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the Last of Us - Clicker

Hey all you lovely folks! I wanted to make some more fanart of my all time favourite game, the Last of Us. So I painted this cute clicker chick. I made it so it could work nicely as a wallpaper for anyone interested, if you click download you will get a rar file with a three different wallpaper resolutions.

On another note regarding the game itself, I recently got the Grounded difficulty DLC... I'm like 44% in. One hell of a challenge! Anyone else trying the grounded difficulty dlc?

And thanks for all comments, favs, watchers etc. I'm so thankful for all the support I've recieved here on DA lately ♥ :)
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Dude's got issues... 
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He's performer!

"And now for my next ACT"! 
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i honestly thought this was one concept art for the game. 
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This give me the spooks, I love the detail
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Incredibly Tetric 
Vapyrus - Glimmer Icon 
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Stunning painting!!!

dog intensifies  
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I. Thomas, have you ever heard of a Zompire, a Necroborg, and a Zombie Lord before?

II. The Zombies from The Last of Us are actually Mutant Zombies.
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Gorgeous lighting
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Scary, I don't think I want to play this game :D
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Waiting for the runner! :V 
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My reaction to these, to quote OneyNG:

"THAT. Is the SCARIEST. Fu*king thing. I have ever seen. In my entire. LIFE....."
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This is amazing! I loved the clickers from the last of us! So clever! Awesome!
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The split in the center of the top of the mouth just makes me cringe...
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ewwwww they are so nasty if this where real i would run so fast all you would here is the patter of feet and a cloud of air where i used to be :0 :(
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Fucking HATE the clickers....... Stupid bastards.... This is fantastic though! :D 
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Oh my God!!!! this is AMAZING!! I love it!
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