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Gun concept : New Age SSR-12



Another gun concept for my current game project. Not sure if it will be used in the final version.

It's actually a remake of one of my (very) old drawings :

Other gun concepts for this project :

October 2010
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As with the Frost M20 pistol, the artwork is amazing. The proportions look right, the surfaces even have small spots, scratches and irregularities that make it feel like a real object that has seen some use, something many people I've seen works of neglect.

If we forget it's a bullpup, this is a simple, straightforward rifle, which is precisely what infantry weapons intended for armies will probably always be: Spartan, so they can be produced and distributed in large numbers. Again, very logical but uncommon, since many people think "future gun" and start loading gizmos and digital whatnots that make it look less like a tool of war and more like a mall ninja's expensive plinker. I can't emphasize enough how good that is.

I assume the ejection port is on the opposite side and it ejects to the right. I also assume the hammer strikes sort of downwards somehow (At least I got the impression the black metal bit over the barrel on the back of the gun is the hammer). The only things I think this gun was missing were a muzzle brake/flash supressor (the two slits on the end of the barrel won't cut it for most rifle rounds) and backup (default) iron sights, since I don't see a front bead or back rings on it. Overall it's great work, you should be very proud, this is going to my favorites.