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Space Racer



EDIT: So I removed the driver dude, felt he needed more work like some people pointed out, plus I feel this vehicle deserves to be by itself. He was too distracting in my point of view. I like it much better now! :) I hope you agree

Heya! I had this vehicle in an old painting of mine [link], I've always liked the design I came up with. So I thought I'd give the design some more love, and make it into somekind of neat concept presentation thingy.. :D this is the result! I hope you like it :) And yes, those are bullet holes. That car has a lot of history :la:

I'm still unsure wether or not I like that dude there.. feels he steals too much attention.. but at the same time he sort of adds something..hmm.. he'll stay.. for now :P
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I'm just getting back into drawing and I'm starting to work with new mediums, I just got a Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet in the mail and I'm going to be using that...but to help out a fellow artist who totally admires your work (this is nuts btw!) what medium was this done in, and can you recommend any youtube tutorials or workshops that would help me get to this quality? Thanks :) mad props again.