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Silent Hill Town Map

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I take my sunday to do it, but I'm pretty proud of the result. Here's my unofficial Silent Hill town map. It's not perfect, but I think it is one of the most complete map you can find on the net.

Tell me if you find some errors, or if you have questions, suggestions...
You can download it, but it is HUGE!

EDIT : ERRORS REPORT (be sure to have the latest version)
- "Pleasant River" changed to "Paleville" on the west

Please send me a note if you can't download it.

April 2008
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Like it! Love it! Favouriting it!

Would you consider doing a Shepherds Glen map at all?
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Though this map is a bit outdated, it is the most faithful map out there to Silent Hill! :D It even has Old Silent Hill and the Resort Area connected through Bachman Rd. unlike, the other popular map out there that everyone seems to use to make their own complete Silent Hill map...
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Hey this is a nice map tho parts are out of date (unless its for the people who don't like the new games) but I was wandering if you would like to use my Downpour (or parts of my full map) to update this I could try to help if you like but regardless its cool to see a different take on the Bachman rd then the one I use
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I cant get the hwole thing to come out in HD quality on Mircrosoft when I print it out
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Has any one ever wundered what the whole Silent Hill map would look like maybe as a free roam with no fog
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Ha South Park

by the way The unmaped area most likely if it makes any sense is prbubly ware the Mall is considering its size
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so on the wesdtern of the lake you find silent hill. east of the lake you find shepherds glenn?
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it's amazing map :)
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Actually, I'm curious, where is Brahms in relation to Silent Hill on this map? If you know I'd be most inclined to listen.
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The highway in yellow you see in the very north of the map is the one Harry use during the intro of Silent Hill 1. He saw Cybil on her bike in the same highway, and Cybil is a cop from Brahms.

If I remember well, the car of Harry was crashed on the west side of Bachman Road. So it means Cybil comes from the west. I guess Brahms is somewhere in the north-west of Silent Hill. But that's not official and I don't think there was actually informations about Brahms for the moment.
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Thanks for the help anyway. Even I think the developers will make that info known at some point. Now, off to write more of that story! Konami, here I come!
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Awesome. I'm actually writting a Silent Hill Fic (which will possibly transition into a novel, depending on Konami's acceptance and the future success of my career), and this is a major help in wrapping my mind around and envisioning the town. It really helps!
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Nice that my maps can help you :) Keep it up.
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wow it realli looks like in the game O.o
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This is awesome and I love the attention to detail!
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The new Silent Hill game will have the Southeastern district that was never explored in the past games. What are you going to do with the town map when Downpour comes out? Are you going to add that district on? PS love the Silent Hill town map
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Thank you! This is so awesome!
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Amazingly rendered. I want to print this out and hang it on my wall.
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I always loved looking at the favorite area was Central Silent Hill...
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Where is the Water Prison from Silent Hill 4 The Room?
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