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It was time to paint somekind of landscape. After some sketching I realised I wanted to do giant waterfalls. I'm glad I didn't put any people or buildings in it! would've ruined it I think.. though a dude or two is always good for hinting scale, birds will have to do it this time!

cheeers for looking, comments and critique most welcomed as always.

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Beautiful scenary!
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Nice! I love the depth in this picture. Good job! As a lover of waterfalls, you earn yourself a goldstar. :star: :clap:
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Great Work you've done! :D
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0.0 beauuutifully done
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That is seriously stunning. You have depth in this picture more than any other picture I have ever seen (and I have seen A LOT, trust me). This is one of the very few times ever that I can actually feel the wind and small drops of water on my face, and actually hear the sound of the waterfalls.

Seriously, great job.
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amazing painting!
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