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Please do this viking some justice and DOWNLOAD FOR FULL VIEW

Personal work. A viking tough guy, striking a cliché hero-dude-with-sword pose! Yes sir.

Thanks for looking!

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great drawing. what are the vikings called who have their horns facing down?
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Absolute blinder mate.
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Very nice detail, I almost feel the emotion
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great work, love it!
Love the power behind thesis art
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Nice work, however, Vikings never wore horns
"They bid me take my place among them, In the halls of Valhalla! Where the brave may live
looks like buliwyf finally arrived in valhalla! :D  awesome work btw.
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This is very similar to how I picture Heimdall's appearance. A cold, stern expression as he watches over the Bifrost.
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Badass! :D Nice work!
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That is not a viking it doesnt have a beard this is a stupid pointless piece of shit art.
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Even though it looks awesome...
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Incredible. :D
Small details really well done, especially the pattern of his mail, the gouges in his sword, and the veins in his arms.
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Very cool. I would think about adding something to make the eyes stand out.  A highlight of some sort maybe. It's a portrait and portraits with eyes that stand out are usually better for it. Just a thought.
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Love B-) (Cool) Devilish  Loved it hehe
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I'd download it, if it were actually a Viking design and not a fictional one. 
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Great concept for the viking hero! or.. "cliché hero-dude-with-sword" You've pulled it off. :-)
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