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By ThomChen114
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MerMay 2020 - 14

A freshwater mermaid adrift in her fish bowl meeting a trio of ocean mermaids.

The idea behind this was something I learned (not sure if in biology class or on my own research) that freshwater fish don't do so well in saltier seawater and vice versa.

Do you prefer swimming in seawater or freshwater?
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Their long slender tails & associated fishy fins are just so incredibly gorgeous!! Cute fingerwebs, too!!

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Thank you! The fingerwebs are subtle but there, just up to the proximal phalanges ;)

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excellent! love it!

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Sooooooooooo pretty! I love all their swirling tails!
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Thanks! It was an interesting challenge to figure out where the tails go as the ocean mermaids intertwine with each other's tails while our freshwater mermaid adjusts her tail within her bowl.

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Those are some nicely designed tails!
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Thanks! This may have taken far more time than usual, but I think it was worth it.
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Hmmm...maybe she can adapt to salt water?
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maybe, but that'd be difficult and possibly painful. it'd be like if a human were to try and get used to drinking saltwater (not the best comparison I reckon)
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I was a scuba diver, so I like both!
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My only experience (that I can recall) scuba diving in freshwater was at this lagoon near Puerto Galera, Mindoro, Philippines, where you had to hike up a bit of a trail (while hauling gear) till you reach it. What was interesting was that there were two layers of water, with a warmer layer a few feet below the colder top layer. It was quite noticeable with the change of color along with the temperature.
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I Only Have Freshwater,I'm Bolivian So....

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