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Warhammer 40K: Death Company

EDIT: I finally took time to go in and make their heads smaller, like they should be. They looked too much like the miniatures before :)

the Blood Angels Death Company are about to get this party started! I'm going to try and make a couple of 40k pieces... got to decide what to do on the next one... hmmm Orks? Tau?.. both? It needs to be more chaotic though! I want blood and movement! Hell yeeaw :la:
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Bratwurst work but.... You know the death company are so lost to the  blood lust of the black rage that they generally don't bother with ranged weaponry..... Or so i read! 

God damn that's fine work otherwise! 
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I'm pretty sure they don't bother with ranged weapons usually, but I suppose anything they can use to spill as much blood as possible would work.
The fluff may have changed, but part of what makes them unreliable in other roles is the urge to grapple with the enemy overpowering all reason and training and tactical sense :)
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Yeah that is usually a problem, when your guys decide drinking the blood of their enemies is better then following orders. But hey, if it means they die in glorious combat and don't waste away in a hole, more power to em!
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May I use your artwork for a youtube video I am planing on making? Credit will be given.
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Awesome art work dude, congratulations!
The armor looks good here, not as cartoony as it can in too many pictures. 
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this is amazing!
but why would a death company get Dreadnoughts?
(aren't they expected to die anyways?)
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They went crazy after being interned into a dreadnought(notable deathcompany dread would be "Moriar the Chosen"). Though i don't think that one is a death company dreadnought. 
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Thanks for the fact drop
and I'll be sure to read up on Moriar :)
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Dreadnoughts can bring out the worst in people. The Leviation class Dreads are known for that. 
Looks awesome. Big Warhammer 40k. At least of the literature, haven't had time to get into the gaming side yet. Love me some spare marines...
Hi there can I use this art for a rules supplement I'm working in for 7th ed warhammer 40k, all credit goes to you of coarse :)
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I'd love to see your take on Eldar or Dark Eldar.
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Omg this is pretty intense !
Love it !
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Great picture! i totally love WH: 40k!
thats a amazing pic. great job
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It looks fucking awesome...I always wanted to draw like this in digital art but I don't know where to start
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wat program u use for doing this?
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