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Hey! So the legendary rpg game Trudvang will finally be released internationally and in english. Trudvang Chronicles! You can support it here…. The surreal thing here is that I will be collaborating with my friend, colleague and master artist Alvaro Tapia to turn all of his amazing graphite drawings into color. We are currently exploring different styles to find something interesting and fitting. It's so much fun, and I can't wait to show the result! So if you want to get some awesome books with amazing art, be sure to back this project :)
Edit: I added a poll like suggested! it's in the top right on my page, go vote if you like :)

Hey DA peeps!

Ch ch check it:

I made an instagram account where I will be uploading crappy mobile shots of my work in progress and sketches etc. Just because it's so fast and easy. Hopefully someone will find it somewhat enjoyable, if not I'll just.. stop :D
So please let me know if this is something you would like to see or not. Or whatever is on your mind, let it out!
Thanks ♥

As you see in the headline. I'm now selling prints of my work on! They have real good prices and there are a lot of awesome artists on there, so I'm really excited to have been invited.
I'll upload pieces there that I feel will work good as prints. Feel free to give me requests on paintings to upload. Though I can't guarantee anything because not all of my work is high enough resolution.

Soooo, go buy my prints if you feel like it :)

You can find my prints here ------>…

Hi everybody,

I recently did a step by step tutorial of my "Champion of Ugroth" painting for IT'S ART Fantasy Workshop.
For anyone interested you can check it out here:…


Champion of Ugroth by thomaswievegg
Wow, this morning I noticed I've passed 3000 watchers. I just wanted to write a journal to thank each and everyone who supports me and my art. Your comments and favs warm my heart and the support I get from you guys means so much to me :) Makes me want to push more and more which each new piece!

I have some stuff coming up that I'm quite eager to show :) among the stuff is a painting that has probably recieved over 150h(and ticking! ;)) from me. Which is a lot for my stuff. So I hope that one will be well recieved :O Hopefully I'll be able to finish it this upcoming weekend, but who knows! I'll be submitting it to exoposé 11 so it'll atleast be finished before March 28th.. :P

So a big big thank you to everyone who watches me and keeps supporting me!
And welcome to all new watchers, I hope I'll be able to make it worth your while!

Until next time, be well everyone and keep on painting! ♥
So yeah. I finally managed to record something. It was pretty fast and rough but it's a start, and now I know how to edit and post these things. So if you like this and want to see me make more, please share this as much as you can. I'll only make new ones if enough people are interested in that. Otherwise I feel there is no point. So if you like it, spread the love ♥ :) thanks!

Watch it here on YouTube or Vimeo
So I've got my new PC up and running, I've got camtasia up and running. So I'm thinking this week I might record myself sketching something and post it on youtube.
So, is there anything special you guys want to see me paint? Please let me know in a comment and I'll try and do it before friday. If there are no special requests I'll just come up with.. something :P

Wow. 6 months ago I made a journal about me reaching 800+ watchers. Today this figure has doubled. I just want to again, thank everybody who watch my stuff, comment it, fav it and all the rest. You are all great ♥ Having support like this really makes me want to work harder! So thanks again everybody! I've got some work that's almost done that I'm really excited to show. So expect some new stuff rather soon.
We'll see if I ever reach 3200 watchers, if I do I'll make sure to write another journal entry! :D

Take care everyone!

Hello people,

I've noticed this for quite some time. My paintings I upload on dA, they look blurry and shitty unless you press "Download". Why is this? I don't see other people having the same problem. Has this got something to do with me not being a premium member?
It's really annoying. Does anyone know why it's like this? So to clarify the problem; pictures I upload get shit quality, the only way to see them in their real sharpness is to press the download link... Why??

I just noticed I recently passed 800 watchers. For me this is a lot, and I want to thank each and every one of you people that follow me on my painterly adventures! I feel I've taken huge steps this past year, I hope I'll be able to continue like that! Anyways, thanks again and I'm looking forward to 1000!

Be well everyone

Come hang out!…
live in just a bit…………
just doodling in PS……
Come watch and chat!…
continuing on my painting!
So yeah, I made a livestream. I'll continue to paint on a painting that's for my homepage

Swing by! Won't have a mic, but I'll watch the chat if anyone wants to ask anything.