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Gun concept : Frost M20

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A gun concept for my current game project. It supposed to be a cyberpunk-ish world in the XXIIth century.

Thanks to :icontorvenius: and his speed painting video. It was very helpful.

Other gun concepts for this project :

October 2010
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I saw this awhile back and I've been meaning to make a critique of this, I let it simmer since it's a very original concept, and I see some things that look counterintuitive to me. I don't know if this is still useful to you, but here's my humble two cents.

The technique is great. I just love the way it jumps out and looks like a real object. The design is incredibly original, many people just go for a bigger gun or one loaded with electronic doodads and polymer construction for the futuristic look. You clearly went outside the box here, but put some thought into it and didn't go fantasy crazy.

At the same time, some things in this pistol are usually better suited for a rifle. The bullpup layout looks futuristic, it seems out of place in a pistol though since it's already a short arm and bullpup designs bring a host of problems for the only advantage of less size/more barrel length. I'm assuming maybe incorrectly that the whole slide reciprocates backwards, so if aiming it like a standard pistol it might hit you and fail to load the next round.

I can't quite imagine how the magazine change works out. The rounds just sticking out the back would get grimy or moist and foul the mechanism. There's no hammer (electric ignition?), and the layout seems like it'd give it an odd balance.

It's good, but I honestly prefer your SSR-12.
what keeps the cartridges in the magazine if the backs of them are hanging out of the length of the magazine?
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make the trigger grip at a less awkward angle, and I have no idea as to how this is meant to be reloaded, as the magazine in this position cannot be removed, and the bullets appear to be liable to fall out of the weapon, and there's nothing here that can be used as a foregrip or anything for the non-trigger hand.

You could try replacing the positions of the grip and magazine.
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Hey there! I'm looking for an artist to collab with to make some skins on CSGO. Let me know if you are interested, it would be awesome to work with you!
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This reminds to the old derringers. :3
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nice wok do you sell and shep yore wok??
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awesome concept :) if it would be ok could i please model this for fun ?
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I think the magazine is the only piece that's really out of place to me. When you think about a pistol you need to consider firing positions and the way it'll be held. Torvenius has some really cool ideas, but the vast majority of his weapons would be unwieldy to use in a real world setting. The 45 degree angle handle looks really cool and futuristic, but if you angle you hand in the way you need to in order to hold this level, it'll strain your hand into a poor firing position. Granted, for a video game, that doesn't matter as much as if you were planning on making it in the real world, all the same, maybe a reduction in the grip angle and a different magazine.

Aside from the handle and magazine, looks cool, can't wait to see the game it's going into.
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I like it...
an Ergonomic bulpup pistol (I hope I got the term right)
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It's "bullpup" but it's the right term I guess, thanks ^^
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Looks like an halo pistol :o
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I never played Halo, so I can't say, if you say so ^^
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This is mad, recognized this style of artwork immediately! Love the design
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wait soooo... this a suicide pistol? Looks like barrel is aiming back at you :\
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kinda reminds me of the stealth pistol from Deus EX 1, thought that didn't have the exposed clip like this one
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I like it. Kinda reminds me of something I saw on one of the Cyberpunk 2021 sites.
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feel free to take any of my designs and remake/photo-edit them to suit the project


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Cool! But how do you feed it? Like a revolver, putting bullets one by one in the back? Or are they tied together in a smaller magazine? =D
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wow...the pistol looks a bit weird...but I'll get used to it.
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The location and design of the magazine is silly. Those bullets are just waiting to fall out.
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