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So yeah, I didn't feel my "Strapped in" sketch [link] really did it for me. It wasn't how I wanted the piece to look. After finishing it yesterday I suddenly realised how I wanted it. So tonight I did a brand new one based on that idea. In my opinion it turned out so much better and it's such a great feeling to finally be happy with the result. Hope you like it too. I wanted to record it, but that didn't cross my mind until half way in... so it wasn't to be. Maybe next time I'll remember!

peeeace everybody! And thanks for all comments, watchers, favs etc. I'll try to respond to 'em all when I have the time. I read them all though :)

Peace ♥
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Cassy-Blue, another one for the collection, eh? :horny: :heart:
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Yes, this scene definitely sets the mood for the story. Fills the search party with confidence, makes 'em feel right at home. If this were from a movie, I'd guess it wasn't a musical. ;)
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This reminds me of an episode of Doctor Who!!
benracer's avatar
"What was their mission?". The answer has been lost with them.
James-Dark-Blue-Wolf's avatar
That's freaking awesome!
eggnog2000's avatar
This looks like one of those creepy suit things in Fallout New Vegas.
NigelEMack's avatar
Wow this is amazing!
shotgunandcookies's avatar
this is dark stuff. its like they died waiting for something...
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Lel space spiders.
John-Matrix's avatar
Pretty haunting...and cool!
Stameris's avatar
Nothing short of amazing. Holy cow!
Red-Rum-18's avatar
Count the shadows...
MartinLestrange's avatar
Not everyone of them, but anyone of them...
v242's avatar
BMW-Concepts's avatar
this is the shiz!
TraianusCaesar's avatar
Hey, who turned off the lights?
MartinLestrange's avatar
Hey, who turned off the lights?
LANTURN171's avatar

Hey, who turned off the lights?

skyguy351's avatar
Hey who turned out the lights?
G-horkman's avatar
ha, I got the refurence
I'm really curious about who brushed the dust from the nearest one's helmet. Still wondering where the spiders came from, though.
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