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The Festival YGO Visual Novel

By thooruchan
After far too much trouble, I finished preparing the game for release.
or more like i got tired of fighting every single fucking step of what should have been a short process. I have been fighting the last two days to package the game images, executable and creating an icon, and every single possible thing has gone wrong.
So, I had enough, and so, I apologize for the crudeness of certain things. I tried to give this a more professional look, but this little bitch has fought me every step of it.
There is no icon for the game, for starters. I know, the renpy icon right smack in there is ugly, I'm sorry I tried. There are other things that I just couldn't find how the hell to change, but just please ignore them and enjoy the game.

I loved writing the game, I HATED trying to package it.

PACKAGE WITH ALL VERSIONS (updated 2017 link) :…
for windows = download and unzip the file, open the folder and double-click the Festival.exe file
for Mac = download, unzip, go into the folder then into the app folder, then execute the game app.

Despite everything, i would love comments about how you liked the game. It has 6 different endings.
if you enjoyed it, I might possibly consider making original BL VN games with my copany (think DMMD or Hatoful Boyfriend), so comment!
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OMG I finally got to download this and I just loved it so much! The artwork is just beautiful, and the story was so much fun! I love the possibilities for Tendershipping or Gemshipping (though I did try for Bakushipping)! lol The fact of how it can end as just friends or more, I really enjoyed that! My heart melted wth Ryou and TK, with his tough boy persona! And with Demon Bakura Maid and his grumpy exterior! Ahhhh it was fun to run through all the possibilities! Thank you again for making this fun and wonderful visual novel, it really made my morning! XDXDXD

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The link doesn't work. ;(
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I'll fix it later today, thanks for letting me know!
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This looks absolutely adorable!! :squee: personal revamp  Your art style just seems to lend itself to the best expressions!  Erm, does anyone happen to know where I can download it, though?  I think the description link expired... :(  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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Sorry, I don't use dA that much anymore, someyhing I intend to fix quickly.
I will repost a new download link later on today, feel free to bop me if I forget!
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Awesomesauce! :happybounce:  Take as much time as you need; your art is always worth waiting for!
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Thanks for your patience!
I uploaded the file again, the updated download link is in the description!
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I just have to say I finished playing it several times and it was simply marvelous! The art work was amazing and I love the short story! You did fantastic!
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Awww, thanks so much!
I have to experiment with a new program and try making another Bakushipping one, got the scrypt around.
This time I'll try to put some sound/music and better art too, hope you'll like it as much ;)
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Yayyy <3 i finally got this program to work! I can't wait to play it! 
It looks fantastic already
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The link does not showes me that it was deleted. too bad, I would play it...
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aaah, not again, dropbox!
I'll fix it right away!

here, try again…
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thank you ^_________^
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you are welcomed
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The link does not work; can you please post a new link? I would really like to play this!
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done! hope you enjoy playing it :)
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Very well done.
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I'm glad to hear someone enjoyed the game :)
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Thanks for making this, it was so cute! <3
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hey, thanks! I'm glad people enjoyed it :)
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I'm having so much fun already oh my gosh. I feel kinda bad for TK not sharing lunch but Ryou was hungry okay. 
Bakura's little crooked smile is adorable though. And his frowny-pout when you don't pick his option. TK's bright eyes and fluffy hair are just as cute though. :3c
I'm trying to get all the endings and oh my god TK just stole my wallet this is the best dating sim ever.
The classroom motto is a little... ominous though. x)
Aah, got all the endings! This was an awesome game. Thank you so much for making it and for making it available. Amazing art of course, but that's to be expected from you!
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i'm glad you had so much fun with the game! Reading your reactions was really enjoyable, and I hope you'll like the next game a lot more (I'll try to make it better).
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I just finished the Ryou x TK story. so cute!
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I get you got the good ending ;)
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