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Disgusted Applejack Vector

Here is a new vector of Applejack being absolutely disgusted by Rainbow Dash's behaviour in the episode "The Mysterious Mare Do Well".

SVG Download:…


Possibly the fastest vector I have ever made. As usual, feedback and suggestions are welcome!

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust.

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Used and credited:

Appletini Hates Hippogriff Feet
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*when y'all bite an apple that's mushy asf*
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ellis (applejack): ow! spitter goo!
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Reminds me of Snoopy when I look at this.…
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Ha ha, I really like this. Her expression is priceless. And as far as the vectoring is concerned, I'm not very good at it myself so I can't tell... but it looks nice :)
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I used your vector to make this [link]

Hope you like it ^^ I tagged you in the description
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I was wondering if I could make this base ^^ I will give full credit of course!
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Sure! Go ahead. :)
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Best pony. Nice vector!
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Really nice, very well done:). I just finished my first vector, And I would love your opinion and any advice you could give. That would be a real help for me :), it's in my scrapbook.
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What are you showing her.
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That's not a candy!
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This vector is very well done, I can't find any visible fault save for perhaps one: Her front right hoof looks a bit too straight/stiff (doesn't entirely look like it's on the ground), but that can easily be fixed by moving the anchors downward a little more.

Good job, mate!:lol:
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