!

Print might be a little bit dark, but I don't mind!
Special thanks to for such an awesome print!
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Thank you all who supported me, this wouldn't be possible without you!

Just purchased this baby. There was truly no point in DJing using just my mouse.

I guess you can call this a delayed birthday gift. Wink/Razz 

Click on images to enlarge.



Unpacked controller with cables and power adapter

Controller placed on the table

Powered up for the first time!

After connecting with Traktor and turning off the light

Ready for action!

Overall, the controller feels great. Extremely solid build, and the LED response is awesome.
Ran in to a few issues with routing back the audio to my speakers, but I got it all fixed. 

Again, thank you all for your help! Expect more DJ sets from me, now that I have a proper way of doing it. Love 
Happy New Year everyone! Looking forward to seeing what 2014 brings! :D
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I would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas! May all your wishes come true! :D
I've recently managed to put some of the newest tracks I've made on to iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify.

So in case you are interested, you can check some of the uploads now, or even donate to me by buying them:

The Spotify upload doesn't seem to be up yet, and I cannot check from my country to confirm when it is.
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Hello all again!

Recently, Armada Music has started a competition which allows producers to fight their way to the top and get tutored by some of the biggest trance producers at the scene today! You can learn more about it in this video:

I would appreciate a lot if you could vote for my track, so here is a link for the voting page:

It would mean a LOT to me!
Thank you in advance! :D
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Hey all!

I've had multiple requests that I post the tracklist of our DJ set from GalaCon, but I wanted to wait until PVL uploads their recording. So here it finally is, enjoy!
NOTE: The video is cut off near the end because they ran out of disk space while recording, sorry about that.


Daniel Ingram - Love Is In Bloom (Archie Club Remix v3)
Archie - Pwny Anthem (Club Mix)
Andain - Turn Up The Sound (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)
Above & Beyond - Alchemy (Above & Beyond Club Mix)
Myon & Shane 54 & Aruna - Lights (Juventa Remix)
Heatbeat - Chow Mein
HMage - Undivided Horizons (Thorinair Remix)
Daniel Ingram - Becoming Popular (JayB's Pegasus Trance Remix)
HMage - What Stays What Goes (Club Mix WIP)
Ferry Corsten - Live Forever (Shogun Remix)
Blank & Jones - Sound of Machines (RhythmusRaum Dub Mix)
Archie - Desire
Dasha & The Living Tombstone - Good Girl (JayB Remix)
Archie - Rainbown'n'Dash (Club Mix)
Alex S & PinkiePieSwear - Disco Lights
Alex S - Party With Pinkie
Juventa - Metamorphose (Club Mix)
Shogun - Skyfire
Armin van Buuren vs Rank 1 - This World Is Watching Me (Cosmic Gate Remix)
Daniel Ingram - Winter Wrap Up (JayB's Pegasus Trance Remix)
Faithless - Not Going Home (Armin van Buuren Remix)
Andain - Much Too Much (Mike Shiver Remix)
PinkiePieSwear - unnamed WIP
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So, now that GalaCon 2013 is done, I think I should maybe write what I thought of it.

It is quite simple: I have never had this much fun in my life. I was never this happy either.
All of those panels, hanging out with the Voice Actors on the guest dinner, and finally performing live in front of so many people...
I won't lie, I've come very close to crying from happiness a few times during the convention.

I'll go through what was happening day-by-day.

On the firs day, the day before the con, I was on a special guest dinner with HMage. I was sitting right next to :iconjohnjoseco:, without even noticing it at first, I felt so awkward... xD Later on during the dinner, we all went outside for a dessert, and I got to chat with the voice actors, both Peter New and Andrea Libman. It was absolutely magical. Here is a photo I took with Andrea and Anneli Heed:

Click for larger

As the con started, my friend :iconrogy56: managed to snatch these for me:

Click for larger

Aren't they the cutest things ever? Huge thanks to :icondeathpwny: for making these, they are so cute! I got a Fluttershy for my mom, a Twily for my lovely Special Somepony :iconkinjareta:, and a Twily for me.
Now it is time to walk around the vendor halls! There was a lot to see, many figurines, plushies, prints and all kinds of merch!

