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Altair Belt

My attempt at Altair's large belt. Took about a month of mildly motivated work, and I'm relatively happy with the finished product. The red cloth is a placeholder for now. After doing this I've figured that my favorite part of leather work is definitely distressing, texturing and dyeing.

The distressing is a combination of heat and water, the heat applied with a wood burner in uneven strokes, and the water lightly spattered over the top. The combinations are endless when it comes to heat and moisture. If you saturate the leather surface a little, when you apply an even layer of heat the surface fuses, becomes brittle, and then cracks leaving larger rifts in the leather. If no water is added, the same thing happens albeit on a smaller scale. I also used an iron on some parts of belt, and found that leaving small splotches of water on the leather and then ironing it causes the water to boil away and leave pockmarks. It's all just experimentation. After the distressing I added a gel antique which blackens the cracks and if wiped away leaves the surface a lighter color. The dyeing of the piece is just as important as the distressing itself, because it reveals the distressing that was done.
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Thorgaz's avatar
Belt buckles galore.
Wait0wat's avatar
The looks weathered. Most fascinating, how'd you- *Looks at description*...oh.
Thorgaz's avatar
Thanks a bunch for all the positive vibes!
Notitalianman's avatar
Christ. By far the best one I've seen. For sale??
Thorgaz's avatar
haha! That'd be like selling my soul! Can't do that unless you're the devil.
Notitalianman's avatar
Haha o well worth a try. I tip my hat to you then, fine work. Worth a pretty penny.
Thorgaz's avatar
Haha! For the right price (depending how pretty the penny) I could always make another.
Notitalianman's avatar
Aha! Every man has his price. I'd be curious to see some more pics but just by lookin at it I'd drop 2 hundo on that easy. And it would probly only go up from there.
Thorgaz's avatar
I don't really have a camera right now. When I get one I'll put this on the list of things to capture more intently. haha... Of course every man has his price. You just have to find it. Sometimes money, sometimes power...
ColorLessHeart's avatar
i'd actually wear that in public
Thorgaz's avatar
May have done that a time or two myself...
RBF-productions-NL's avatar
Awesome! What did you use to sew the thing together? A regular sewing machine?

Looks really, really good!!
Thorgaz's avatar
Whoa dude!! no way. Any idea how much time I've spent drooling over your work? I love the way you use paint to get just the perfect color and patina on your work, especially Connor.

Anyhow, fanboy moment aside, I sewed it by hand. Kinda tedious, but it holds well and... machines are pricey. Gotta get a heavy duty one to sew leather.
RBF-productions-NL's avatar
Well, again, you did an AMAZING job!!!!! Really cool! Still staying away from working with leather this way... I should try it out sometimes.
Thorgaz's avatar
Like they say, just one more arrow in your quiver. wait, does anyone say that? But seriously, you'd master it in no time!
CaptainSeawolf's avatar
That is increadible! I have been hoping to make the belt for a long time and this is just... wow. That is so cool how it looks with the aging, that really makes a wonderful finishing touch on this, and thank you for sharing too kind of how you went about aging the leather, those are some really smart ideas, I should try that in some of my future work.
Thorgaz's avatar
Go for it! This was all experimentation for me, and I failed plenty of times, so don't be afraid to just go crazy with your projects.
Trujin's avatar
No problem for the fav. I absolutely love the techniques you used for this piece of work. It makes it really stand out from the rest. The weathering looks genuine and the techniques used give it a really nice texture (for example the contrast between the tree layers).
Thorgaz's avatar
Thanks so much! I love doing this kind of stuff so it's really fun when others enjoy it as well!
Arokiuru's avatar
Very beautiful! Great work on the texture, I love it! I was thinking of making a cosplay of a masyaf guard or Rauf, the trainer, but I can't find a decent picture of the belt. It seems to be a bit thinner than Altair's so would it look ok if I did something similar to yours and just left the last layer out?
Thorgaz's avatar
Thanks so much! Now onto the important stuff. I know what you're talking about as far as the thinner belts of those characters. You could definitely take inspiration from those top two layers, but seriously, you can do better than mimic my moldy, old idea.
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