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Grand Theft Auto Vice City

My first deviation of June.
GTA Vice City is one of my favourite GTA, thanks to the great 80's atmosphere. So I decided to make a fanart tonight, I finished it in about 5 hours.
I'm pretty proud for the lighting effect and the car, but I drew these characters too quickly. Especially, Lance Vance is pretty ugly...

The original Lamborghini Countach LP400 picture : [link]

June 2008
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The car is from original Classic sport car Lamborghini Countach 
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"last dance for lance vance!"
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Awsome Lamborghini Countach!
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Nice Countach Infernus.
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Sweet Lambi man,I enjoy the detail ^.^
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That looks sweet to me, nice job ;)
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Very nice, too bad Lance looks old.
Tommy don't hang out with Ken! he underestimates him! even ken himself
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Maybe I'll remake this drawing, seriously, I did it too quickly.
By the way, do you know from what movie the character of Ken was taken?
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Uh.... i don't remember.. i think i saw it at wikipedia, just type "Grand Theft Auto Vice City"
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It is from the movie "Carlito's way" with Al Pacino. The lawyer character played by Sean Penn is exactly the same than Ken. If you didn't watch this movie, I suggest you to do it, it's pretty nice :)
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I'll try... but i have no idea where i can get this movie
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Awesome lighting effects indeed :o And the textures on the right guy's clothes, too :D Though... maybe the leftmost two guys could've used some of that, too :hmm:
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Thanks. Well, I tried to respect the original game character designs, so ^^
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Ah... I see :D Still... very nice work!
Actually, you pretty much fit the design of their in-game counterparts, at least in earlier versions.
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