Click for larger

Click for larger

Click for larger

Click for larger

That's an overwhelming amount of pony! Not enough money to get all of it... xD

Then I saw the main hall. It was absolutely huge!

Click for larger

As for the panels on the first day, I loved the Canadian VA panel. Andrea Libman and Peter New are just so much fun!
In the mean time, I've also met with some friends of mine, like Icky, Coster and :iconsolarwind2:!
As panels were going by, I was getting more and more nervous for the evening. That is when my DJ set with HMage comes on. I didn't have a lot of time to prepare for it, so I was afraid I will fail terribly.

And so, it finally happened. As I stepped on the stage with HMage, I was more nervous than ever, but as soon as I started mixing, all of the fear was completely gone. I was one with both the music and the crowd. It was the most amazing experience in my life. And oh sweet Celestia, the crowd was so huge! Never expected anything like this. I've given uncountable number of brohooves to the dancers going by that night. Here are two videos of the event that I've found so far:

I went back to my apartment absolutely sweaty, but it was more than worth it!

The next day, I went to some more nice panels, like the Jan Animations panel, that one was sweet! And then the auction.
Let me tell you about the auction.
Right before it started, I got this crazy idea to donate my shirt (signed by me and HMage) to the auction for the charity, and it worked quite well! I didn't expect it to go for €70! Even though it is still that faulty version of the shirt, I would say it adds to the value, since it was the first print ever, making it unique. 
Then, Peter New crashed in to the auction and sold a hug from himself, wearing all kinds of stuff, including a bra someone threw at him. This was possibly the funniest part of the whole auction!

Then there was the Closing Ceremony. I didn't expect the talk to the mic thingy, so I freaked out a bit, but in the end, I grit my teeth and took the microphone anyway. I hope I wasn't too awkward. Singing of the Heart Carol and the end was a very nice way to round up the whole thing. I loved it.

After the con was over, I met with my dear friend Gravey, he sadly wasn't able to attend because of his work, but we managed to meet anyway. We had a nice night together, went to the pizza and such, aaaand, he gave me his old audio interface, the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2! Thank you so much for that!

Click for larger

So... that is pretty much that, it was the most beautiful, amazing and fun experience in my life. I wish it was never over... I hope I can see you all again next year! I already miss so many people...
Since I am going to GalaCon, I've decided to print myself a shirt with Thorinair Music logo.

Here is the design that I've originally made that was for printing. I've made it at, and then saved the original vector assets for printing here, locally in my town.

I've found a local printing shop to make the shirt for me, and after waiting for 3 days to get in line, they contacted me that there were some issues with the print and that I should come see it.

First of all, the front side. Apparently, their machines can't print in two colors if the image is supposed to have a transparent background. Here is the result:

(Click on it for larger)

(Click on it for larger)

Where did the lighter orange center of the logo go? The whole logo is of one solid color, the color of the outline.

Now, for the back side. Their software was unable to recognize the inner parts of the wings, so it cut them out as solid pieces. As a result, the guy in the shop had to manually cut the feathers of the wings, but you can't really get quality from cutting stuff manually, now can you?

(Click on it for larger)

(Click on it for larger)

(Click on it for larger)

The wing pattern is quite badly cut, with small pieces flapping about.

Overall, yes, it is a terrible job. At least the guy was nice enough to allow me to pay half the price for this. And yes, I am still going in this to GalaCon...
I am happy to announce that I will be live DJing with HMage at GalaCon! Hope to see you there! More info here:…
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Hey all again!

Just an update! My friend, :icontoxic-mario: just gifted me premium membership! Thank you!
I love all the things it offers and I will try to keep it live as much as I can. I have started a donation pool if you guys want to help me keep it active. :)

Well, that is all for now!
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Hey again all!!!

Just wanted to give you all an update about my studio monitor progress!
Well, I have decided to rather go with KRK 5's because they were a bit cheaper, there wasn't a lot of difference and most importantly, I had no space on my desk for anything bigger. That said...

Thank you, all of you! You are all amazing, I don't even know what to say!

I have spent all afternoon completely reworking the placement of everything (it was a mess) on my desk so I can make some space for the speakers. I have moved the PC down below the table (had to saw off a small shelf on it) and  still the speakers barely fit, they are absolutely huge!

Spent whole evening trying them out and testing the sound. They sound so beautiful it literally made me cry, I am not even joking. Again, thank you all so, so much!

My next step will either be a new table or an audio interface so the sound quality is better. I will most likely go with the audio interface, as the built in card I have right now has a strong hiss and it is a little bit annoying. Fortunately, the interface is much cheaper than the speakers (around $120), so that will most likely be my next goal. I will be going with Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Until then, thank you all again!

Hey guys.

Right now, I am at an impass. The production levels have exceeded the abilities that my hardware can provide, mainly, my speakers. I have outdated 5.1 surround speakers which aren't meant for music production at all and I need new ones.

I am aiming to buy KRK Rokkit 6 speakers. Even though they are some of the cheapest studio monitors on the market, they are expensive, costing at around $280 each. I will need two for stereo, obviously.

So far, I have managed to gather enough for one of them, but I still need more to afford both.

I don't like asking for money. I never did. But I have been stuck with these terrible speakers for years, and they are being extremely limiting.

If you want to help me out, you can:
Donate directly here:…,
Buy my music through Bandcamp here:

Again, I don't like asking for money... I feel terrible writing this... :(
WARNING: Spoilers below...

Honestly, I think this was one of the best Season 3 episodes. Say what you want, but I really think it was. The only downside is that it felt rushed. But the writers had no choice, there was no other way to write it really and to fit it in 13 episodes this season.

There were so many songs, and some of them were so sad... The sad song that Twilight sings brought me to tears. This was the first moment I cried in the episode. The second moment was when she awakes in that other dimension world place and Celestia sings to her. That part was completely unexpected as no spoilers of it leaked anywhere. I thought it was the perfect, and possibly, only way to make the Twilicorn transition work properly.

Many were fearing (even me including), that Twilight will leave her friends, but now I am pretty sure that is not the case. They were with her until the end of episode, and the direction where her chariot was going suggested that she will return to Ponyville after the coronation was over. As always, I am confident in our lovely writers and I know that they know what they are doing. They didn't disappoint now, and they won't in future.

Now for a bit of rant: I am shocked and saddened how some in the community reacted to the new episode and the whole Twilicorn drama. I think people are forgetting that the show was meant for little girls and not for bronies. It is like people want and expect too much. Writers cannot do everything how we want. They even put Derpy at the end, and people are still whining and complaining. And those who say that Season 3 has went down, I wouldn't say that it has, it is just that our expectations became way too high. I won't lie if I say that I cried a few times seeing how people in the community react. Can we at least have some respect towards the writers? :(
They are really giving their best...

And please, I would ask for no drama in the comments, I have seen enough drama already lately... :'(
Hey again all!

It is my birthday today, and I would like to thank :iconyetioner: and :iconangelwing314: for making this amazing gift for me:… Thank you guys so much!

Then, my thoughts on the new episode: absolutely awesome! Ending did feel a bit rushed, but there were many fantastic moments, and it was definitely one of the best.

Then, my music: I haven't released a track for ages. Before releasing "Blackened Empire" (which some of you might have seen cover art of), I plan remixing Omnipony's "Clouds", but I am still trying to get ahold of stems...

Also, I would like to remind you all that commissions are still open! So far, we have made commissions for :iconthe-nuclear-pegasus: and :iconmeadowbreeze:, and I would like to thank them for commissioning!

That is all for now, cya all soon!

UPDATE: Another birthday gift by :iconshadow-unicorn: and :iconmokrosuhibrijac: right over here:…
Thank you so much!! :D